Coaching And Breakthrough Life Change With SurgingLife

Coaching and Breakthrough life change with SurgingLife brings you the option for transforming your life into what you wish it should be. The SurgingLife coaching and therapy programs have been developed for those who are committed to achieving joyful living and a balance that flows through their life in the way they wished it would. This is life change in a complete sense which is absolutely holistic. Take the best of how your life is now, release that which is sub-optimal and flow through into an experience of living which is truly joyful. That is what this is all about.

Coaching And Breakthrough Life Change With SurgingLife And Stephen Frost

The Power To Change Your Life

If you were granted some immense power that enabled you to change just one thing in your life RIGHT NOW what would it be? Getting rid of stress? Getting more time free to spend with loved ones? Transforming your business so it ran really smoothly? Or in such a way that you perhaps need not be there? Or, something else?

What if you could just think about it, then click your fingers and magically it everything just rearranged itself around you in such a way that that one thing miraculously happened in front of you. How would that feel? Would you feel like your life was suddenly amazing?

How about if that same power was expanded and allowed you to change two things? What would they be? How would your life be different? Would your life feel twice as enriching and rewarding? How much happier and more joyful would you be? Now imagine that power enabled you to change three things! Even better again?

Going Beyond Limitation

Well, what if you had the power to change and enhance your life at will? Without limitation. What if you were able to empower yourself to overcome any situation or challenge? Even better, sail out of those situations with calm seas and a fair wind backing you? With full support and creating the life and success you truly desire? Effortlessly? Is that something that you would truly love to be able to achieve? Would it make everything else in life so much more enjoyable and bring the balance that you so richly deserve?

What if I said that opportunity was open to you right now? What would your instinct tell you to do? Would you take action to empower yourself with that ability?

What Would You Do?

If you would then read on. Otherwise fortune be with you in everything you set out to do as you are probably so successful that you have everything set right in your life already.

Are You Ready To Become One Of The Few?

The opportunity that is open to you, and a very select few, is something that has the power to change lives very quickly. It is something that has already aided many to empower themselves and gain far more of their potential than they ever realised they could. More importantly it has aided them to release all of the stress and stale thought patterns that held them back. It helped them to release the negative emotions they had never fully realised were causing them problems in so many areas of their lives. Believe it the testimonials speak for themselves and now this opportunity comes to you.

I was in desperate need of direction and motivation. I could not find focus or clarity and was struggling to make sense of what was going on. I decided enough was enough and contacted Steve for advice and guidance. He immediately took up the challenge, instilling confidence and clarity which allowed me to channel my energy in the direction that I wanted to go. I am now very clear in what I will achieve and as a consequence I feel motivated, energized and hungry for success. An unforgettable experience and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to find a purpose and is stuck at the crossroads of life and can't move forward. Thank you.

- J. Cummings

I have worked with Steve on a number of significant emotional issues, I found them very difficult to own up to..I guess I was in denial. Steve allowed me to release the negative feelings, that I had been holding deep in side, easily and effortlessly...Truly amazing man..He has changed my life forever...He is by far a master of this profession, Thank you so much for allowing me to now have this freedom.

- K. Welsh

Several years ago at the age of 27 I found myself at an interesting crossroads that was actually more of a Spaghetti junction of many more than four different avenues of being in my life. I was suffering in a very damaging relationship that was starting to deteriorate irreparably, I was frustrated and unfulfilled at work, I was infrequently crippled by anxiety, by an over-developed sense of responsibility to those around me and by feelings of depression and self-loathing, I felt torn apart by events of the past that I was unable to move on from and I felt trapped by patterns of financial disorganisation and debt. I feel that the paradigm shifts I experienced as a result of the sessions were profound, far-reaching and permanent. Because I was in the right frame of mind to begin this kind of work, I was receptive to new ideas and responsive to Steve's expert analysis and guidance. The results have been numerous, from gaining better control over my finances to achieving a tangible measure of success in my chosen career, from being virtually free from feelings of depression, to being able to sustain a positive self-image in a way I have never experienced before.

- R. Merry

These are just three of the many glowing testimonials that Stephen Frost has gained from the many hugely grateful clients he has worked with over the years. You can find others on the pages relevant to the type of coaching service they received.

Leverage Yourself

What we are talking about here is giving you the ability to change, alter, enhance and create your life in the widest possible sense in the way you wish it to be. Easily and effortlessly. Perhaps effortlessly is to far, there is a small amount you would need to do. If you were able to leverage that small, tiny even, amount of effort into creating big empowering and rewarding changes it would be worth it, wouldn't it?

Invest In Yourself

If that small amount of effort could cause the things you wish to achieve to magnetise themselves to you is that something that would be worth your while? Worth your energy? Do you think you would smile and laugh as things just started falling into place around you in an effortless and hugely agreeable way? A life where stress just melted away, you had an abundant amount of time for your loved ones and everything was smooth and joyful. Seeing the mist and haze disappear from your vision and outstanding clarity become your norm. How much would you value that?

Empower Yourself

If this has your mind working, your instinct firing up in a positive way and your heart is telling you this would be good then we really should talk more. It is time for me to aid you in gaining those belief and values shifts that will aid you to create the world you wish to live in. It is time for me to help you discover for yourself how to eliminate the stress you have been carrying around for far long than you should have. It is time for me to aid you to gain the clarity which enables you to discern the options that were previously clouded. The options that just needed to be noticed so that you could reach out and take them, from which everything else then can flow into place smoothly.

Scientific Proof Regarding The Value Of Coaching

How coaching can play a key role in the development of nurse managers.
"Findings show that following coaching, nurse managers gained increased resilience, confidence and better coping mechanisms. This resulted in perceived improved team management and cohesion and appeared to lead to better quality of care for patients."

Comparing the Effectiveness of Individual Coaching, Self-Coaching, and Group Training: How Leadership Makes the Difference.
"Individual coaching created a high degree of satisfaction and was superior in helping participants attaining their goals"

Coaching And Therapy Options For The Life Change You Seek

Know This; Before You Stands An Open Door.

I truly look forward to aiding you in creating an awesome joyful life for yourself and leveraging your time and energy in such a way that everything just falls into place for you. But only contact me for NLP coaching, Executive Coaching or Breakthrough Coaching if you know you can completely commit to creating the life you wish to have. This type of life change is only for those who are serious about achieving truly joyful living.