How Mindfulness Meditation Enhances Your Power To Heal

SurgingLife - How Mindfulness Meditation Enhances Your Power To HealMindfulness meditation is increasingly becoming a lifestyle choice for many. It offers many benefits, granted meditation produces incredibly positive effects and mindful activity brings another dimension in addition. For many it is the ability to be free from stress that attracts them. For others it is the ability to think clearly again. There are a vast number of positive benefits.

Yet one benefit that few realise is the improved ability to heal.

Mindfulness Meditation Enhancing Your Power To Heal

One of the primary things that reduces healing ability is chemical imbalances within the body. Hormone levels that are out of sync, excessive in places, and to low in others.

Hormone release is controlled by the mind on an unconscious level. So there is in effect a mental trigger for them. You are just never consciously aware of it as you do not need to be. Much like you never need to be aware of every electrical impulse sent to your heart to tell it to beat.

Your mind does an incredible job of coordinating all the various vital functions within your body. It maintains your breathing and coordinates your muscle movements, so you never need to consciously think about every single tendon being flexed.

Yet there are times and situations that cause adverse responses within your mind and thus body too. Times when certain things become a higher priority than usual. One of those times is when facing stress.

When you are under stress your cortisol levels rise rapidly. In certain cases they can jump through the roof. Cortisol can help with certain things. It increases blood sugar levels to give you more energy, and it can control bone growth too.

Though in large amounts it becomes counteractive to various functions. Mental functions degrade with increasing levels of Cortisol. Healing rates and tissue regeneration are also negatively affected.

Improving Your Ability To Heal

So this is where mindfulness meditation comes in. When under high levels of stress it is wise for you to do something to reduce stress right? To get stress relief. One of the premier ways of getting that stress relief is mindfulness.

As your stress levels decrease you ability to heal picks up again. You get healthier as you become calm and relaxed again. Though cycling back and forth is far from ideal right. It would be even better to be stress free.

This is where you tap into the real power of mindfulness. The power to become stress free.

As you work with the practice you get to know the process better and better. It becomes incredibly easy for you. Allowing you to reduce stress quickly and easily. With time you even become able to side step it. You can become stress free.

Diminished Stress And Cortisol Brings Improved Healing

When this happens your cortisol levels stay at the natural levels they were intended to be at. This massively improves your ability to heal, something which has been demonstrated in certain clinical studies. With the following being mentioned in one such study “The overall results showed a significant negative correlation between speed of wound healing, and both Perceived Stress scale (PSS) scores (r=-.59; p<.01), and General Health Questionnaire (GHQ) scores (r=-.59; p<.01) at the time of the biopsy.” So when stress is high healing ability is significantly affected in a negative way.

Push it far enough and your healing levels will shift beyond what you expect. Negative thoughts about healing and physical health also reduce healing capability. When you truly get into mindfulness in a deep way then those thoughts have nothing to adhere to. They just fall away. Thus leaving your body naturally able to utilise its full and amazing capacity to heal.

Developing A Practice To Positively Change Your Life

So what is the top tip here? Start practising mindfulness and cultivate a good meditative practice to go with it. Practice on a daily basis as the benefits of meditating are huge. Incorporate it as part of your life so that you get maximum effective from it. Drop away the negatives within your life. And enjoy your amazing capacity to heal fully and easily. See also 3 Tips On Tapping Your Potential And Bypassing Unconscious Limitations.

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