Essential Oils Uses What Can You Achieve And What Can You Heal

Essential Oils Uses are incredibly varied. You can achieve effects in a whole host of different ways for a very wide set of conditions and outcomes. Within this section of the Essential Oils Guide you can search for particular conditions and ailments, or certain things you wish to achieve, and discover which oils to use to help you achieve what you want. There are usually multiple ways to solve any issue, these guides will give you as many options as possible, with recommendations if you wish, so that you can get the results you want.

What Condition Or Outcome Would You Like To Use Aromatherapy Oils To Aid You With?

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Single Or Blended Combinations Of Essential Oils

Every oil has a unique aroma and set of things that it is great for. Many oils cross over with each other, or have attributes that compliment other essential oils.

Sometimes reaching for a single oil can be a great thing to do, though at other times you will pick up greater effects from using a set of oils, blended together, for a synergistic effect. Certainly in this way you can create something which works on an issue in a number of ways. As a point on this, many physical, emotional and mental issues have stress as a component of the root cause. So having a combination that deals with the surface issue, whilst also bringing stress relief, will achieve results on a deeper level than by purely working on the surface issue.

An example of this is Psoriasis, a skin condition which results in pink patches of rough skin, and can be incredibly uncomfortable. There are oils which specifically work on such conditions on a dermatological level. Though by working on the stress component which is becoming widely acknowledged as a cause of Psoriasis, at the same time as treating the skin, you can have a much greater effect and as such improve the healing opportunity that you have. This runs through many other conditions too.

Is Stress A Factor In All Dis-Eases?

This is getting into slightly controversial ground, though there is certainly a belief among many that stress is a factor, some believe it a major factor, in most dis-eases and illnesses. The body becomes unwell when its normal working is impaired, something which is noted heavily when under stress. In times of stress the body chemistry alters and the pH of the body shifts into a more acidic level. For most people the best point to be in for healthy conditions is slightly alkaline, so keeping clear of stress and its acid inducing nature is a good thing to do.

As such, using essential oils which induce relaxation, and moreover stress relief, is a prime course of action to take. In fact, relaxation, especially through Meditation, on a daily basis is recommended for your greatest health. In times when healing is required the ability to meditate is exceptionally useful. Partly for the stress relief it brings, though also as specific healing meditations can be done which help you to improve your healing rate. This is even more true when combined with aromatherapy and the essential oil activity that is described throughout this guide.

Points To Note On Essential Oil Uses

Please remember to check through the safety and cautionary notes on each oil. Factoring in any potential effects, such as photosensitivity etc, before using them. Some oils also need to be used in low doses, such as Black Pepper. Heed all these notes and you will be able to really enjoy the various Essential Oil uses that you discover and learn about here to the fullest effect.