Sacral Chakra Meditation Guided mp3 - Healing And Opening

Sacral Chakra Meditation Guided mp3 - Healing & Opening

The sacral chakra meditation is here to aid you in revitalising your sacral chakra. If you are lacking in motivation, creativity or wishing to increase fertility in your life, it is here to help you. In working on yourself with this guided mp3 you bring an amazing spark back into your life.

Your Sacral Chakra – Governing Creativity And Passion

This energy centre governs your experience of creativity, passion and motivation. It is an especially important energy centre for artists, dancers and writers. Though realistically creativity runs through everything in life. It expands out through all plans you make and activities you involve yourself in. As such it is also of great importance to business people and anyone who considers themselves an entrepreneur.

Breaking Free From Mundane

When your creative powers are low, things take on a level of mundaneness that can feel frustrating. With a seeming lack of variety and options regarding the way things are done, and indeed the success those options can achieve. When this centre is working effectively. Putting your creativity at high levels. New interesting and exciting options come to you like divine inspiration, with faith in their success coming at the same time.

Raising Passion And Motivation Up

This runs through with your experience of passion and motivation too. So if you have been lacking in either of those things, or both of them, then working with your sacral chakra will be a good step to getting back on track.

The Upsurge

As you go through the process of healing and chakra balancing with this vital energy centre, you will feel an upsurge of joy within your life as your passion and motivation raise up. While your level of renewed creativity brings you new thoughts on way you can achieve the things you are seeking to be successful with.

Fertility In Women

The chakra healing has effects beyond these those. For women especially this centre governs fertility on a physical level too. In terms of the energetic system the body possesses it is the point of breathing fresh life into the world. This can be through new projects, works of art, and new life in terms of the reproductive cycle too.

Wider Spread Advantages For Opening Your Sacral Chakra

Whatever it is you are looking to alter or bring into the world, this chakra is incredibly important. What are the things that you are wishing to achieve or improve in your life? Take a moment to just think about them. How would having a higher level of creativity, passion, motivation and fertility within your thoughts and actions help you? Can you see the advantage of working on this level?

Joyful Living

Though as all these things were anything less than enough. Joy is one of the other things governed here. So if things are out of balance with this energy centre your experience of joy will be off too. Work through the guided meditation and as well as improving all the factors above, that will aid you in achieving your dreams, you will welcome in joy on an amazing level too.

Chakra Music Adding Greater Depth

In addition to the meditative process guided by Stephen Frost there is the chakra music which accompanies the entire process. The melodies and rhythms have been carefully matched to the intent and feel of the process, adding you musically to go deeper and achieve more with the time and energy you put in.

Solfeggio Frequencies

Within the music there is more working away to aid your success too. The use of Solfeggio frequencies and chakra tones has been made so that the audio works on an even deeper level with you. Naturally the chakra frequency, in this case the musical note D has been embedded within the music, along with the specific Solfeggio harmonic which corresponds to this energy centre too.

Theta Wave Music

The use of these leads the music to work with you on a deeper more unconscious level, enhancing your ability to achieve good results. Whilst in addition to these there is the option for Theta wave entrainment which can aid you in achieving a deep meditation state with greater ease, something which is ideal for those new to the practice, whilst being good for anyone wishing to go deeper too.


Without Brainwave Entrainment

With Theta Wave Music

Chakra Pairings For Enhanced Success

The best results of course are achieved when you practice this daily. Which at just under 30 minutes is easily achievable. In terms of life results if you are looking to get the most out of joy and love then combine this with the Heart Chakra Meditation. For astounding results in business and manifestation combine it with the Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation, where the passion and creativity will drive through amazing results. For holistic results combine it with the Seven Chakra Meditation to aid you with chakra balancing through all seven energy centres.

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Getting The Best From The Sacral Chakra Meditation

Practice as often as possible, daily if you can, with the Sacral Chakra Meditation guided mp3 and you will notice that you feel happier, more joyful and have an abundance of creativity and fertility flowing through your life. Truly a massive help when you are wishing to achieve your dreams.