Mindfulness The Art Of Calmly Releasing Negativity

Mindfulness is a Meditation practice, that can be adapted to a lifestyle choice, which has been around in name for a relatively short period of time in its popular recognised form that is. In it's form that is recognised widely it has largely be driven forward by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Though in reality it has been around for thousands of years. It is originally from Buddhism, and relates very closely to Vipassana and other spiritual arts.

Why Is Mindfulness So Popular?

One of the reasons that it has become so popular is due to the absence of religious ties fostered by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Indeed it has origins in Buddhism, as do many spiritual things, where it is all contexted around the meaning of the word Sati, in Pali, which means Awareness. Whilst the modern form of Mindful meditation still embodies this in many ways, Jon Kabat-Zinn has forged forward with it in such a way that the contextual links held with Buddhism have become minimal.

This means that when you start your mindful practice you can feel totally secure that your beliefs are and will stay your own. Unless you decide to change them for whatever reason of course. Assuming that you flow with the modern form of Mindful activity rather than going with the Buddhist form, though both are incredibly fulfilling.

Another reason that is has become so popular is down to how good it is for stress relief. Alongside the fact that it lacks religious ties it has been embraced by various companies and organizations that wish to improve employee wellbeing. Stress as you are likely aware has become an increasingly wide spread issue in modern times. With increasing focus on CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, along with the desire for greater efficiency and effectiveness many companies have noted the importance of a stress free workforce.

This alongside the profile that Jon Kabat-Zinn has generated for Mindfulness has led to various organizations becoming involved with Mindfulness Training Programs in an effort to increase wellbeing and productivity, due to the effect on personal development, in a single stroke. A move which for the companies taking it has been very effective.

Mindful Living And Practice Is Incredibly Simple

Another reason that getting into Mindful practice has become so popular is down to its simplicity. In that you are focusing on release and detachment without rigorous discipline. You just relax with it. You maintain awareness on your breathing and your body and allow negativity, and negative thoughts, to dissipate free from interference.

In many ways whilst it has much in common with Vipassana, in terms of attention being held on the breath and the body, it also has much in common with Zen. The reasoning here being fairly obvious, as within Zen you are focusing on allowing thoughts to calm and dissipate, leaving you with a calm and peaceful mind.

Pretty much all forms of Meditation are simple when you get down to it. With some there is a larger appeal for various reasons though. Increasingly in the modern world people are striving for more of a spiritual approach though, with greater shifts away from the doctrine and dogma of various religions by many. Though on the flip side many religious people are seeking to include Meditation as part of their life, yet have a desire to stay true to their religion. Mindfulness fits all magnitudes of this with ease, basically because it comes free from ties, as such allowing you to tailor it to your life and beliefs with ease. What you do with it is up to you.

How Easy Is It To Do Mindfulness Meditation And Have It As Part Of Your Life?

It is incredibly simple really. If you are interested in discovering more about Mindfulness and how easy it is to practice then go through to the Mindfulness Meditation page now.