Ho'oPonoPono Healing Cleansing Your Body And Making It Well

Ho'oPonoPono healing is actually a relatively simple thing to do. In its simplest form it is just another application of the 4 simple phrases that comprise the basic SITH Ho'o Pono Pono model. It can of course become more involved depending on a variety of things, not least of which is your own preference. In short though it can be a simple thing to do.

How Does Ho'o Pono Pono Healing Work

As with all types of Ho'o Pono Pono practice it is about clearing away old emotions and data. It works on the premise that dis-ease within the body is brought about by the way data is behaving in your body and mind.

Certainly this runs as a similar viewpoint to the view that much dis-ease in the body is related to stress. Though this model goes deeper. Within this model it is beyond just negative emotion, all old data is taken into account. As much as anything this is due to the conflict that different sets of data, old and new viewpoints, altering beliefs and values, have within our bodies.

Much of who you are as a person is underpinned by the way you think on an unconscious level. That type of thinking rarely comes to the surface, it remains more or less hidden, unless you going digging for it. However over the years you have changing viewpoints, acquire conflicting viewpoints and develop dichotomies. All of which creates undercurrents and conflicts. Things which create a crisis both within the mind and the body due to the way the two interact.

It is by clearing and healing these various sets of viewpoints, beliefs, values and data that this type of healing works.

Does This Only Work For Me Or Can It Work For Others

First off, how well this works is entirely down to your belief and commitment to it. If you lack belief in anything you will receive lesser results in turn. However when you do believe, truly believe, then you can enjoy great results. This way of healing has worked for a great many people over a long period of time, and through numerous conditions.

As for who it works with. Well through Ho'o Pono Pono one of the basic precepts is that you take responsibility for everything in you world. As such if someone in your world has dis-ease then the question would be for what reason did you create that? Heal things within your own mind and then you can begin to notice things outside of you healing too.

As with all healing techniques the only people it is right to help with healing are those who have asked for assistance. If people want help then get their consent. Otherwise just work on yourself. You will however notice that as you heal yourself, clearing your own mind, becoming clean and free from negativity, that you notice less dis-ease and negativity in the world around you. A positive benefit for all.

What Is The Best Way To Practice Ho'o Pono Pono Healing

One of the best things you can do is practice Ho'o Pono Pono as a daily living practice. Making it a part of your usual routine, cleaning and cleansing as you go about all your activities. Beyond that taking quiet time and placing all your focus on the particular issue, or dis-ease, and doing a special Ho'o Pono Pono healing meditation is another good thing to do. Amazing things are possible through the personal development ho'oponopono brings as a release technique, experience them and you will be amazed.