Essential Oils For Improving Your Wellbeing And Changing Your Life

Essential Oils That Are Commonly Used

Essential Oils bring you a massive range of opportunities for wellbeing. The sub category of Aromatherapy is itself a wide field with a huge number of possibilities. There are likely more things you can work on a improve than you realise. This guide, and the ones linked to it, will help you discover how to use aromatherapy oils for yourself. Something which is fun to do and has various health benefits to be enjoyed. This guide covers off usage through different aspects of things you wish to achieve. Likely going into effects you may not have considered, whilst also offering up solutions to things you have been searching for. Specfic information on each oil can be found in the Essential Oils Guide section.

Firstly there are three basic ways in which essential oils can be used or applied:




Massage With Aromatherapy Oils

All oils can be safely used within massage, though note that usage of a carrier oil is widely advised with many of them. This is because some are incredibly strong, and when used directly can result in adverse effects due to their strength. So by mixing them with a carrier, a relative inert oil with very very gentle properties, they become safe to apply to the skin.

When the chosen oil or mixture comes into contact with the skin it gets absorbed. From there is is carried by the blood flow around the area in applied, as well as the body in general. As an example of how this can be beneficial we will use Peppermint. If a person has a headache Peppermint oil can be incredibly beneficial when applied to the back of the neck. Provided of course that the person in question is free from any allergies to it.

Peppermint is a relatively strong oil. Application in the area near the eyes is never recommended as it can cause discomfort. However, when applied to the back of the neck it is absorbed into the body with ease and comfort. Within the back of the neck are two large blood vessels that carry blood into the head. As such when essential oils are applied to the area they are absorbed quickly into the circulatory system, and transported into the head quickly.

Thus the peppermint becomes circulated around the brain and musculature of the head quickly, enabling the healing and relaxation properties to rapidly go into action. Thus causing the tension to disappear, relaxation to follow and a return of good feeling and comfort.

This is true for massage around other areas of the body too. Relief from aches and pains is easily achievable too. Whilst there are of course individual oils that are good for this, the use of a mixture, or specially formulated recipe can be better.

Should you be applying a mix to an area that is sore or in pain remember to take that into account. Use of strong pressure is advised against, instead use very light stokes with the hands in a tender and delicate fashion. This will aid in relaxing the area, whilst also aiding the oil to be absorbed through the skin and into the area.

For relaxation and stress relief then use of strong pressure, as with Swedish massage or even Thai massage, is ok. As long as the person being massaged is comfortable with that level of pressure. The key here is to check with the person being massaged as to whether they like the pressure being used, or whether stronger, or even lighter, pressure would be preferred. Use of optimal pressure will aid relaxation, whilst also stimulating the blood flow of the area to improve circulation of the oil and its healing properties.

The AromaTouch™ Technique

There is a further specific type of massage worth noting which is the AromaTouch™ technique as developed by Dr David Hill. Within this treatment 8 sets of oils are used in 4 pairings, each pairing having a specific healing goal which the oils aid the patient to attain. The overall key of being the achievement of balance and healing through bringing the body and mind into a state of homeostasis. It is a powerful treatment which has seen many people gain notable improvements in their health. You can find out in depth how it works and the many benefits it yields via the AromaTouch™ technique page.

Inhalation And Aroma Diffusers

Probably the most popular way to use essential oils and enjoy the aromas they release. Aroma diffusers still have considerations to keep in mind though.

For around 15 to 20 minutes you will notice the aroma being released on a conscious level. After that time most people think that the oils have dissipated and add more so that they can smell them again. The reality is that your olfactory sense (sense of smell) has become accustomed to the smell and therefore blocked it consciously due to the absence of need of maintained awareness.

The oils will still be in the room in an aromatic state, leaving the room for a few minutes with the door closed, then returning will show this to be true. Continually adding additional drops of oil so that you can enjoy a strong sense of the essence can lead to unpleasant effects. Too much of certain oils can lead to things such has head aches, which if you are wishing to relax or heal will be counter productive.

If you are using an aroma diffuser then 2 to 3 drops will last for a good few hours. With the windows closed that is. If the windows are open and there is a breeze then the released vapours will diffuse and disappear much faster of course.

As a side note, you can use the oils in a bath. When doing so you get the benefit of inhaling the vapours, whilst you can also absorb the oils through the skin too. Making an aroma bath in many ways similar to massage in terms of absorption. When using aromatherapy oils in a bath use a maximum of 10 drops, in total, of any oil or mixture of oils.

When used right, essential oils and aromatherapy are provide outstanding benefit to you personal development, and your life in general.


Certain oils can be taken internally. Certain. You should check very carefully before thinking about using oils in this way. For essential oils that are ok to take internally they need to be incredibly high grade, 100% essential oil does not necessarily mean they are of a pure enough grade, so check first. The only company that we are aware of producing oils pure enough to be used in this way is Doterra.

For those which are ok, the use of one or two drops of certain specific oils, either placing drops directly on your tongue or placing them in pill capsules and swallowing them are normal methods of usage. Why would you take essential oils like this? Well, for example certain mixes can aid your immune system, whilst others can help you promote your health in general. There are a variety of different things that can be aided in very specific or across general levels. For details it is worth checking the usage chart on this site.

Essential Oils For Healing

Essential Oils For Wellbeing Summary

There are numerous ways of using your oils. Through massage, ingestion, inhalation and baths. Be careful how you use different things, along with the quantities in which you use them. They can boost your health and wellbeing in many ways, though over use can have detrimental effects.

All this information is being shared to help you as you start your venture with essential oils. This information is to help you get some ideas as to what you can do, and how it is possible to use oils. If you wish to obtain the certificates to do this professionally you will need to go on an appropriate training course. Likewise if you wish to have a full knowledge of everything, how it all works so to speak, then going on a training course is your best course of action. You will find much information on this site of course, and the next thing that will help you is the chart giving you a general overview of aromatherapy oils and their effects. It is also worth checking out the advice on where to buy essential oils, as getting good quality makes a difference.