How To Deal With Stress The Major Issue With Modern Life

How To Deal With Stress? An increasingly common question concerning probably the biggest issue affecting peoples health in modern life. It has gained greater and greater ground through the belief many have cultivated, i.e. "that is just a part of modern life", and as such should just be accepted. Nothing could be further from the truth really. Granted it has become a big issue, though there are ways to overcome it that can reduce, and even mitigate its presence, from you life. You can choose to be stress free if you do things about it.

What Causes Stress In Your Life

First up what is it that causes you stress? Where does the issue come from? Is it work-related stress? From family or relationships? Financial? Or from other things?

There are things key to all of these that impact your life. All of which relate back to you being in your natural flow. When you are out of that flow the resultant feeling is stress, through all its manifest diversity of sensations and feelings. The point to note is that the feeling is present, the admission of it is good, it facilitates you being able to release it.

Releasing Stress Can Be Simple

For many people the thought of stress release is surrounded by challenging images. Most people hold beliefs that are actually disproportionate to what is reality. Releasing stress can, and realistically is easy. It hinges only on a decision. Once you have made the decision to get rid of stress, and the various things you have been bottling up, you have 50% of the work done. The other part is usually the more enjoyable part too.

You can also work on stress relief without knowing every point over which you are stressed. For many people an overview of the issue is easy to attain, i.e. whether the source is related to family, money, work or whatever. Going further down can be useful depending on the technique, for many techniques and release methods you can achieve good results without specific knowledge of sources.

Common Misconceptions On Things Which Bring Stress Relief

Many people get home, switch on the television and use that to relax. The truth of it is that television is far from relaxing really, and usually does more to elevate stress levels than actually reduce them. How is this so? Television is meant to entertain right?

The majority of programming, especially news related stuff, is very negatively slanted. This negativity has a compounding effect on any stress which you are already experiencing. Thus making the issue worse. The relaxation you may achieve from watching television also just masks over stress. It gives a short period of respite, though does nothing to really tackle the issue.

Food and eating is another thing that many people turn to. When under stress there is a tendency to desire sugary foods, partly as the body has a perceived need for the energy it can access from rapidly converting the sugar within them. The stress response dates back thousands of years and is a neurological response to a perceived level of danger. Something which in bygone times would have required the fight or flight response to be dealt with effectively. Stress has shifted and altered in the way it is experienced, especially in the last 100 years.

Stress is now a more mental and emotional issue, unless you are faced with a physically threatening situation which is rarer now. As a result the need for the additional energy from sugary foods is reduced too. Many people do turn to foods like chocolate, cookies, cake and ice cream for comfort though. That comfort is usually experienced whilst consuming whatever for is being eaten. Though that food then effects health in various negative ways. The sugar for a start leads to weight gain, which is already caused by Cortisol which is produced under stress. Plus the additional sugar leads to a spike in Insulin which can lead to Diabetes.

All of which creates more stress in your heart and mind. Keeping to quality nutrition and doing doing something to actively process and reduce stress is far more effective, and will benefit your health in a great many ways.

So What Are Easy Ways To Achieve Quality Stress Relief


Aromatherapy is something that can work in the background. That is the short simplicity of it, in many ways it is probably the most simple thing. You have some good essential oils which you apply to your skin via massage, or you use an aroma diffuser and just breathe. Both of those methods will have the oils going into your blood stream and flowing around your body, and into your mind, spreading relaxation as they go.

Whilst going for an aromatherapy massage is great you can easily apply oils yourself, around your neck and shoulders are good places for a variety of reasons. You can discover more on this and specifics that will help you get the best from oils on the Stress Relief Aromatherapy page.


Meditation can be exceedingly simple. Granted you can using more and more defined methods and ways of meditating. Though sitting, relaxing, letting your mind drift and become quiet is pure simplicity. It also blends well with aromatherapy for a more powerful result for you time.

Another way in which you can enjoy the simplicity of meditation with ease, and get great results is through the use of guided meditations. Relaxing back and letting someone else gently guide you through the steps, with each step taking you into deeper relaxation with their soothing voice. There is of course more on this and you can find out more on the Stress Relief Meditation page.


Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian spiritual technique which blends well with all beliefs and ways of living. It centers around forgiving yourself and others for the things which have happened. Everyday you experience a variety of events. You acquire more and more memories and emotional experiences which you store in your mind. Every memory you store has its associations, some good, some bad, and so on. For many people there are memories which add stress upon stress, compounding and making issues worse.

Through Ho'oponopono you become able to release all the unpleasantness easily and efficiently, and can even release stuff as it happens in the moment. You can also use this as a meditation technique if you wish, something which also gets great results. There are a variety of techniques which all are Ho'oponopono, the simplest of them just requires the recital, either out loud or silently within your mind, of four simple phrases. You can learn how to easily apply this within your life in the Ho'oponopono section.

Fitness And Working Out

Fitness and working out in their various forms can also have great effects on stress levels. This is very much true for Yoga, of which there are many types ranging from intense fitness with power yoga through to more the softer more meditative practice of Hatha Yoga. One of the things with stress is that it is stress dependent, and partially physiology too. When you are stressed you tend to be doing certain things, often holding certain postures. When you are exercising you shift into a different set of activities and also a different set of postures.

This is great as a short term thing, though ideally it should be paired with other techniques that work on the root cause of various stresses. If you are always just swapping into different activity you are basically masking stress, allowing it to remain present in the background, even if it is disappearing for a while. This is a helpful thing when used right though. By going to the gym, going for a run, or doing whatever to workout you can create a relaxed frame of mind which makes it easier to apply other techniques, and as a result get more potent results from them.

Becoming Stress Free And Living As You Wish To

The best way of course to live a stress free life is to remove all sources of stress from your life. This can be done in a number of ways, the most effective is to deal with the sources of stress. You can of course change jobs if you perceive something at work as being the issue, though likely the issue will emerge again in another job unless the root cause is dealt with. Really getting into the reasons you experience the negative feelings that come up, dealing with, overcoming and releasing them, is the only way you can truly free yourself from that source of stress.

Becoming stress free is also about being able to constantly let go of stuff as it happens. Releasing things which most of the time are largely irrelevant. Just let go. This is something that Ho'oponopono as a daily living practice is really helpful with, and is highly recommended for that reason amongst many others.

Give yourself time to enjoy each day. Time to relax too. That said one of the best things you can do, if you are working, is do a job you love. Many people feel "caught" in a job they don't really like or enjoy, that causes a lot of stress. Start doing something you love and you will find things become much much smoother.

Top Tips On How To Deal With Stress

Learn how to meditate and then practice every day, even if only for a few minutes at first. Use Ho'oponopono to help you release negative feelings on anything that happens in your life. Back these things up with a little exercise, gentle exercise is ok, to raise your endorphin levels. Plus use some essential oils like Basil or Geranium to lighten the load and help you release negativity. Check through the guides in the various sections and give yourself a boost in the pursuit of the life you wish to live. If you have been wondering how to change your life, this is one of the first things to sort out.

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