SurgingLife Events - Empowering You For Joyful Living

Live events, workshops and training programs from SurgingLife offer you additional opportunity for acquiring resources and knowledge to aid you in your achievement of joyful living. Via this page you can find links to the various current and upcoming choices that can aid you in shaping your life more to your vision of how you wish to live and be.

Upcoming Events

Global Wellness Day- 11th June 2016

Other Appearances

Iyashi Mind-Body Event Osaka - 4th & 5th May 2016

Previous Events

Ho'oponopono and Meditation Workshop - 21st March 2016
Iyashi Mind-Body Event Osaka - 7th February 2016
Doterra Convention Yokohama - 29th & 30th May 2015
Iyashi Mind-Body Event Osaka - August 8th & 9th 2015
Releasing Negative Emotion Kobe June 2014

What SurgingLife Workshops Can Do For You

Joining the workshops offered through SurgingLife gives you the opportunity to acquire fresh thinking and abilities that enable you to achieve a greater degree of joyful living within your life. The information shared through the website is of course extensive and in depth, and as such can provide you a solid foundation to enhance your life. When you really wish to get more for yourself then the live events and workshops offer you so much more.

Through taking time within a live group setting you can deepen your experience and gain the chance to achieve deeper understanding through the personalised element that exists in such a setting. The opportunity to resolve questions you have and solidify your understanding and ability are strong reasons to join in.

The Purpose Of Our Workshops

The purpose of these is to open you up and aid you with beginning or improving your practice. They bring you the chance to sample techniques and get used to them, discovering the ease with which you are able to enhance your life in simple ways in a short period of time.

Of course there are differing lengths of workshops. In a short half day workshop you can expect to gain a reasonable understanding and a smooth entry into a technique or way of doing things. With full day and 2 day events bringing you deeper understanding and ever greater ability to practice techniques and achieve greater life change and enhancement as a result.

The chief purpose of SurgingLife workshops is to aid you in achieving a greater ability to live joyfully.

Our Guarantee To You

We guarantee you one of the best opportunities for transforming and enhancing your life. By coming along, committing yourself, taking charge and responsibility for your life, acquiring abilities and continuing to practice them you expand your ability to live ever more joyfully. It is down to you. The more you commit, take responsibility for your life and your happiness, and follow through with what you have learned, the easier you will find it to enjoy your life. That is our guarantee to you, the opportunity to achieve easier access to the life of joy you desire through taking time to learn and practice what you have learnt.

What You Can Do To Magnify Your Ability To Achieve Joyful Living

The main thing is to continue with what you have learnt on the workshops. By adding in daily practice of new abilities you strengthen them and deepen the results you attain from them.

When you add in daily practice of meditation and ho'oponopono, as well as use of things such as aromatherapy and relaxation music you can give yourself greater foundation for joyful living. Meditation and deep relaxation offer you the opportunity to achieve homeostasis and balance within, when you have that on a regular basis the things you do in addition bring you much stronger results.

The various smaller events offer those wishing to get to know us better an opportunity to chat with us and get a feel for the energy our workshops and courses come with. For anyone unsure of what their next steps should be on their pathway to joyful living we welcome the chance to have time talking with you and helping you decide on how you can make the biggest gains toward the life you desire.

So come along, chat with us at the various open events we take part in, join the workshops you feel are most suitable for you, commit to yourself and enhancing your life such that you can truly live joyfully and we will aid you to do so in the best way we can for you.