Life Change Lessons Learned And Distilled To Give You Amazing Opportunities For Changing Your Life Fast


Life change is organic. It is constant, growing and with the right nourishment and nurturing, beautiful things can happen in your life.

Change your life? How often do you take opportunities to truly transform your life? Asking in change, and yet fail, only to recoil in fear of making mistakes?

We speak of creating change. Of wanting changes. And dream of major life changes to bring that perfect lifestyle in. There are positive decisions which lead to achieving, and things you wish to forget when mistakes are made. Motivation can fail. Yet stay positive, you can overcome your own mistakes with ease. The moment you grab the confidence to forget and let go, of fear.

There is so much going on within your mind.

Things that you are aware of. And things you are less aware of, at least for the majority of the time. It is within all of this, that the greatest opportunities exist. The opportunities that are often missed, yet when they are worked with, bring the fastest and most lasting life changes possible.

When you focus on these, in light of what follows below.

You put yourself on track to change your life, in an amazing way.

So, clear your mind. Allow yourself time release, to focus and digest what is coming. Allow yourself to flow with it. In full understanding of the positive frame, and positive intent with which it is being shared. If you are looking to enjoy a life unleashed, then this is the beginning.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide

Life Change Why Do We Do It?

It can be seriously laborious, effecting the type of change you wish for, within your life.

And yet, still many of us seem intent on doing it.

Naturally, we all have our own motivations. Yet at core, there is something deep down, within all of us. Something that yearns to break free. And fly high, within the world that we inhabit.

For some, even in face of this feeling, overwhelm can kick back, and discouragement can follow. Whilst for others, regardless of how hard the world seems to kick. We keep on picking ourselves up, and pushing on forward.

Pushing on, deep in the belief that, what we are at heart is so much more, than the vision that has been manifested in reality.

It is breaking the discord between the physical world, and the vision within the heart and soul, that we strive for.

Carrying things to the point, where the two perspectives merge seamlessly.

And we are able to live, as we believe is right.

Life Change Holds So May Different Images And Thoughts For Everyone

In that we are all unique this is only natural. And even with this knowledge, there is comfort in similarity, and the fact that when we do certain things, we can expect to attain the same results. That indeed, through doing things in certain ways, certain results do just naturally flow to us.

So, for what reason would any of us ever choose to make life change a challenging or even difficult thing?

There is so much tied into this.

Not least of all, perceptions around self-worth.

Self Worth And Self Love Impact on Your Ability To Change Your Life

And I am talking about the deep down perceptions of self-worth. Rather than the things we consciously tell ourselves, during our waking moments.

Deep down in your unconscious, is where the issues lie. Deep down, and yet far from dormant in there, skulking out of sight. Which is why, when you start doing self-development and life change work, things can become challenging.

Consciously you have this idea, and feel, that certain things will just, flow with ease. Which they can.

Yet, when you begin to make the changes, stuff starts coming up.

And life can get uncomfortable. Fast.

Hence the reason that many often get in a stuck state. Wishing to truly create change, yet on an unconscious level, fear the discomfort that is potentially in store.

We all desire change. We all know, that we are worth more. And that life can yield exactly what we wish, in terms of a fulfilling experience and the joy that is inherently ours. When we reach out to claim it.

The Balancing Equation Of Life And Change Within Your Mind, Is Where Issues Lie.

Whether the potential, and your faith in creating the joy you seek, outweighs the perception of the challenge and discomfort, which you have perceived.

But who created this equation within your mind?

And, who says it is truly balanced?

Self Worth And Rebalancing The Equation Of Life And Life Change In Your Mind

Your own mind is where all this is happening. Your motivation, your dreams. The truth of things, the perceptions of what is wrong. All updated moment by moment, by the most elegantly crafted computational device ever conceived.

Your mind.

Everything Within Your Life Stems From Your Own Mind.

Yet while it is within us, we all too readily wish to give that credit to others. We fear taking on responsibility for the things that happen within our lives. After all, wouldn’t we be crazy to take responsibility for everything?

All the positive things in our life, well sure.

All the other things?

The things we feel were wrong. The mistakes we made. The dark moments where we had the belief that all we did was fail. We seem all to ready to place those on others, and yet the truth is. If we would just take a breath. Flow into calm. Meditate on things for a time.

The lessons that could be learned, from those ‘mistakes’ could truly set us free.

