Crown Chakra Meditation Guided mp3 - Healing & Opening

Crown Chakra Meditation Guided mp3 - Healing & Opening

Crown Chakra Meditation is all about spirituality. Your crown chakra governs your connection to the universe, and your interaction with it. So if you have been struggling with your spiritual development, if it has been slower than you would have liked, then this is the guided mp3 to help you. Help you with the chakra balancing and strengthening that you need.

This energy centre is positioned at the top of your head. Literally the crown of your head. It is the point through which the energies of the universe enter in to you, and conversely from where your energy expands out into the universe around you.

The Crown Chakra - Governing Your Spiritual Experience

How your energy flows through this point therefore governs your experience of all things spiritual. When it is out of balance, working inefficiently, or blocked, then you will be experiencing very limited flows. You will feel disconnected from the world and the environment on a profound, yet difficult to describe level.

Rarely Worked With Yet Hugely Powerful

Whilst few people choose to work with this chakra it has a dramatic impact on your life. The flow and efficiency of this energy centre is how you stay in tune with balance in life. How you perceive the relative importance of things. Sifting through and maintaining the balance that enables you to flow through life with ease.

Balance Is Critical In Your Life

Life depends on balance. Growth depends on balance. Should any one area of your life be too dominant for too long you will feel a kind of kick back. Instinctively you are aware on a deep level that things are off. Yet bringing yourself to do something about it, especially if you are unaware of the problem, can be an issue.

When your crown chakra is in healthy condition and flowing effectively, then those situations are minimised in frequency. More over, you can address problems of a spiritual nature before they truly become problems.

When this energy centre is in balance. When you are flowing with it in a natural and healthy way. Then your life flows smoothly with a balance that brings success across the board. Balance through through nature is important. Give a plant too much water it will die, too much sun and it will die, starve it of nutrition and again, it will die. A balance is required with all things.

Developing Freedom Through Your Crown Chakra Meditation

Your crown chakra helps you to maintain this balance, whilst also enabling you to expand your spiritual side. The massive bonus is that as it expands your ability to master and direct energy expands too. As does your way of looking on the world. Fears and anxieties disappear as they are replaced with a level of spiritual truth as to the workings of the universe. You acquire an ever increasing level of freedom. Something which gives you huge hand in achieving all the dreams and hopes you have for your life.

If you are truly looking to achieve amazing results with all these things then practice on a daily basis. At just under 30 minutes it is a guided meditation that is really easy to fit into your day. Use it for introspection before breakfast, ideally as soon as you have woken up, and you will be amazed at the difference it makes to your day.

Chakra Music That Enhances Your Experience

Alongside the guidance by meditation master Stephen Frost is special chakra music developed by him to aid you in gaining the best results whilst you meditate. The melodies and rhythms themselves flow in a way that carries you deeper into the experience and aid you in achieving your desired outcome. Though this is only part of the story.

Solfeggio Frequencies

Embedded within are Solfeggio frequencies and chakra tones that work on an even deeper level, resonating with the chakra itself and aid with cleaning, healing, balancing and development. The chakra music itself brings an effect which means that the development work you do consciously as you meditate is compounded into an even stronger effect. Everything you consciously while you flow focused on your crown centre within this meditative piece is amplified, so things happen for you with greater ease and in quicker time than they would have.

Theta Wave Music

You can even choose to have optional Theta Wave entrainment within the music if you wish to go deeper, something which can be especially useful for those new to meditating or seeking deeper experiences.


Without Brainwave Entrainment

With Theta Wave Music

Chakra Meditation Pairings To Enhance Your Development

If you wish to expand certain areas of your life in conjunction with it then here are some recommendations. For improving and elevating your sense of independence and comfort within your self combine with the solar plexus and heart meditation, this trio is also a massive powerhouse for dream achievement. For growth on a psychic and spiritual level combine with the third eye meditation, as you open the two energy centres you will open yourself up to some incredible experiences. As an artist, writer or creative person combining this with the sacral chakra meditation will open up an ability to communicate amazing levels or expression with direct spiritual experiences and information.

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Final Tips On Getting The Best Results With Crown Chakra Meditation

A final recommendation is to work this guided meditation together with the mindfulness meditation. The ability this gives you for letting go and flying free is stunning. As you open out to the universe, whilst increasingly letting go of the things that bother and upset most people, you will find yourself living in a way that brings you an amazing degree of happiness and fulfilment in life.

Whatever your decisions in connection with the recommendations above, enjoy the Crown Chakra Meditation mp3. Work with it on a regular basis, ideally daily, and feel the wonderful changes that is brings to your life. Open your yourself up to the universe effectively, work through chakra balancing for this important energy centre frequently. All the while enjoying the massively opened scope this yields you to live the life you wish to live.