Chakra Meditation For Beginners - With Simple Exercise

Chakra Meditation For Beginners - Guided Exercise With Stephen Frost

Chakra meditation for beginners brings you a good way to ease into gaining deeper understanding of your chakras, building confidence in working with them and gaining appreciation for your energy system in total. Your energy centres are sensitive, every single interaction you have each day, the places you go, the things you do and the choices you make all have an effect on the health, efficiency and effectiveness of them. So treating them with care, and getting to know them gently can be a very good thing to do.

Chakra Meditation For Beginners Building Foundations for Greater Things

As said your energy centres are sensitive. Looking after them, taking care of them, being careful and gentle with them is thus a good thing. Being harsh with them in various ways can cause damage to them, and once their wellness is reduced the practices of cleaning, healing and balancing are required. Getting use to those practices is a good thing to do, daily interactions can affect your chakras, so if you want to keep them in top form doing cleaning, healing and balancing on a regular basis is a good idea. Though that is a step beyond what to do as a complete beginner.

Through taking time, building confidence and understanding of your energy system in a deeper way you build a more solid foundation for future work on using your chakras to direct your energy and life to move in the direction you wish to go in life. So being gentle, taking things easy at first, is well worth your while.

Preparations For Your Practice

As with all meditative practice, especially for beginners, the top things to ensure you have are comfort and focus. Make sure that the room you are using is at a good temperature, or that you have the right kind of clothing to remain either warm or cool enough during the meditation. Ensure that you have somewhere comfortable to sit, a chair is ok if you are unable to sit cross legged, in full lotus or half lotus. If you need a cushion underneath you whilst you meditate that is ok, a level of comfort is a good thing as it will aid your ability to focus.

For enhancing your focus ensure that you will remain free of disturbance as best as possible, use a location that can be kept calm and peaceful whilst you are meditating, if necessary ask other people you share the space with gently to keep out whilst your meditative session is in progress. If you wish to use music or block out background sounds then use of chakra music is recommended. You can find more advice on how to meditate here.

Simple Seven Chakra Meditation For Beginners

The first, simple chakra meditation for beginners is all about familiarisation. Getting to know your own energy system, your own chakras. Taking a short time to see, feel and listen to everything as it is is a good thing. Through understanding yourself better you will achieve more as you progress on.

So get into a comfortable seated position, close your eyes and just breathe. Breathe gently in and out. Sliding deeper into calm and relaxation with each breath. Feel the calmness flow into and through you as you breath. Peace expanding as you release any tension and come ever closer to a point of stillness and ease.

Allow yourself to float. Float out from your body so that you can see yourself. Look upon yourself, release from the purely physical and allow yourself to see the energy flow coming from your body.

Notice the colours around your chakras. Fully drink in everything you see. Take note of colours, variations in brightness if there are any, feel the intensity of the energy flow coming from them, see how they are from both the front and the back. Are there any differences? Is everything calm and at ease? Just observe. Nothing else, just purely observe, that's all.

Allow yourself a short time to just relax in pure observation. Enjoy the sense of observing your energy system in flow. Enjoy the calmness and peace that come to you from meditating in this way.

Then when you are ready open your eyes and come back into the room filled with relaxation, calm and ease. Take a moment in gratitude for the experience you have just had, feel the joy of it, be grateful for all it has brought you and all that will come from it too.

That is the simple chakra meditation for beginners.

Next Steps For Chakra Meditation

Once you feel at ease with your chakras, and feel that it is a good time for you to move on then there are various meditative exercises that you can enjoy. Learning the practices for cleaning, healing and balancing is very worthwhile, in many ways it is one of the first thing you should do. When your chakras are in good health you can do so much more with even small amounts of energy and thought. So please take time to learn those practices before doing other developmental work. Add these benefits to the other amazing benefits of meditation and you will be on your way to a truly surging life.

Once you have worked through, become familiar with and feel confident with those practices feel free to move on to other exercises. The use of guided chakra meditation tracks can help you too, giving you an option for just flowing along with the guidance of meditation master Stephen Frost who will aid you in your journey. You can also check out the amazing selection of great guided meditations that can help you in the SurgingLife store.

So come to a point where you feel confident and comfortable with the chakra meditation for beginners, then gently expand out your practice. Going ever wider and stronger and you will achieve great things as a result.