Global Wellness Day – Empower Your Health on June 11th

Global Wellness Day is a chance for you to take a day to focus on your wellbeing and a chance to promote a healthier lifestyle that could improve your quality of life in a wonderful way. For most people there are some incredibly easy things that can be done to start a healthier way of life, and bring a greater degree of fulfilment and joyful living as a result. And SurgingLife is setting up some free events to aid you in getting that positive wellbeing change with ease.

SurgingLife Global Wellness Day Online Group Meditations

The purpose of SurgingLife is aiding people to enhance their quality of life, and the free online group guided meditations to be held on the 11th of June are one of the things that are being done to aid you and many others to achieve that increased quality of life with a degree of ease.

What Is The Best Time For You?

The free Global Wellness Day online guided meditations led by Stephen Frost will be running on the following schedule:

1 - June 10th 17:00 EST (June 11th 08:00 AEST – June 10th 22:00 UTC)
2 - June 11th 03:00 EST (June 11th 18:00 AEST – 08:00 UTC)
3 - June 11th 08:00 EST (23:00 AEST - 13:00 UTC)
4 - June 11th 11:00 EST (18:00 UTC)
5 - June 11th 18:00 EST (23:00 UTC)
6 - June 11th 21:00 EST (June 12th 02:00 UTC)

Stephen Frost of SurgingLife

What Do You Need To Do?

Just click on to the relevant live stream on the SurgingLife YouTube channel at the time you are interested in joining and follow through with the meditation as it flows on the live stream, or just enjoy them via the relevant video feed below.

1st Live Free Meditation

3rd Live Free Meditation

5th Live Free Meditation

2nd Live Free Meditation

4th Live Free Meditation

Final Live Free Meditation

More For You From SurgingLife

Whilst the online meditations effectively span two days due to the desire to doing things for people around the world in multiple time zones, they are just over two days. They will be on the SurgingLife YouTube channel as replays for a long time, though we are offering more than this to all.

As a further part of the Global Wellness Day celebrations we are giving everyone 25% off all mp3 purchases at the SurgingLife store. So any of the special music tracks such as the “Homeostasis – Music For Relaxation And Restoration” or its AromaTouch technique music counterpart can be downloaded and enjoyed immediately at a pleasantly reduced amount.

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This offer will run over the 3 days surrounding the event, that is the 10th, 11th and 12th with the time as with Japan Standard Time (UTC+9) as SurgingLife is based in Japan. The three day period gives everyone around the world plenty of time to log on and get whichever mp3 downloads they would like to enjoy. Just go to and you will find everything you need to know in order to enjoy the celebratory 25% off mp3 tracks.

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Wishing You Great Health For Global Wellness Day And Beyond

So please feel free to come to any of the online guided meditations that you would like to enjoy, and also make the best use of the special 25% off mp3 tracks at the SurgingLife store and access resources that can aid you with achieving joyful living and greater health in an ongoing basis. Peace to you all.