Homeostasis Music For AromaTouch™ Practitioners

Homeostasis for AromaTouch™ practitioners is a soundtrack to deepen and enhance the experience of the client receiving the special AromaTouch™ treatment. The treatment in itself is incredibly good and has wonderful health benefits for those receiving it, this soundtrack has been specially developed with the aid of practitioners to deepen and enhance the results that are achieved. The arrangement of the piece also makes things easier for the practitioner.

What Does Homeostasis Mean?

Specifically it is a state which occurs within the mind and body. A state in which balance occurs and the transition is made to wellness and greater health. Exactly the intent of both this soundtrack and also the AromaTouch™ technique it has been developed with practitioners to compliment.

What Has Been Done To Enhance The AromaTouch™ Experience?

As practitioners and those familiar with the treatment will know, it is focused on creating a greater sense of balance within both body and mind. This comes from emotional care and the use of essential oils which aid relaxation and stress release, as well as using oils which promote wellness and greater health on a physical level.

By tuning in to the energies of each stage of the treatment, along with the intent of the process overall, it becomes possible to translate and carry those energies and intents into additional forms that can synergise with the experience. Which is exactly what has been done. Following careful study, and strong familiarity with the essential oils used, it became possible to create a special soundtrack that deepened the experience and also made it more powerful.

Using Brainwave Entrainment To Enhance Synergy

The soundtrack has specially chosen music, layered together in such a way that it compliments the feeling of the AromaTouch technique as it progresses through its various stages. The music in itself is deeply relaxing and soothing, though more was desired in order to generate the deepest response possible. Hence the incorporation of brainwave entrainment.

In this case the music has had both Isochronic tones and Monaural beats layered within it. The reason for using these forms is partly due to the opportunity they yield for the effects to be enjoyed via speakers, something which is useful during AromaTouch sessions and more convenient than earphones. In addition to this benefit they also have the best noted response in connection to the brainwave frequencies being entrained to.

In the case of creating balance and a state of Homeostasis a starting state of Alpha, inducing positivity and light relaxation is used. The main portion of the music is set into a special part of Theta, a point at which the body and mind attain the opportunity for releasing, rebalancing and returning to wellness.

Theta Brainwaves For Healing

As the mind entrains into Theta wonderful things happen. The mind for a start is able to release stress in a greater way than usual, whilst it is also able to achieve deeper relaxation both mentally, emotionally and physically than in higher usual states too. In that most forms of dis-ease and un-wellness can have a portion of their cause attributed to stress this opens up a powerful opportunity for healing for the listener. As such creating strong synergy with the treatment and enabling deeper healing and balance to be attained. Enabling a far high degree of Homeostasis to be attained.

Benefits For Both Client And Practitioner

Obviously both client and practitioner will be listening, and thus able to gain benefit from the healing currents of the music, Isochronic tones and Monaural beats within it. In addition chimes have been set, using tinctures, at specific points in the soundtrack. Thus leaving the practitioner free to completely focus on their client as they can just listen out for the timed chimes rather than checking a clock or watch. Very simple and hugely advantageous.

Arrangement Of The Soundtrack

The first 5 minutes are set as preparation time, getting the oils ready and time for the client to relax and lie down. The first chime at the five minute mark then signals the beginning of the treatment, with successive chimes indicating the transition from one oil to another, until the final sets indicating the end of the treatment. The full soundtrack being 60 minutes including the preparation and closing portions.

The second to last portion of the track is 3 minutes and has been included so as to give a portion of time for the client to be still and more fully absorb the effects of the treatment they have enjoyed. It deepens the experience and effects and brings greater fulfillment of the desired Homeostasis effect.

The final 12 minutes are set to bring the client back into a waking state which is positive, joyous and sets them up to enjoy the rest of their day or evening in a good frame of mind. During this time they get up, dress and unify their consciousness.

If this sounds good to you, you like the track which you have previewed via the video, and you wish to enhance your AromaTouch™ practice with its use then just click the special button below which will take you to the SurgingLife Store where you will find instructions instructions for access and paying the $20.00 via PayPal, then download or order on CD and enjoy!

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Homeostasis Music That Compliments And Enhances The AromaTouch™ Technique

This special soundtrack entitled Homeostasis has been brought together to aid in the achievement of the state is shares its name with. Through using it in synergy with the AromaTouch™ technique a powerful combination is created and a greater opportunity for wellness and good health comes into being. For both client and practitioner this special music combining brainwave entrainment, in the form of Isochronic tones and Monaural beats that flow from Alpha to Theta brainwaves, with specially arranged music opens a path for a greater chance to enhance the depth to which life is enjoyed and experienced. Through balance and Homeostasis great things can happen.

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