Throat Chakra Meditation Guided mp3 - Healing & Opening

Throat Chakra Meditation Guided mp3 - Healing & Opening

The Throat Chakra Meditation is really important for a good number of reasons. This energy centre governs your ability to express yourself within life. Be that through speaking, singing, writing, or whatever. If your ability to get your message across is less than you would like, then working with this chakra would help you in many ways.

Communication And Expression

The core of this for most people as mentioned above is communication, across the various levels that that exist. So alongside the Sacral chakra this is an incredibly important energy centre for singers, artists, writers and other creative people.

The Throat Chakra Is Important For Artists And Business People

That said it is a vital one for business people too. Within business there is a huge amount of negotiation. Both internal with colleagues, and external with clients and suppliers. Both types of negotiation are vital for success. If you wish to see your vision created effectively and to the fullest extent then you need to be understood, and for people to be in agreement with you. So having a Throat Chakra at full strength puts you on a massively good advantage for achieving what you have in mind.

Becoming Truly Independent

Beyond this your sense of independence is also governed here. So if you are having issues of feeling clingy, or constantly needing to be around other people, this can help. Needing and wanting to be with other people are different things. Wanting to be around people is totally ok. Though when there is a need that takes over, then there is a problem. Being able to choose and enjoy time by yourself puts you in a stronger position in terms of living life.

Empowering You With Choice

It puts you at a point of choice where you become able to dictate exactly what is right for you. Plus move through creation and achievement of your dreams. Basically because whilst your dreams are good and right for you, maybe some of the people you are around see them in a different light. As such being able to strike out with confidence on your own at times yields you great power.

When this energy centre is well tuned and running efficiently you are able to enjoy coherent, fluent, well functioning thought processes too. If it is out of sorts, and functioning inefficiently then things can be very problematic where thoughts are concerned. Being able to channel your mental processes effectively is an incredibly important thing in life, as you likely well know.

Your Sense Of Security

Add on top of this that on a spiritual level your sense of security is governed here, as oppose to the Root Chakra which governs your sense of physical security, and you have and incredibly important energy centre. One which is often neglected too, as many people value other chakras more highly.

Chakra Music To Enhance Cleaning, Balancing And Opening

The guidance led by Stephen Frost for the throat chakra meditation is enough to bring you great results with the practice on its own. In his desire to get you the best results possible from this practice he has produced chakra music especially for this chakra meditation. The melodies and rhythms within it beings specially matched to the energy and intent of the piece, though there is a lot more within which will aid you in attaining the cleaning, healing, balancing and opening which will benefit you.

Layered within the music are key chakra frequencies to aid you in achieving deeper results. Firstly the musical note G which is the main note attributed to this energy centre. Within this piece that musical note works away whilst you meditate, working on a core energetic level to provide real assistance.

Solfeggio Frequencies

In addition to this from the Solfeggio frequencies is the Solfeggio harmonic which is attributed to this energy centre, embedded again within the music. So alongside the key musical note of G the Solfeggio harmonic works away as well, cleaning, healing, balancing and aiding with opening in the background yet in a very important way. Just the chakra music on its own has a good effect on your throat chakra, when combined with Stephens guidance the result is a truly powerful meditative piece.

Optional Theta Wave Music

Beyond that there is also the option for Theta wave music. Aiding you in accessing brainwave frequencies from the theta state with greater ease. Helping to bring you smoothly and easily into a state of deep meditation, ideal for anyone new to meditating or those who just desire a deeper experience of meditating.


Without Brainwave Entrainment

With Theta Wave Music

Chakra Meditation Pairings Worth Combining

The best thing you can do is work with this guided meditation on a daily basis. Which as it is just under 30 minutes long is relatively easy. You can combine it with guided mp3 tracks for improving various life results too. If your relationships are suffering or in trouble then combine it with the Heart Meditation. For business success work with the Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation.

Or if you are a struggling artist, or just looking for even better results with your art, combine it with the Sacral Chakra Meditation. These various combinations bring you massive empowerment. Whilst the Seven Chakra Meditation helps you with holistic chakra balancing and development, as all the major energy centres are worked with.

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Final Tips For Getting The Best From The Throat Chakra Meditation mp3

Cleaning, healing and balancing this energy centre on a regular basis is highly advisable, it governs your communication after all. Being able to communicate clearly and effectively is incredibly important in life, especially if you wish to live joyfully. So using this guided mp3 on a regular basis, flowing along with its guidance and specially developed chakra music is well worth doing. The more regularly you do it, the more control you will become able to exercise over your communications and their results accordingly.

Whatever you are doing in life the Throat Chakra Meditation guided mp3 by Stephen Frost will really help you to elevate the amount your can achieve through your expression. As well as your ability to function with greater flexibility. Enjoy.