3 Tips On Tapping Your Potential And Bypassing Unconscious Limitations

SurgingLife - 3 Tips On Tapping Your Potential And Bypassing Unconscious LimitationsThere are times when we all hit upon a kind of invisible barrier to our own development in life. Sometimes it seems that regardless of what action we take, or who we get advice from we are just unable to progress. Something which can become insanely frustrating and really draw on our internal resources. Much as you head into analysis and do your best to get your head around the problem the answer can allude you and at times that can lead to feelings of just giving up.

What Is Going On?

So what is happening when this kind of thing is going on? What unseen and unrecognisable forces are at play that hide and wreck havoc in your life?

Let’s take a moment and get some clarity here. The issue is partially one of perspective and gaining that can be easy. After all you are the one who experienced all these things, so you have an abundance of knowledge and information on every single situation that you have encountered in this way.

So with that in mind take a step back from yourself, or even ten steps back. Go into the perspective where you are way above yourself and all the presenting issues that share something in common with what you are experiencing. Then ask yourself “what do all these situations have in common?”

Write down all the answers that come to you. Then when you have exhausted everything you can think of pause and push on, allow more things to come to mind and flow onto the page. When you get your “second wind” you will find some potentially strange answers coming through, that is totally ok, just flow with it regardless of how strange things may seem.

Once you have truly exhausted everything you can think of pause and come to rest within yourself again. Now look through that list, where are the commonalities? Does anything seem to come up time and again? Are there any themes to what came out?

What Is The Common Factor In The Challenges You Face?

So, what is the common factor through all these things? What is the thing that stands out as being in common with all your experiences? You could well have more than on answer here, though the real question is whether you noticed yourself as being the thing most in common with all these situations.

Regardless of what other things there may be it is you that is the core of all these things. Why? Well on an unconscious level you draw situations to you like a magnet. In addition to this deep within your psyche, right at the core of your being are your values and your beliefs. All residing deep inside your unconscious, yet at the same time shaping your entire perspective of life and everything around you. When you experience life you do so through a set of filters that massively alter how you perceive the information coming in through your senses.

You have around 2,000,000 bits of information a second coming in through your senses, your mind can only handle around 134 bits of information a second according to the NLP model of communication. That said certain clinical studies and reports believe this to be far lower at just 40 bits per second. Starting to see a problem? Everything is filtered on your beliefs and values, so if you have any beliefs which are negative or have limitation as a concept then your experience of life becomes coloured in that way.

So What Can You Do?

The issue once you have an awareness of these issues is to actually start doing something about it. To clarify here we are talking about taking “right action”, when you do things along those lines then you can start re-shaping your world.

Change Your Mind To Change Your Life

This is all about effectively optimising your mind. Cleaning out the junk, the things that hold you back and that stuff which weighs you down. Is this hard? Far from it, when done in certain ways it can be incredible easy. Why?

Because all of this is thought based. As soon as you are willing to accept that it is the mental and emotional processes holding you back you can internalise the issues and with that you also internalise the solutions too. Thus everything is thought based and thoughts are easy to change, as long as you have the motivation and inspiration to do so. Which when you know they can vastly alter your results in life should be incredibly easy for you! Provided that is the case then the following tips should prove incredibly beneficial for you.

3 Tips For Unleashing Amazing Life Change

Tip 1 – Awareness And Release Through Mindfulness

Being mindful of what is going on around you can be incredibly good for you. Being mindful of what is going on within your own mind, with your thoughts and emotions, can save your life in potentially an even bigger way. Yes, mindfulness can be that powerful.

The crux of this is being able to notice when something within, a thought, a belief, a value is holding you back and causing an issue. This takes a fairly good degree of detachment and a good sense of personal responsibility, once you have those things though you can massively empower yourself with the ability to change your circumstances in a very big way. Releasing and letting go of things holding you back as soon as you become aware of them. After all, for what reason would you ever choose to hold onto a thought, belief or value that caused you problems in life?

Tip 2 – Cleansing Your Mind And Experience With Ho’oponopono

The form of ho’oponopono developed by Morrnah Simeona and dubbed Self Identity Through Ho’oponopono (SITH – the good kind rather than the darker counter-part in Star Wars!) is a massive force for personal change. Similar in some way to mindfulness in that it raises your awareness of yourself and your thoughts, when done effectively that is. Some people choose to practice once a day or once a week, yet when you push it out and flow with it through everything you can produce some magical results.

As soon as you have awareness of any negativity within your mind based on your perceptions of what is going on you can immediately begin changing things through a focal shift. This comes about through the use of the mantra “I Am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You” which just causes your thoughts to go into the realm of the positive and effectively pushes out the negative which had been there. The best way to truly understand this is to experience it.

A technique which expands beautifully on this is the ho’oponopono meditation for forgiveness. Holding grudges and negativity does a huge amount of harm to you on the psychological level, through the various mental and emotional processes involved. Over time this can also manifest physically in all manner of ways. By cleaning up all your thoughts and feelings surrounding other people and things in your life you actually free yourself to live in a far more joyful and empowered way. Something which has to be experienced to be fully believed.

Tip 3 Unleashing Rapid Life Change Through Coaching

SurgingLife Coaching Unleash Your PotentialWhilst the first two tips are completely focused on working internally and can be done yourself this third one requires a specialist working with you. So why mention it here? Well by getting help from a specialist coach in cleaning out your thoughts and emotions may seem throublesome to some it is also one of the most powerful things you can do.

I have long endorsed the other techniques mentioned, along with meditating, as forces for personal change, the greatest changes in the shortest periods of time I have ever seen have all come from coaching. Why?

Because when you have someone else, a well trained specialist who knows what they are doing, the results can blow you away. You can trip yourself up in your own thoughts, think you have found the root cause only for things to re-establish or manifest in a different way and end up doing constant cleaning of small stuff as you go around in circles.

Through working with a specialist who can help direct you and guide you through your own mind, and effective release processes when you do reach the root causes you can achieve far greater results, massively life changing results in far shorter periods of time. That is why I recommend coaching. I also recommend that you follow up coaching with ho’oponopono, mindfulness and meditation. Why? Because you are stacking the deck in your favour. The more you do the more you empower yourself.

Balancing Everything Out

Of course the more you do the more you empower yourself, it goes without saying really. There is a balance required to be truly effective as you are likely well aware. If all you ever do is stuff to empower yourself then you may get very little living, loving or working done. It all requires careful balance.

At times you may find that channelling a large amount of time into self-development, life change and cleaning up your thoughts is required in order to live effectively. The regular maintenance of you mind may require a little less time, it is still completely worthwhile though. It should also be noted that your mind is constantly evolving and changing, it is a by-product of every interaction you have. Every piece of communication and thought leads to change within your mind.

So keeping on top of it is worth the time, regular meditation and use of the techniques which help keep your mind in good positive healthy condition. Flow with life in this way and you will empower yourself with the ability to change your life at will and live joyfully in a big way. If you are thinking that coaching would be beneficial for you then please feel free to go on through to find out more about the SurgingLife coaching program and get in contact with us. Blessings of peace and joy to you wherever you are.

Stephen Frost
Stephen Frost

Founder at SurgingLife, Executive Coach, Holistic Wellbeing Expert, Meditation Teacher, Brainwave Entrainment Specialist and so much more! I love the world in which we all live and I love the amazing things that become possible once a person has learned how to master their mind and taken control of their life. Wherever you are I send you blessings of peace and abundance!

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