Ho'oponopono Technique How To 4 Easy Steps That Can Change Your Life

Ho'oponopono is very simple to practice. It does require a mental shift to access its greatest healing abilities, and cleansing on that level is well worth it. For your personal development, and both the long and short-term results it brings to your life. Whilst you can achieve good results from any point of starting, you will get your best results when you take 100% responsibility for everything that has happened in your life. Whether you do or not is your choice, ho'oponopono will help you whatever.

Cleansing Your Life With 4 Simple Phrases

The simplest ho'oponopono technique involves the repetition of 4 simple phrases, like a mantra, which can be done at the same time as anything else you are doing in your life. These phrases are:

I Love You
I Am Sorry
Please Forgive Me
Thank You

They can be said in whatever order feels right to you, and either out loud or quietly within your mind. Saying them out loud does yield an extra power to them though.

Other Techniques And Ways Of Applying Ho'oponopono

Forgive And Release

This is all about forgiveness. Apologising and asking forgiveness for things you have done. Making things right. Remember the meaning of ho'oponopono is "To Make Right Two Times". So if you wish to make things right being sorry for whatever happened, whatever transpired is required. False apologies, blaming others, all that stuff is out. The traditional way of doing ho'oponopono was to get everyone involved with the issue in question together in the same space. Each person would then speak in turn, airing all their thoughts and feelings, with meditation by a Kahuna.

Morrnah Simeona pioneered the fully internal method, known as SITH (Self Identity Through Ho'oponopono), the type of cleaning and healing which has become practiced by so many now. It does required you put yourself at the point for total responsibility for your life and experience though.

Put yourself at cause. Put yourself in the position of being the creator of your world. Take responsibility for everything you have created and done. As much as anything whilst the problem is external, and the associated issues are external, so are the solutions. When things are internal, the solutions are internal too. Thus you can achieve change and healing quickly and far more easily.

Getting Even Greater Results And Life Change From The Ho'oponopono Technique

As mentioned previously this process can be used to clean up and clear all relationships in your life. Both tangible and intangible. If you are up for it then work through everything in your life. Cleanse all the things concerning your job, your business, money, government, everything that contributes to the totality which is your world. Having done so you will notice good things happening as a result.

Enjoy this process on a regular basis too. Things happen in life on a relatively regular basis. Take time to clean and heal them as you go. This will help you to have a more enjoyable and joyful life as you let go of and clear away the negativity that many people carry with them which diminishes their experience.

In the words of Sting:

"I never made promises lightly, And there have been some that I've broken, But I swear in the days still left, We'll walk in fields of gold"

Clear off the promises that have been broken, clear away the negativity, let go of all the old stuff of unpleasantness. Then you can walk in fields of gold. That is the beauty of the ho'oponopono technique. If you are interested in taking it to an even higher level then check out how you can use Ho'oponopono as a part of your daily life.

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