Taking ownership of everything that happens in your life, can seem tough.

It is in reality, exceptionally empowering.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” – Andy Warhol

Inspirational Changes In Life Come From The Lessons Learned In Ownership

Whenever you place a problem outside of yourself, then the solution has to lie outside too. As such you run into a myriad of issues, as the solution becomes out of easy reach.

Yet by internalising things. By taking ownership. You also place the solution within yourself. It may seem like it could be uncomfortable, yet that is just the fear talking. Speak back.

Let the fear know that it is time it left.

And in the moment you do that, you start to gain control of your life.

That small step, that shift in philosophy, is enough to overcome a lifetime of stuff. In taking that moment, and holding true to decisions about generating real life change. In taking ownership of all or your results in life. Everything. You empower yourself in an exponential manner.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” – Albert Einstein

This is one of the most fundamental shifts that can, and will, change your life.


Failure Is An Illusion Based On Fear And Keeping It Would Be Crazy

This may seem a little controversial, and if everything you thought was non-controversial, then nothing would ever change.

We get so screwed up inside. Out of fear for what might happen if we fail. Considering all the bad things, and then dropping into the emotions that run with those imagined events. That we lose sight of the goals we are truly wishing to realise.

Yet the reality is, we have zero knowledge of what is going to happen.

We just believe we do. And that is ego talking.

Fear again is messing with us. Look at all the people who go out and do amazing things. Do they ever fail? Do they make mistakes? Absolutely. Yet does failure ever stop them from going on and achieving what they set out to do? Very rarely.

“Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most.” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

So, how can you take that new step easily?

Well, depending on the level of investment you are ready to make in yourself, there is a stack of wonderful ways you can do this.

Working with meditation, NLP coaching, ho’oponopono and various other techniques can bring the clarity you need in life to step forward in a beautiful way.

You can also just make a stand, push through your ego, and beyond the voices that held you back.

After all, if you always listen to the voices that held you back, then you will always be held back. Which is OK, if it is what you truly wanted. But if you want something more, if you truly wish to have the life you have been living within your mind, now. Then a level of change is required, so that you can step forward, and shift the direction of travel you have been on.

This change can be as simple as to stop listening to the negative voice that held you back.

Being resolute with yourself, that change is happening, and it is happening now.

And then stepping forward into the unknown.

From where you can enjoy the wide range of infinite possibilities that come to you. Because as soon as you step forward, and you are in the unknown. Beyond your comfort zone. New things can happen in your life. And there is a stunning wealth of positive outcomes and results, that are there waiting for you. As soon as you take action.

“When in doubt, choose change.” – Lily Leung

Life Change And Getting Yourself In A Frame To Ensure That Change Is Positive And Joyful

Naturally, you want to change your life in a positive way.

One that is joyful, and that is totally achievable.

This is the part which usually causes people to choose to hold back, and submit to the voices. Because, they are unsure of how to ensure that the life changes they create, will bring their vision, and be truly positive.

And yet, it is so simple to do.

You have more than likely heard of, and potentially even worked with, the law of attraction.

Though while most people work on it thinking it applies only to their dreams, and attracting in the good things they want. The reality is it works constantly across everything you think and do in life.

Once that is accepted, you empower yourself, to generate amazing changes in your life.

With very little effort.

Just a subtle, yet very pleasing shift in habits and behaviors.

Which then yield the very results, that you had been dreaming of for years. They are all there, within you. All you had to do, was unlock and open. There are so many routes to achieving the things you dream of. As long as they are supported in the right way, they do transition through.

You may be unaware of how things will happen. Put total faith in, and just let things follow through.

The Missed Secret With The Law Of Attraction That Ensures Positive Life Change

The reality with the law of attraction and how it interacts with changing your life, is that the law of attraction is constantly in effect.

You never turn it off.

It just slips from your conscious thought, into the back of your mind.

What can you take from this? That everything you think and feel is impacting on your ability to enjoy living the life you have a vision of.

Whilst the vision is beautiful and pristine.

Achieving the changes required to make it a full reality is based on how all your thoughts interact with the life you lead. So, if you are envisaging an amazing life filled with happiness, whilst in the next moments, or the following day even, you are being resentful of others for the issues you are experiencing, you have a disparity.

It is that disparity, which causes confusion within your mind, as to the reality of your life.

Your unconscious is unable to fully distinguish reality and fantasy.

