Binaural Beats Meditation Deepening Your Mental State With Ease

Binaural Beats Meditation tracks are designed to ease you smoothly and comfortably into a meditative state. The benefits of meditating are well know and documented, you can find more on them in the Meditation Benefits section. Actually get the best of those effects though can take a lot of time due to the practice required to get good at meditating. Hence the reason that brainwave entrainment is incredibly useful here.

Step Into Meditation With Ease

Through using brainwave entrainment, in this case binaural beats, you can entrain your brain to those highly beneficial meditative states. Giving you a multifold benefit. For a start you access the beneficial elements that meditating has for your health. You also train your mind very quickly in how to meditate, meaning the benefits spread out wider and more rapidly.

What Binaural Beats Are Used To Induce Meditative States

There are three types of brainwaves that are associated with the mind state during introspection. They move from the lighter states down through into incredibly deep levels of being.

  • Alpha Brainwaves form the upper section, bringing feelings of light relaxation, increased joy and greater feelings of wellbeing.
  • Theta Brainwaves are the mid section, taking you into a deeper state, stress relief and relaxation are stronger, a deep sensation of inner peace and wellbeing comes through, also lucid dreaming occurs here.
  • Delta Brainwaves bring the deepest of meditations. You can slide into the realm of profoundly deep restorative relxation, though unless you are practised with the realm of Theta you can easily slip into a deep dreamless sleep. Healing on a number of levels becomes boosted in this realm too, so there are some great benefits for using Delta.

Homeostasis - Music For Relaxation And Restoration

Feel Good Guided Meditation With Theta Wave Music

"Homeostasis - Music For Relaxation And Restoration" contains Theta entrainment which is highly beneficial for meditation and healing. The "Feel Good Guided Meditation With Theta Wave Music" also has Theta entrainment and is a meditative experience led by Stephen Frost. Both tracks are available via the SurgingLife store.

Which Brainwave Frequencies Are Best For You?

This all depends on how much introspection and relaxation you have done before, plus what you actually wish to achieve. For light relaxation and stress relief then Alpha binaural beats are really good, especially if you have little or no practice with this kind of thing. Theta binaural beats are good for you if you need really deep stress relief and are desperate for relaxation, they are also suitable even if you have little or no practice with meditating. Delta binaural beats take you very deep, within this state you can work on healing in an amazing way, you can also release a massive amount of stress.

Many people find it challenging to get into Delta due to the rarity with which they access it, Alpha and Theta are accessed far more regularly for various things making them easier to access, especially with entrainment. Delta is a very rewarding state to be in, it does take practice to access effectively though, so it is usually only recommended once some practice has been accomplished and a sense of familiarity has been gained with meditative practice.

Go on through to the Download section and choose whichever Binaural Beats Meditation tracks feel right to you, listen through the samples, read the descriptions, and go with whatever feels good for you. Follow the recommendations or follow you heart, the choice is yours entirely.