Theta Wave Music – Meditation, Relaxation, Study and More

Theta Wave Music brings you aid with achieving some of the most rewarding states. Getting into Theta wave meditation with greater ease is just one of many reasons to use tracks such as these. Whilst getting the benefits of Theta is important, being able to enjoy what comes their whilst accompanied by melodies and rhythms specially selected to make your journey there more rewarding. Hence the carefully selected and blended musical accompaniment that runs through all the SurgingLife soundtracks which are available to you.

Currently Available Tracks

Theta Wave Music:

Homeostasis – Music For Relaxation And Restoration

Great for relaxation, stress relief and meditation. Also noted to be excellent for use in relaxing before sleep for a quality nights rest.

Theta Wave Music:

Homeostasis – Music For AromaTouch Practitioners

Developed specifically for use with the AromaTouch healing technique by qualified practitioners.

The 4 Key States Of Theta

Through using tracks that have been entrained in this way you can slide with greater ease into the 4 – 8 Hz range and pick up the massive benefits available from the following key states:

Deep Relaxation
Stress Relief
Super Learning

Deep relaxation, stress relief and meditation all link together very closely, when you use the relaxing music or meditative tracks to meditate to you will easily achieve all three things. Though whilst you are doing the first two you may well find yourself slipping into a period of quiet time and contemplation as well.

Meditation done within this state is of the deeper nature. Whilst in Alpha there is an air of lightness to your meditative experience. As you dip down into the deeper brainwave ranges you slide into states that bring about very different results. In the 4 -8 Hz brainwave range you become ever more able to achieve detachment and the deeper levels of peace, calm and insight that come with it. For those seeking that kind of experience theta meditation music is very much recommended.

The brainwaves within this state also bring you the option for enhanced learning and the absorption of knowledge and information in a calm and relaxed manner, hence the “Super Learning” state. Within this state you become more receptive to information than usual, partly due to the ease of the state you are within and its calmer nature. Knowledge flows more readily into your memory and more naturally too. Children spend much of their time in theta through until the age of 7 and this has been deemed by many as to be a part of the reason they learn so fast.

Theta Wave Music - Meditation, Relaxation, Studying and more

Optimised Entrainment

Each entrainment form has brainwave frequencies which it associates with best, for Theta the use of Isochronic tones and Monaural beats elicits the best results. Binaural beats do have an effect though they are more effective in the upper ranges and slip a long way back in terms of effectiveness in the 4 – 8 Hz brainwave range. As such SurgingLife tracks use Isochronic tones and Monaural beats so that you have the optimal brainwave entrainment experience with its Theta Wave Music tracks.

A Quick Note For Listeners

This music contains brainwave entrainment to aid the listener in achieving a state in the Theta brainwave range. Caution should be exercised by the following people:

Pregnant Women
Those prone to seizures

Also those who are on medication or drugs should consult their doctors prior to listening to this music.

The music should be played through quality speakers in order to gain the full effect of the sounds it contains.

The Best Way To Enjoy Theta Wave Music

By ensuring that you use good quality headphones or speakers you will be able to gain the full richness of the sound forms and music within your selected tracks. Then whether you are using these Theta Wave Music soundtracks for meditation, relaxation, stress relief, study or a combination of these things you will be able to get the best results. Just cue the track up when you wish to gain its effects, press play and enjoy the results that come to you.