Ho'oponopono And Meditation – Beginners Workshop (21st March 2016)

Practising ho'oponopono and meditation on a daily basis offers you a wonderful way to enhance your ability to live joyfully. These two techniques are among the simplest you can ever learn, yet they offer you the opportunity for potentially the biggest leaps in achieving a life of happiness and wellness. Through the course of this basic workshop you will acquire techniques and skills that will enable you to practice with ease and simplicity once you have completed the workshop. Providing you practice daily, even if only for a few minutes, you will notice pleasant life changes.

Jusho-in meditation space

What You Will Learn

The basics of how to do ho'oponopono
The basics of how to meditate
The basics of mindfulness
How to do a special ho'oponopono meditation technique
How to integrate these techniques effectively and easily with your life

What You Will Do On The Training

The workshop is 4 hours in duration including a 20 minute break for light refreshment between the two sections of learning and practice. With the timings running as follows:

10:00    Welcome
10:10    Meditation – tuition and practice
11:50    Refreshment Break
12:10    Ho'oponopono – tuition and practice
13:45    Q&A
14:00    Close

Section 1 - Meditation

The starting portion of the training covers the basics of meditation, during this time you will discover the ease with which you can practice and how to make it a comfortable and enjoyable experience for yourself. Within this first section you will also have an introductory practice with mindfulness meditation, a simple meditative practice which enhances you awareness of yourself and the universe around you. It is a very expansive practice and helps you to build a deeper rapport with yourself, from which one of the benefits is improved self esteem.

During the later part of this section you will have the opportunity to enjoy a longer guided meditation which will carry you into an internal space where you can heal your soul and unconscious. Through doing so you can elevate your opportunity for living joyfully.

Section 2 – Ho'oponopono

This second section brings you the opportunity to acquire a technique which has transformed many lives. The system which ho'oponopono is part of dates back thousands of years across its various forms. The processes you will learn and practice during this workshop offer you the chance to acquire the basics plus a very special special method for cleaning relationships, both giving and gaining forgiveness for things which have happened.

One element of the beauty of this technique is that it is purely internal. Only in very rare and extreme circumstances do you ever need to communicate with anyone whom troubles have occurred with. As you practice and flow through this wonderfully liberating technique you will feel your soul lighten and your entire being shift to a point of far greater ease.


2016 March 21st Myoshin-ji Kyoto – 30 Spaces

Jusho-in location for the meditation and ho'oponopono beginners workshop

Locations And Access

The March 21st workshop will take place at Jusho-in (妙心寺 壽聖院) within the Miyoshin-ji temple complex in the Hanazono area in northern Kyoto close to Ryoan-ji.

The name Hanazono translates as “flower garden” and accordingly the Miyoshin-ji temple area has a very serene energy to it, an energy which has been strengthened and enhanced with time since its founding in 1337. The Jusho-in location in particular is an incredibly peaceful one, a place where worldly concerns can melt away with ease during your meditations. Thus making the location an ideal one for those attending this workshop and making their first strides into meditation and ho'oponopono.

For those who have some practice and are looking to make meditation easier for themselves and enhance it with additional the additional emotional release technique the venue offers a great energy for aiding in that achievement.

There is no parking available within the temple complex and use of the train is as such recommended. There are two stations close to the temple which offer easy access to the event, these are:
Miyoshinji (妙心寺) on the Keifuku Dentetsu northern line, from here it is a short 5 minute walk.
Hanazono (花園駅) on the JR San-In line, from which it is approximately 15 minutes walk.

Address of venue:
〒616-8035 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Ukyō-ku, Hanazonomyōshinjichō, 44 壽聖院

Registration And Booking

For this event registration is required in advance. You can do so via the form below, once we have received your completed registration form we will email you with details for the payment, and upon receiving confirmation that your place has been paid for your place will be secured.


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Stephen Frost - meditation and ho'oponopono trainer

Achieving Joyful Living With Ho'oponopono And Meditation

SurgingLife and everyone within it look forward to aiding you in achieving higher levels of joyful living as a result of coming along and actively participating in this special workshop. Through all of the training and practice you have to opportunity to expand your consciousness and ability to live freely and happily.

Feel free to ask questions whilst you are present, and in the run up if you feel the need to then please do contact us. Our purpose through this and all other trainings is to aid you in achieving the way of living your desire, having things clear in your mind is as such very beneficial. If you are unsure of the many ways this will help you to enhance your life then please check out the sections on ho'oponopono and the benefits of meditation, they will aid you in gaining clear understanding as to how powerful and beneficial participating in this event will be for you.