Solfeggio Frequencies – A Gregorian Key To Positive Change

The Solfeggio frequencies are a group of frequencies discovered by Benedictine monk, Guido d’Arezzo or Guido of Arezzo (c. 991 AD – c. 1050 AD), which are usually played musically or used within chants due to the psychological and esoteric effect they have been noted to have. Something which the Gregorian chants have in many ways made famous. Both chanting in these musical notes and listening to them has been widely noted to elicit and generate the effects which are attributed to each of them.

 Why Using Music With These Musical Notes Is Good For You

Solfeggio Frequencies – A Gregorian Key To Positive Change

Whatever you stage in life. Whatever path you are on. Wherever you are from. There is benefit to be drawn from these.

On first glance for many they would seem only useful for those doing spiritual development work, something for which they are indeed good. They do have other wider applications in addition. Whatever has motivated you into personal development, the Solfeggio frequencies can help with your personal growth in a life changing way.

Each of the Solfeggio frequencies has a set of purposes, and they range through the broad spectrum of life, moving from state to state based on a progression which is cleansing and elevating for the person concerned.

Unless you release and let go of the negativity within life you can never progress to your highest potential and thus the greatest of your abilities. This is what the Solfeggio frequencies do, they aid you in letting go and cleaning out that which holds you back and they work on a very much unconscious level. That is, just by listening they have effect. You never need do any more, unless you wish to.

The Specific Solfeggio Frequencies And Their Effects

There are 6 main frequencies originally known as Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La which have come to be used and known as Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, along with a seventh which is Te though there are other ones which are less common though still of benefit depending on your path in life. The frequencies and effects are as follows:

396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
741 Hz – Expression/Solutions
852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order


963 Hz – Transcendence/Connecting with Light and Spirit

Common Usage of the Solfeggio Frequencies

One of the key Solfeggio frequencies which has seen wide use is the 528 hertz frequency associated with transformation and miracles. This has been incorporated into a variety of musical pieces, often associated with the heart and healing. 417 hertz for undoing situations and facilitating change along with 852 hertz for returning to spiritual order have also become focal points for many.

Whilst singular focus can be good, especially when done within self development work or chakra healing and balancing, many often overlook the foundation work and energetic cleansing of the lower levels, along with emotional and mental release work that makes singular focus on higher levels truly effective and productive.

Getting The Best Results When Using Solfeggio Tones

Pure and simple when you are wishing to gain transformation and bring miracles into your life on a wider basis one of the key things to do is cleanse out everything that has been like an anchor weighing you down. Release is vital so that you can move forward effectively. If you were leaving harbour in a boat to set off on a voyage to find a new life for yourself you would raise the anchor and leave behind anything that you wanted to be free of. Any time you wish to make a new start you have to let go of something so new things can come in.

If you wish to bring in miracles and amazing things that transform your life then cleaning out the old negativity and behaviours that brought problems is important. Doing so is part of the process of the Solfeggio scale. It has been used for centuries to aid people in transcending to higher levels of existence and being. All of which is aided by actually progressing through the scale from the lower frequencies up.

396 Hertz The Beginning

Through starting with 396 hertz and releasing fear and guilt you pave your way for greater liberation and happiness. As guilt and fear disappear it is like a weight is lifted from you, you can feel it in your physical body. Mentally and emotionally you feel raised up too. Your soul can start to take wing and begin to fly free in the way it is meant to.

417 Hertz Your Second Step

Having released fear and guilt and progressed on to 417 hertz for undoing situations and facilitating change you can begin the work to bring your life in line with how you wish to be and feel. It is the second key step in the move towards joyful living. With the undoing of situations you become able to distil the learnings from past events and use those learnings to bring yourself better results both now and in the future. Does this all have to be done consciously?

Let Your Unconscious Mind Work On It

Actually the majority of it can be done in the back of your mind, on the unconscious level. As long as you have set the intent for positive change, and remain focused on that and exactly how you wish things to be your mind can work effectively in the background. This is especially true if you are practising meditation, mindfulness and using the Vipassana meditation technique to enhance clarity within your mind. The more you integrate techniques like these and ho'oponopono to release and affirm positive change your unconscious mind can do the vast majority of the work and left to do it alone, with support of the mentioned techniques, it will do a very good job.

528 Hertz Building A Solid Future

Having gone through the cleaning and clearing out of everything that held you back, all of the old thoughts and negativity gone it is time to aid yourself in effecting positive change in the best way possible. With 528 hertz music you can begin to invite that positive change in.

The use of 528 hertz music is especially powerful for this kind of life change when combined with visualization meditation. As you flow into the meditation fill your mind with visualizations of how you wish to be and the life you desire, healing that is needed and the state of health you desire to be experiencing as a daily thing. As you do all this have the music in the background with the 528 Hz tones flowing into you on an unconscious level and aiding you to create the change you desire and attain the results you have envisaged.

By working through in this progressive way you will aid yourself to achieve greater results with more ease than if you jumped straight in at 528 Hertz.

Carrying On The Progression And Building Higher

Also by carrying on through you will build through the higher levels which then loop around to make the change work you have done even more effective and solidify everything you have done. By following through and developing the higher levels your bring yourself greater opportunity for happiness and achieving a life that is truly joyful. You mind and body work across innumerable levels, this progression helps you to cleanse through, activate and strengthen you across that diverse range of levels.

It is the reason the Gregorian monks use the Solfeggio tones within the harmonics of their chants, the cleansing and development brings them greater clarity, spiritual freedom and understanding of the universe. They focus on spiritual clarity and spiritual development and through their work they achieve that and the joy it brings. You can use these frequencies in much the same way to aid you in bringing about joy and fulfilment within your life too.

Making Use Of The Solfeggio Frequencies With Ease

To aid you in getting use of the Solfeggio frequencies in the best way possible they have been incorporated into a variety of the special soundtracks produced for you by SurgingLife founder Stephen Frost. Whilst for many the key use will be within meditation the tracks have a diversity to them, many are for relaxation which also makes them suitable for meditating, whilst others are optimised for learning with the harmonics facilitating greater ability to function effectively with acquired information. There are many different applications and different sounds to choose from, so a blend to what you seek is there in easy reach, just flow through to the section on Solfeggio music to find tracks using the Solfeggio frequencies that will help you.

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