How To Deal With Anxiety

Understanding how to deal with anxiety and actually do something about it can massively transform your life. It is an emotion, and can become habitual unless reigned in, that is highly debilitating. There are various things that can aid you in eliminating nervous and anxious behaviour from your life, and doing something to get rid of it is a good idea. Left unchecked anxiety can take over your life, once you begin to counter it and install positive confident thoughts your life becomes far more enjoyable. What is contained within this guide is action points that you can choose from that will help you to clear anxiety from your life.

Why Anxiety Truly Is A Crazy Emotion

Anxiety is a very strange emotion, which when looked at logically and rationally makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Why? Because it is a future based emotion, nothing strange in that, except that it is based on a perceived negative outcome. That is the strange and crazy thing. At the time, to the person in the feeling it makes sense, only because they are locked in a negative pattern of thought though.

For future based events there are a myriad of possible outcomes. We create likely scenarios in our minds based on our model of the world. Important point there. We create scenarios, and they are based on our own model of the world. If you have a negative pattern of thought, and perceive negativity as abundant within your world, or have limiting beliefs about what is possible, then you will structure beliefs around outcomes to events being negative.

Crazy hey, and self defeating too.

So How Do You Deal With Anxiety

Anxiety has two components to it, and they feed off each other.

  1. Negative Thinking
  2. Gamma Or High Beta Brainwaves

Pull away one component and the feelings of anxiousness and nervousness start to diminish. Pull away both and the problem can disappear completely. The question then is how do you remove these components so that you can move beyond such unpleasant mental and emotional states, and on into positivity. So how do you do it?

Negative Thinking The Mind Killer

The negative thought patterns can be dealt with in a number of ways. Effectively what you are doing is erasing, rewriting or writing over data. Your mind is a mass of data. All your thoughts, thought patterns, belief structures and values are just data. Created and based on other data. Change the data, especially the source data that the negativity hinges on, and you will find yourself enjoying a very different way of living. Sounds simple right? Well, it can be just that. The speed depends on you and how fast you decide you wish the data dealt with.

One of the fastest ways to work on such issues is via NLP, especially when combined with TimeLine Therapy®. Hypnosis can also be very effective. The effectiveness of these things depends on the skill and aptitude of the practitioner using them, it is well worth going to someone who is very highly skilled, you will achieve a deeper and far greater result for doing so. With NLP and TimeLine Therapy® you will only need a single session, if you go for a breakthrough session that is. Whereas hypnosis will likely require a few sessions, unless the hypnotherapist is incredibly good. For more on this and other recommendations check out the How To Deal With Anxiety Using Professional Help.

Other ways that you can work on the issue yourself include NLP, get trained and you can be your own therapist. Meditation is very effective, though will take longer to achieve the same level of result. Affirmations can provide help to, and in many ways can function like a mantra meditation. As you say the affirmation again and again over time it alters and writes over more and more of the old data, eventually replacing it completely when done long enough. Law Of Attraction work can also help, which again blends in with meditation exercises, focusing on visualization and mental image creation of the desired outcome. More on these and other methods can be found in the How To Deal With Anxiety By Yourself section.

Altering Brainwaves To More Positive States

Dealing with the brainwave component of anxiety can be relatively shift and easy, and is something that brainwave entrainment can yield very good results with. Entrainment is a natural phenomenom which was first discovered with clocks. When in the same room clock pendulums will harmonise regardless of how far out of sync they were initially. With time they all come to share the same rhythm. The same is true of mental activity and brainwaves.

Your brainwaves can be entrained through special sound tracks, of which there are three different modes of action; Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones and Monaural Beats. Of these the most common are Binaural Beats and Isochronic tones, both are highly effective though the latter is perhaps more convenient.

These special soundtracks have special soundwaves embedded within them that are fixed in nature, whereas your brainwaves can alter and are fluid in nature due to your need to operate in different ways, adapting through different activity levels and flowing as needed. When you need high energy and ultra fast reactions you go into Gamma, and when you have to rest you flow deep into Theta or Delta. So you can use the minds ability to adapt and transition, and use that to entrain it to states you wish it to be in. Your brains ability to transition can be shaped to your advantage.

What basically happens when you listen is that your mind picks up on these subtle soundwaves, and then your brainwaves fall into sync with them, your brainwaves entrain to the soundwaves in the music. As such you can transition your mind state in a relatively effortless manner to a state you wish to be in. For example shifting from the high energy, erratic, negativity of nervousness and anxiety, to a state of positivity, calm and ease. Through regular usage your mind effectively learns that you desire it to be in a certain state during particular times. Something which helps you to break out of patterns that bring anxiety and nervousness. In this brainwave entrainment is very much your friend.

Hitting The Issue From Both Directions With Essential Oils

Using essential oils can be a good thing too. Using certain oils can help you to create a more positive frame of mind, Frankincense, Grapefruit, Basil, Sweet Orange, Bergamot for example all bring about positive, light and joyful sensations when being used. Granted they will not rewrite the data that causes anxiety, however they do promote feelings of positivity. Frankincense and Grapefruit are also both good for releasing negativity and old emotions. Bergamot will help with this to a degree, indeed it is very good with depression for a number of reasons, though Frankincense and Grapefruit are probably the best.

In many ways you are very fortunate with the possibilities available from essential oils, they are numerable. Granted the above are a selection of the best. Many oils have relaxing, uplifting or both qualities. It is those qualities that you are looking for when easing your self out of the nervous state which comes with anxiousness. If you really wish you can quite easily select your own choice of oils, building up an aromatherapy experience that you have tailored to yourself. If you are going to do so then test a few oils, see how each aroma makes you feel, then go with what you feel is good. If you are looking for general guidence then citrus essential oils are a good place to start from. You can find more in the essential oils guide on this.

Recommended Actions For Dealing With Anxiety

The primary action to take is to deal with the root cause and the negative thought patterns that cause the anxiousness and nervousness in the first place. For this probably the best techniques are NLP, TimeLine Therapy®, Hypnosis, Meditation and Ho'o Pono Pono. Ideally working with a highly skilled practitioner using the first 3 techniques, as that will yield the greatest results for you.

As an immeadiate measure, and something which can also help you long term, using Binaural Beats Anxiety tracks or Isochronic Tones Anxiety tracks brings you solid mental support for altering brainwaves to a more positive state. If you use essential oils like Frankincense or grapefruit while you do this kind of work then you will help your mind get into a state that is even more conducive to release and improving your state of mind and wellbeing.

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