Solfeggio Music – Harmonics To Aid Positive Life Change

Solfeggio Music – Harmonics To Aid Positive Life Change

Solfeggio music uses the frequencies discovered by Guido d’Arezzo and long used by the Gregorian monks, to aid you achieving the type of life change and personal development that you desire.

One of the key points that can aid you in achieving the best results is working through the Solfeggio frequencies as a progression from the lowest upwards, this will aid you in clearing out things that hold you back on an unconscious level, thus making the use of the particular frequencies you wish to work with even more effective.

How Music Using The Solfeggio Scale Can Help You

Very simply the Solfeggio scale and the frequencies contained within it can help you release, let go, and unlock various things within you. Through the first frequencies you become able to let go of negativity in terms of behaviour, thoughts, beliefs and more with greater ease. As you ascend further up through the scale you become more able to attract in and create you life in the way you wish to. With frequencies higher up aiding you in achieving ever more meaningful connections, thoughts and beliefs.

In total as you shift upwards through the scale, taking in each frequency in turn you enable yourself to achieve a greater state of joyful living than was previously possible. Every time you let go of negativity, every time you do something to create and empower yourself you slide ever close to the achievement of joyful living. Especially when you develop the deeper and more meaningful connections that bring fulfilment on a deeper soul level.

528 Hz Music

528 Hz music is what most people reach for when they first discover about the Solfeggio frequencies. It is a wonderful harmonic which can aid you in achieving change and healing. The issue being that many go straight for it for that very reason. The challenge being that unless you have cleared out and made solid foundations the work you do to build and create change will be somewhat shaky. After all if you are looking to build something amazing you create solid foundations and give whatever you are making the strongest change possible.

The Best Approach For Success With Solfeggio Music

By taking time and working through the first frequencies every you do thereafter has ever stronger opportunity for coming good. Start out with 396 Hz and transition into 417 Hz, clear out and releasing. The more you let go the more positivity and goodness you can welcome in as a result.

Pour clean water into a tainted cup and the taint will affect the water even if you keep pouring for a long time. Clean out the cup, make it pristine if possible, then when you pour in clean water it will be pure and healthy.

So cleanse your thoughts and emotions, use the frequencies in turn and make your cup, your soul, as clean as possible so that the work you do to develop and create your life as you wish it will be the purest possible and have the greatest opportunity for success.

This is why many of the Solfeggio music tracks available through SurgingLife have a progression within them. The frequencies layered and embedded in such a way that you gain their progressive benefit every time you listen. Flowing through as you listen, cleansing and creating deeper activation with each listening. The exception being with the distinct Chakra music tracks due to each chakra having a specific Solfeggio frequency associated with it.

Take an opportunity for life change at a core level, ride your flow through the various harmonics and frequencies, above all just enjoy the way Solfeggio music carries your progressively further with the achievement of joyful living.

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