Homeostasis - Music For Deep Relaxation And Restoration

I Would Love To Use This

Homeostasis is a soundtrack to aid listeners in achieving deep relaxation and restoration, through the mind and body. This track is linked with the original “Homeostasis for AromaTouch™ Practitioners” which was developed to deepen that technique and enable listeners to enjoy even greater effects. Many people mentioned the deeply relaxation nature of the CD that was released and so this version has been released as a better fit for those wishing to use the music without the treatment it had been developed for.

Why Would I Want Homeostasis In My Life?

Homeostasis is a state of body and mind. A state in which balance and restoration occur, bringing goodness back and elevating your ability to get the most from life, physically, emotionally, mentally and should you desire it spiritually too.

The exact definition of the state according to Wikipedia is as follows:

“Homeostasis is the property of a system in which variables are regulated so that internal conditions remain stable and relatively constant. Examples of homeostasis include the regulation of temperature and the balance between acidity and alkalinity (pH). It is a process that maintains the stability of the human body's internal environment in response to changes in external conditions.”

When you are under stress, feeling unwell, or experiencing great negativity you become unbalanced, your mind and body are as such operating in a state of reduced stability. Reacquiring stability and balance from that point is a good thing. Doing so enables you to get back into a healthy state and a good quality of life.

When your mind and body are in their greatest state of health then your ability to enjoy and get the most from life, and all its joys, is at its peak. So achieving wellness through Homeostasis is a good thing.

How Do I Use This Special Music?

The entire piece can be enjoyed while you just relax at home, or wherever. It has been noted as being powerfully relaxing by listeners and those who aided in its development, as such sitting down, or lying down, in a safe environment is strongly recommended. This track should never be used while driving or operating machinery. It has been developed to deepen relaxation and aid in your ability to heal yourself, as such stillness is beneficial and totally recommended.

Brainwave Entrainment To Aid In Your Wellness

This special soundtrack has special Isochronic Tones and Monaural Beats layered inside the already relaxing music. The brainwave entrainment helps you the listener to go into an even deeper state of relaxation, and a specific place where deep relaxation, stress relief and healing can occur.

You begin in an Alpha state, a state which has you attain a pleasant state of positivity and light relaxation. Your level of joy can increase within this state, and you can feel yourself lighten on an emotional and mental level as the relaxation flows over you.

Steadily you then flow through into a specific state in the Theta brainwave range. It is here in Theta that the greatest effects are felt. You slide into deep relaxation and are able to achieve strong stress relief. Your mind, and body too, let go of tension and stress with it.

You flow with this greater sense of peace and stress relief into a greater ability to heal yourself too. As you drift deeper into relaxation, and the Theta brainwaves entrained here, your body can shift into a state of calm which promotes greater wellbeing within you. As your body and mind heal you become able to achieve greater joy and fulfilment within your life.

Relaxation Brainwave Music To Aid Your Achievement Of Homeostasis

As you well know the balance that comes with homeostasis enables you to attain a higher degree of fulfillment and joy within your life. Through listening to this music that has been specially developed to aid you in achieving this wonderful state you make it easy for yourself to relax, release stress and achieve a higher quality of life.

If this sounds good to you, you like the track which you have previewed via the video, and you wish to enhance your relaxation and/or meditation with its use then just click the special button below which will take you to the SurgingLife Store where you will find instructions instructions for access and paying the $20.00 via PayPal, then download or order on CD and enjoy!

I Would Love To Use This

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You can also acquire this deep relaxation music on CD via Amazon.

Simplicity runs through it on a deep level. Just play it through your favourite music player when you are in a safe place within which you can completely relax. Then allow yourself to flow with the music and brainwave entrainment into the wonderful Theta state it brings you. Within that state your soul can lighten and become freer, stress relief and release can flow, relaxation can go deep. Most importantly you have a wonderful opportunity for attaining homeostasis and the joy that comes with it.

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