Aromatherapy Using Essential Oils For Unlocking Natural Healing

Aromatherapy is incredibly powerful. Especially when done properly. That said it is relatively easy to learn how to use essential oils and get good results yourself. Why is that a good thing to do? Basically because through using aromatherapy oils you can promote a higher level of health within yourself on all levels. You can improve healing, physical function, attain stress relief, and improve neuroligical function amongst many things.

Working with aroma and natural oils and extracts is nothing new. Whilst perhaps the term itself has only been around for a relatively short time things can be dated back through various civilizations. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all used plant extracts to aid in healing on varying levels. Within India the art of Ayurvedic medicine has been practised for hundreds if not thousands of years. All of these cultures knew the value of using the essence of various plants and trees to aid in achieving various results.

Even within Europe there has been a strong connection. Lavender was kept in many homes to aid healing in case of burns and scalds, something which it does incredibly well. Of course if you receive incredibly bad burns medical advice from a doctor is always advisable. Though using Lavender in addition is something that can aid you, as many doctors do agree.

How To Promote Improved Health On A Daily Basis With Aromatherapy

Actually achieving good effects on a daily basis with oils is easy. There are a number of different ways in which they can be used, though one of these is relatively controversial amongst many Aromatherapy practioners, and yet good results have been achieved with it by many. Though there are very specific points to note if you wish to consider it.

The 3 Ways Of Using Aromatherapy Oils Are:

Topically – On The Skin, Through Massage etc

Through Inhalation, Via A Diffuser etc

Internally – Taken Orally, Via Capsule etc (Though this is still controversial and has very specific advice around it)

Certainly the first two points are very easy to work healthily into daily life. Within your home or office you can easily have an aromatherapy diffuser, releasing the oils so that you can breathe them in and achieve greater health as you go about your usual activities.

You can have some mixed which are then applied to your skin, either by yourself, a partner or someone else. Then you can enjoy the results as you massage and apply the oils. The application itself usually generates a pleasant degree of relaxation which is beneficial to health. Whilst as the oils are abosrbed through the skin and into the blood stream will yield you even greater health benefits.

Dr Hill's AromaTouch Technique

The AromaTouch technique was developed by Dr. Hill as a way to promote healing and wellbeing via an easy to follow system which can be enjoyed daily. Through the application of particular essential oils in a specific order, and also in a specific manner the mind, immune system and autonomic nervous system are brought into a greater state of balance and a greater state of health is promoted. One of the key aims of the treatment is achieving homeostasis and the benefits that come as a result. You can discover more on Dr. David Hills AromaTouch technique here.

Are All Essential Oils Equally Good?

As with all products you get variations in quality, something which is key to achieving good results with anything. Whilst many arometherapy oils are good, some are below standard, and others offer exceptional quality which goes way beyond anything else. Discover more about this on the aromatherapy oils page. If you are going to use oils for anything beyond just the smell being "nice" then quality is key.

To that end there are recommendations about which ones to use, along with the reasons they are recommended. Note that organic does not always equate to being the best either. Some organic essential oils are incredibly good of course, yet there is still variation with them. Whilst if an extraction process is incredibly good, ie of the highest standard, then oils obtained from non-certified organic sources can be of higher purity, the mark of which is very closely linked to the results you achieve and what is possible to achieve from all aromatherapy oils. To this end it is a good idea to check out the page on Doterra to find out why they are creating higher standards and excellence within the essential oils market. Other than that, check out the other guides and discover how you can use Aromatherapy to enhance your quality of life very pleasantly.