How To Meditate For Beginners - Learning With Ease

Learning how to meditate for beginners can be far simpler than many people ever believe. Many people make things more difficult than need be. The truth is that meditating can be incredibly easy, in fact it should be as meditation is one of the most natural things to do. Beginners meditation should thus be in line with simplicity. If you wish to use more challenging techniques further along then do, at first allowing yourself to become calm and relaxing your mind is a highly beneficial thing to do. The first thing is to go through the above free guided meditation video led by Stephen Frost teaching you a very simple meditation, in under 7 and a half minutes you will understand how enjoyable meditating can be.

How To Meditate For Beginners - Learning With Ease

Keeping It Easy Beginners Meditation

There are a vast amount of different meditation techniques to choose from. All of which have differing points of challenge and things they are good for. They can all help you in some way, and you are free to choose from them as you wish. The best thing you can do when you are first learning to meditate is keep it simple for yourself.

By keeping things easy going, relaxing and enjoyable you will get your mind into shape faster and get the best results of the meditating you do as a result. As well as this you will also do a better job of keeping your motivation and inspiration up. When you enjoy things, as you are well aware, you become actively engaged in continuing with them and doing them more. It is the same with this, the benefits are greater though.

Learn how to meditate in an enjoyable and relaxing manner and you will be set for getting to enjoy the long term benefits of meditation. Though even from the first session you will gain very positive benefits.

Top Tip - Keep it simple and build up to 10 - 15 minutes a day for great results.

A single session of meditation reduces of physiological indices of anger in both experienced and novice meditators.

"Naïve meditators exhibited physiological reactions that were consistent with anger during the pre-meditation stage, while after meditation training and a second anger induction they elicited physiological evidence of relaxation."
Fennell AB, Benau EM, Atchley RA.
Department of Psychology, University of Kansas, Lawrence, United States.

Focusing On The Right Objective As A Beginner

Often beginners have their focus in a different place to where it would be best served. The most beneficial thing to focus on when you are first starting is to focus on relaxation and achieving a calm mind. Whilst lots of people choose to focus on learning a particular technique more can actually be achieved from just learning to become calm mentally and emotionally. It is the biggest challenge that people face with meditative practice when they first begin. Yet it can be overcome relatively easily when you do things in certain ways.

Use Guided Meditations

By using guided tracks you take pressure off yourself, in a big way. The background stress of wondering whether you are doing the right thing, or what to do next and when, just disappears. You go into a realm when you are able to totally relax and just flow with it. Something which brings big benefits when you are learning.

A side benefit of this is that you can effectively learn various techniques as you are guided through them. The focus is on the relaxation, though as you go through them, listening to the soothing guidance, you actually absorb and learn how to do the meditative exercise yourself. So after practicing various times with a guided meditation you become able to do the exercise at will yourself, you remember how to do it and can adapt it yourself as you wish with ease.

Use The Free Meditation Videos

Another option if you wish to keep things easy for yourself is to use the free meditation videos available here. Many of them are free of any vocal guidance, though do have soothing and peaceful sounds tracks to help you relax more easily. They cover a range of environments including water, sky, woodlands, flowers and zen. Whilst many lack a voice to guide you through an exercise they can still be used very effectively.

As you meditate with each video you can allow your mind to just flow with whatever comes as you enjoy the high quality visuals and soundtracks. All the meditation videos are grouped in sections according to duration too, so you can select a 10 minute meditation video, or 15, 20, 30 or longer. This is beneficial as many beginners prefer to start out with shorter time spans, then extend out as they become ever more comfortable. By using these you will find it far easier to meditate for longer than you expected.

Meditation Courses

Another option that can be really beneficial is to attend a meditation course. Having time with a meditation master there teaching you can really help you in a number of ways, for a start if you have any questions they can help you with answers. Plus you can share your experiences with others, find out about there experiences at the same time.

The challenge with this approach is the timing and potential geographical requirements. Classes and courses tend to be run at set times and in certain places, so if you are going to do a course then ensure that you are choosing a good one with a good teacher, which is at a time to your liking in a place that you will be happy to be.

Your Meditating Environment

Whether you are learning on a course or going solo at home with guided tracks and videos having a good space to practice in is highly advisable. A place where you can be disturbance free, relax with ease and feel totally comfortable. Getting a space like this will make it far easier to learn how to meditate, because you have a natural level of relaxation on your side already.

Learning How To Meditate For Beginners Top Tips

Go easy on yourself.

Advice which often helps people make the most of meditation as part of their personal development program. Pushing hard for results can really set you back. For a start it affects your ability to be calm and relaxed. It also affects your longer-term motivation too.

Focus on learning to become calm and relaxing your mind, and body with it. Use guided meditation tracks and free meditation videos to help you get the most of your practice, and help you learn effectively. If you can find a meditation course which is at suitable times and in a convenient comfortable place with a good teacher then enjoy it. Plus create a comfortable space where you can practice at home with ease, and practice on a regular basis too. These are the top tips on how to meditate for beginners, follow them and you will learn well and develop a meditative practice which is truly rewarding and enjoyable.