Hence the reason visualization can be so powerful.

Visions and visualizations about life, and lifestyle, along with all other things. Have to have quality support, in order to blossom, and hold true to the image you had, of what they will grow into.

When you are growing any kind of plant, be it a beautiful rose, or a strong and sturdy oak tree. Nurture and nourishment is needed all the way. Plants and other organisms, are sensitive things. They require very specific conditions, in order to grow strong, and fully achieve their potential.

Changing your life is the same.

If you allow thoughts and feelings to come through, which undermine the change you are creating in your life. Then the change becomes discouraged within your mind. On an unconscious level. And potentially on a conscious level too.

Hence the reason that understanding, and working in the knowledge that, the law of attraction is constantly working. Is such, an empowering thing.

Change Your Thoughts In The Moment And Be Mindful Of What You Think In Life

So with the knowledge that the law of attraction is constantly in action. Gaining either erosive or supportive effects from your thoughts.

The action of being mindful, becomes exceptionally powerful.

Mindfulness in itself is a wonderfully empowering meditation technique. Granted there are those who have said it is dangerous, and has caused unpleasant situations in their lives. Though the fact is that from time to time, the unconscious mind will present things to you to be dealt with. Things which left dormant, can have a toxic effect on the mind and body.

When that happens, flow with it. Let your mind detox.

Allow yourself room to process, working with the ho’oponopono technique. Or another form of release technique, can provide you the clarity and freedom, to change and transition into a wonderful new space. One that will seriously empower you, towards the life you desire.

Mindfulness, and being mindful, can also transition into a daily thing.

Being mindful in the moment brings an amazing dimension to life.

By living in a mindful manner, and catching your thoughts before they run away. You can keep your flow in a positive state. As such you empower your life with positivity too.
Ergo, you change your life positively in every moment that you are being mindful.

And that, brings exceptional power.

To you.

“You cannot change what you are, only what you do.” – Philip Pullman

Changing Your Life In An Amazing Way Is A Fully Moment By Moment Process

The issue most people get tripped up by, is that they believe going on a course. Or doing something every so often. Is enough to manifest the life and change that they desire.
The reality is that to truly empower yourself fully, and change your life in alignment with your dreams and visions. Keeping your thoughts on track, every moment of every day, is what will serve you best.

Be mindful, change and release the thoughts which fail to serve you, throughout your life.

And focus on things and thoughts, which are supportive in terms of being the person you wish to be.

And being that person you wish to be, now, in this moment. And all moments hereafter.

By being that person, thinking the way they do, and accepting nothing less. Your life will naturally change and transition around you. Into the life you wished to enjoy.


  • Changing your life is your decision.
  • Your thoughts govern your ability to change.
  • By being mindful you can change your thoughts.
  • By changing your thoughts you influence your direction in life.
  • Through influencing your direction in life you change your life.
  • So all life changes stem from within your mind.
  • And you can change your thoughts in an instant.
  • So positive life changes are possible right now.

Empowering Your Ability To Change Your Life Even More

Knowledge and wisdom are wonderful things.

And when we work with them, we are capable of transcending anything, and doing things which can truly amaze and astound, even ourselves.

At times the support of additional resources can be good.

Empowering ourselves with additional techniques can also be good. That is, after all, the reason you have been reading through this. To gain additional resources and empower yourself in an even stronger way. So that you can get the results you have your heart and mind set on.

Helping you, and others around the world, to achieve life change, is the whole reason SurgingLife was brought into being. So I openly invite you, if you are seeking additional techniques and resources, to check out the SurgingLife store and the resources that can help you change your life.

The new book “Life Unleashed – The Quiet Revolution 4 Incredibly Simple Techniques that Expand Your Mindpower Exponentially and Transform Your Ability to Manifest the Life You Desire.” is something else which has been helping many to transform and create the life changes they sought, with greater ease.

And naturally, keep flowing through SurgingLife. Discerning amazing insights. And empowering yourself to change your life in an amazing way. Blessings to you.

Stephen Frost
Stephen Frost

Founder at SurgingLife, Executive Coach, Holistic Wellbeing Expert, Meditation Teacher, Brainwave Entrainment Specialist and so much more! I love the world in which we all live and I love the amazing things that become possible once a person has learned how to master their mind and taken control of their life. Wherever you are I send you blessings of peace and abundance!

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