Brainwave Frequencies

Discover The States And Benefits They Bring You

Brainwave frequencies are the frequency patterns that cause different levels of activity within your mind, and within your body and emotions as a result. All brain activity is keyed to different frequencies, from high activity to low activity, and is why Brainwave Entrainment is so useful. Your mind can move, shifting to different levels as you need it to. Entrainment soundtracks are effectively set, they follow patterns, and your brain falls into sync with them due to its adaptable nature. If you are having issues with relaxation, concentration, sleep or anything else, you can find the brainwave frequency which is relevant, and then get a track which takes your brain into that mode so you can overcome the issue. Easy really.

In terms of brain activity there are 5 main levels which you work within. Those 5 levels can have differing types of activity within them depending on the overall range. The main levels vary through from the hyper-alert and highly aware down through progressively more relaxed states, through into deep dreamless sleep and restorative healing.

Brainwave State Frequency Range Characteristics
Gamma 30Hz - 60Hz Higher levels of cognition, arousal and concentration. But also anxiety, nervousness and fear.
Beta 13Hz - 30Hz Peak mental and physical activity. But also stress, anxious thoughts, paranoia.
Alpha 8Hz - 13Hz Positive thinking, enhanced levels of creative problem solving, light meditation and stress relief.
Theta 4Hz - 8Hz NREM sleep, reduced need for sleep, lucid dreaming, super learning, deep meditation and relaxation.
Delta 0.6Hz - 4Hz Deep and dreamless sleep, loss of bodily awareness, enhanced ability to heal, expanded inner wisdom.

The 5 Main Levels Of Brainwave Activity And What They Do

Gamma Brainwaves

Gamma Brainwaves are the highest level and are found in the 30 to 60 Hertz range. These are the frequencies of the hyper-alert. Within this area your perception is at its highest, your awareness and consciousness is high. Problem solving is in high gear as mental cogs move fast and create links and patterns fast.

There is a negative side of this level of activity though, with high states of anxiety, nervousness and fear being found within this range too. So mental discipline in terms of positive focus is very useful if you are operating in a Gamma state for long periods of time.

An interesting note is that many long term meditation practitioners find it easy to operate in this range in a relaxed and emotion free manner, something which means they can access the positive aspects without the potential downsides affecting performance and results. Increased levels of intuition have also been linked to Gamma brainwave activity.

Beta Brainwaves

Beta Brainwaves are the second highest banding of brain activity and are found in the 13 to 30 Hertz range. The associations here are around those of activity, be that physical or mental activity. Higher levels of cognition, arousal and concentration are positive things to be found here. The negative side of Beta is that the higher mental activity can transition to stress, anxious thoughts and paranoia unless a positive outlook is maintained.

The activity in this range creates strong sensory motor awareness and a wide awake state. This can be incredibly useful. It enables you to focus and concentrate on things in a stronger way, shifting from a dispersed awareness into a laser like one. So you can really get into something effectively. You become able to process information quickly, and manipulate that information and data quickly too as your level of analytical thinking peaks.

Beta brainwaves bring peak mental activity, and so can be very useful while you are working on such things as projects. They also bring peak physical activity, helping you to get the most out of workouts and physical training sessions.

Alpha Brainwaves

Alpha Brainwaves form what is the mid-band of activity and are found in the 8 to 13 Hertz range. The states are those of pre-awake, pre-drowsiness, dreams and REM sleep. It is how your mind is in lighter states of meditation. You feel elevated and good in yourself. As a result stress relief comes with greater ease in this range.

This level of activity brings higher levels of positive thinking and enhanced levels of creative problem solving. With that light state of trance and detachment as is present in light meditation helping you to flow through different ideas and allow fresh possibilities to come and go with greater ease. You also flow into the super learning state, you can absorb, process, remember and use information more easily due to the aformentioned reasons, making this state great for anyone studying for any reason.

Alpha brainwaves are also believed to bring a state where the conscious and unconscious minds can become more easily bridged. Certainly this is possible during meditation, which would be an indicatoer that such things become possible in this range.

Theta brainwaves

Theta brainwaves are the second lowest level of common brainwave activity occuring in the 4 to 8 Hertz range. This is where your mind is when you go into deep meditation and relaxation. It is also the realm of NREM sleep, and in fact brings a reduced need for sleep. It is where lucid dreaming occurs, and creative inspiration and enhanced visualization powers come through. Learning ability is also high here, though differs from the Super Learning state found in Alpha.

Other great aspects of Theta are that you find your feelings of inner peace becoming elevated, along with your sense of general wellbeing. This range takes you to a profound and deep state of stress relief as a result. A state where you can release negativity and feel good within yourself with great ease.

Levels of inner wisdom and intuition become raised with Theta brainwaves. As your mind shifts through things on a deeper level, enabling you to attain greater levels of learning from experience and thought activity. The deeper level of detachment and relaxation bring stronger intuition, the issue for many with intuition is that their conscious mind and thoughts of logic to over-ride it. Intuition often has little logic in it at first, the logic only becomes noticeable later, or from another perspective. This state is also important for anyone doing energy related work, be that healing or otherwise, again as the Theta waves bring a level of detachment that allows the mind to work more effectively in those ways.

Delta Brainwaves

Delta Brainwaves are the deepest level of common brain activity and occur in the 0.6 to 4 Hertz range. This is the range in which you experience deep and dreamless sleep, along with the loss of bodily awareness. Within this range the body has an enhanced ability to heal, notably with the limbic system and the adrenal glands, something which can have a positive effect on those recovering from trauma.

Delta has been noted as a result as being beneficial for those recovering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other conditions where adrenal shock is experienced. The exceedingly deep levels of stress relief and restoration bringing massive benefit to healing such conditions. That said Delta also helps with healing on other levels including the physical too.

Within this range you will also find the deepest levels of meditation and expanded inner wisdom. Your perception of the universe, and everything within it, takes on a a totally different perspective. Making Delta brainwaves a must for anyone wishing to truly generate a deep rapport with the universe, what their purpose is within it and how to fulfill that purpose effectively.

Deeper Into The Rabbit Hole

As you progress down through the various levels from Gamma into Delta you find that you move into ever deeper levels of trance. You mind detaches and you find stress relief, relaxation and meditation progressively easier. With the deeper states providing progressively great mental and emotional relief and restoration. How deep you take yourself is up to you. Delta is rarely accessed by many people, usually only for short times and in times when the body has a healing crisis and needs it. Spending time in Delta with brainwave entrainment tracks can be profoundly good for you as you can achieve such great healing and stress relief there.

What Brainwave Frequencies Are Best For You

Take a moment and think about your life. Think about the things you do. What areas would some help be good? Where would you feel the benefit of some assistance?

You have the option from the information here and the knowledge you have acquired to really shape and change your life. So what would benefit you? Would better sleep, deeper stress relief and relaxation, enhanced focus and concentration, or something else, benefit you?

If you really to want to get the most from your life, changing your life so that you can enjoy and achieve your lifestyle dreams, then using brainwave entrainment tracks to help you get into the most beneficial brainwave frequencies for you is highly recommended. Having decided which are going to be best then check out the various options in terms of Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones and Monaural Beats and help yourself move further along the path to how you wish to be.

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