Ho'oponopono Uses

Ho'o Pono Pono can be applied to everything in your life to bring healing where it is needed. Whilst many people use it purely on relationship in the person to person sense, it goes much wider. Much wider indeed. Ho'o Pono Pono is about healing, about relationships for sure, though relationships exist in may forms. So how widely can you apply this?

What Relationships Do You Have In Your Life?

Think about it. List them down. Grab a pen and paper and write them all out. Then stop and think again, this time leave out people and list every relationship you have in your life. At first this may seem challenging, once your mind slides into a wider aspect of thought you will open up a rich vein of things.

Once you go beyond pure person to person relationships you find yourself in a place of amazing potential in terms of the healing that you can create within your life. It is adding these abstract terms into the process, along with person to person relationships, that yields massive opportunity for healing. Healing and revitalisation that you can access with great ease through the simple technique that is Ho'o Pono Pono.

While the majority of the time it can totally cleanse issues from your life. At other times it will help you achieve a level of personal growth that brings insight. With that insight enabling you to create shifts and personal development, that enables solutions that may have seemed unworkable previously. Either way, ho'oponopono can help bring you some incredible results in life.

So What Are These Various Relationships In Your Life?

Partners (Wife, Husband, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, etc), Children, Friends, Coworkers, Employees, Strangers, Government, Salespeople, Service Personnel, Your Car, Transportation, Your Bank, Money, Your Job or Business, Your Home, And so much more...

You have feelings and thoughts about all these things. You create perceptions and ideas around them all. Positive and negative. In fact often you have mixed feelings and emotions about all these things. Things that you love and hate about each of them. The loving of things is good, it brings better results and more of what you want, it is the basis of the Law of Attraction. The hating of things though counteracts those thoughts and feelings.

So if there is stuff that you hate about a person, even if you love them, you are creating conflict with that person. All because of your internal perceptions. If you want to earn more money so you can enjoy life more freely, yet view money with disdain in any way you are creating a barrier to earning more.

Why Does This Mixed Positivity And Negativity Cause Problems?

At our core we all desire to be good. To do good things, and be good people. So where the mind and soul find negativity attached to things they do their best to create distance from those things. After all, you want to be a good person and live a good life right. Hence the elimination of negative things is a positive move. Your mind works on the path of least resistance, and with the simplest solutions it can, much like a child does. So if you offer up negative thoughts on something, it will do its best to make sure your experience of that thing is limited. Which unfortunately can cause other issues.

Cleansing Your Life With Ho'oponopono

The solution of course is to clear the negative perceptions. This is where Ho'oponopono cleaning comes in. By applying it to all your relationships, the tangible and intangible, you can clean up the negative. Leaving pure positivity. Something which then enables you to attract in and enjoy the good results that you desire within your life. Very simple really, it just takes a small amount of action and practice on your part. Though faced with doing nothing and continuing to get the same, or worse results, in your life. Doing something which requires little energy with a slight, yet powerful, shift mentally is surely noticeable as being a good thing.

To start making real changes, and positive ones at that, discover the simple yet effective way to practice Ho'oponopono. Then start using it to clear through all the challenging areas in your life. Use it regularly, healing and cleaning as you go, and notice amazing changes happening in your life. Discover the wonder of Ho'oponopono cleaning as a daily living practice.