Brainwave Entrainment Optimise Your Mind

Brainwave Entrainment is a relatively new thing. The science has been known for hundreds of years though. From a discovery by Christian Huggens in 1666 regarding the behaviour of clocks in a room, we have leapt forward to a place where the principle he discovered has been applied to you being able to get the best of you mind, at will. Through this principle you can alter your mental state and achieve the exact mental states you wish through the use of special sound tracks and music. Enhancing mental capabilities like focus and concentration, or relaxing sleeping and healing better.

What Is Entrainment?

Entrainment is a principle within physics, a very simple if slightly mysterious one. In 1666 the Dutch scientist Christian Huggens noticed that when there where multiple clocks within a room that they would naturally fall into the same rhythm as each other. They would naturally syncronize.

Regardless of how out of sync their pendulums were initially they would all fall into the same rhythm with time. They entrained to the same rhythm. Once noticed within that room he then went on to observe that this natural phenomenom was present all through nature. Things naturally fall into sync with each other over time.

How Does Entrainment Help You?

Your mind has various brainwaves flowing all the time as you are likely aware. These brainwave frequencies all relate to various mental and emotional states. Varying from high mental activity and high energy, down through to very low activity and sensations of great peace and quiet.

All these mental states are widely known through the scientific and medical community. The mind shifts into different states depending on what you need to do at any given time.

The issue for some being that their mind has either forgotten how to access a state effectively, or some other mental program in your unconscious mind is over-riding what you wish to achieve. These are the times that brainwave entrainment are incredibly useful to you. Discover which frequencies would be most beneficial to you in the brainwave frequencies section.

Unlocking Desired Mind States With Brainwave Entrainment

At those times when you are having challenges getting into the right frame of mind, or state, having something to entrain your mind is thus very beneficial to you. By using a piece of special music which has been designed to lead your mind into the state you desire you can let the stress go and feel at ease as your mind goes naturally where you wish it to go.

This has a very positive effect over time. The more you use these type of tracks the easier it becomes for your mind to slip into the states you desire. This is another facet of brain training, training your mind to work in the way you wish it to.

So if you have had trouble getting to sleep, focusing effectively, or a whole range of different things, then brainwave entrainment can help you to optimise your neural pathways so that you can get into state with greater and greater ease. With time and regular use you will find it really easy to slip into whatever mental state had been alluding you prior to your brainwave entrainment sessions, good hey. Find out how Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones and Monaural Beats can help you. If you already know the types of effects you are seeking and are ready to begin using these very effective sound forms then head straight for the MP3 brainwave entrainment download section.