Ho'oponopono Prayer For Cleaning

A Gift From Morrnah Simeona

The Ho'oponopono prayer for cleaning is a gift that was given freely to the world by the wonderful Morrnah Simeona. It is a beautiful piece which you can use to bring you greater peace within all elements of your life. When Morrnah gave this prayer, she gave it so that we could all achieve a greater ability to clear our lives of the issues that are faced at various times. The Ho'oponopono prayer is incredibly easy to use, and just reading through it helps you to feel yourself become lighter and freer as your various troubles evaporate and disappear.

The Ho'oponopono Prayer Itself

Ho'oponopono Prayer For Cleaning A Gift From Morrnah Simeona

This is the prayer for cleaning given by Morrnah. She recommended that whatever issue you are working on clearing that the prayer be recited 4 times. You can either read it quietly or aloud, though the belief follows that in saying it aloud a greater power is given to the cleaning you are doing. As such a greater result will be experienced. To make it even stronger she suggests learning it and committing it to memory, in doing so you have it deeper in your unconscious mind and it can connect deeper with the issues to be cleansed.

Spirit, superconscious,
please locate the origin of my feelings,
thoughts of __(The Issue)__.
Take each and every level,
layer, area,
and aspect of my being to this origin.
Analyze it and resolve it
perfectly with Gods truth.
Come through all generations
of time and eternity.
Healing every incident
and its appendages
based on the origin.
Please do it according to Gods will
until I am at the present,
filled with light and truth.
Gods peace and love,
forgiveness of myself
for my incorrect perceptions.
Forgiveness of every person, place,
circumstances and events which contributed to this,
these feelings and thoughts.

How To Use The Ho'oponopono Prayer For Cleaning

As noted above reciting it from memory out loud is believed to bring the strongest results. Read it through working through various issues as you do so. Every time you read through it you will absorb it on a deeper level, helping you to remember it more effectively so that you can recite it from memory with ease. The part where you see the words "The Issue" is where you state the issue as you believe it to be.

Whatever issue you are working on this prayer can be applied. Ho'oponopono is very flexible and can be used on anything, from physical dis-ease, relationships, money, work, literally anything. Bring the issue to mind, and use your own words to describe it best. Those words are used in the first line where it says "The Issue". Beyond that you just recite the whole prayer 4 times, ideally out loud. Very simple really. Just 3 simple steps.

1.) Bring The Problem To Mind
2.) Use Your Own Words To Describe "The Issue"
3.) Recite 4 Times Out Loud

Ho'oponopono Cleaning With The Prayer For Specific Issues

Getting The Best Cleaning Results From The Ho'oponopono Prayer

Use it regularly. Very simple that.

Because in doing so you invite in personal growth on an incredible level. Through every issue you release and resolve, your entire life receives positive benefits. Thus having is as a regular, ideally daily practice, does wonders for your personal development.

Use it for the various issues in your life that you require help with and wish to be clear of. Use the Ho'oponopono Prayer for cleaning each issue you are facing until they have gone. The more you use it the better, if you wish to use it daily that is great. Just focus on clearing all the various issues in your life. Also use the four simple phrases; I Love You, I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank you, every day to help cleanse and clear yourself of things as they happen. This is how to change your life in an amazing way, it is simple and holistic, and will help you to achieve ever more joyful living. The Ho'oponopono meditation for forgiveness is also worth using on a regular basis.

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