Guided Chakra Meditation - Cleansing, Balancing & Healing With Ease

SurgingLife Guided Chakra Meditation Cleaning Balancing And Opening With Ease Led By Stephen Frost
Stephen Frost Practising Chakra Meditation

Guided Chakra meditation brings you a far easier opportunity for cleansing, healing, balancing, strengthening and opening your chakras. Through the use of specially developed guided soundtracks led by a good meditation teacher, in this case Stephen Frost, you gain the chance to work on and develop whichever energy centres you wish to at a time which is appropriate to you. So whether you feel it is good for you to meditate morning, noon or night you can and you can do so in a way that has been developed to assure you of gaining the best results.

Currently Available Guided Chakra Meditation Tracks

Samples Of Chakra Meditations That Help With Cleansing, Healing, Balancing And Opening

Chakra Meditation Music That Uses The Chakra Frequencies

Each of the guided meditations have specially developed chakra music to augment and enhance the results you get. Each musical piece has special frequencies embedded within it that are attuned to the chakra frequencies needed to aid you in cleaning, healing, balancing and strengthening the energy centre appropriate to each soundtrack. Meaning that in addition to following along mentally and emotionally with the guidance, you are gaining deeper benefit on an unconscious level too.

Every chakra has specific frequencies which it is linked to, these are set musical notes and there are also Solfeggio frequencies which are linked to each of your chakras too. Each of these soundtracks make use of both of these sets of frequencies in order to give you the best results possible. Each chakra meditation music track is also available separately for those seeking an unguided experience, something which can be good after you have built confidence with your practice.

Deepening Your Experience With Optional Brainwave Entrainment

In addition to the other music based advantages mentioned above each soundtrack has the option of coming to you with special brainwave entrainment. Something which can be very beneficial for anyone looking to go deeper within their meditative practice. This is especially useful for those new to meditating or still developing their practice.

Within the music are special soundwaves which your mind picks up unconsciously and gently comes into sync with. With Theta wave music this means that your brain gently shifts from your normal active state into the 4 to 8 hertz Theta brainwave frequency range, a range that is linked with deep relaxation, stress relief, healing and much more. The Theta state is especially good for deep meditation, ordinarily it can take quite a lot of practice to get into this state, though with entrainment getting into Theta becomes fairly easy and is also incredibly worthwhile.

Getting The Best From Your Chakra Guided Meditations

As with all meditative practice the core elements of comfort and focus are key. Ensure you are comfortable and will remain disturbance free for the duration of the track and you will aid yourself in getting the best from it. You can find more helpful tips on how to meditate here.

The use of the appropriate colour for each energy centre can be helpful to. By using something of the right colour as a focal point visually, or just filling your mind with that colour whilst your eyes are closed can be beneficial. The colours being as follows: Root – Red, Sacral – Orange, Solar Plexus – Yellow, Heart – Green, Throat – Blue, Third Eye – Violet, Crown – White. There are some variations with the chakra colours and more can be found on the appropriate page for each.

The use of essential oils can also help. With oils such as Lavender and Frankincense aiding with relaxation and the attainment of calm, whilst Rosemary can be very beneficial for aiding the mind into a more flowing state that helps you to concentrate better.

Other than that use good quality headphones or speakers with a good quality player so you get the best sound reproduction, and enjoy the flow of whichever Guided Chakra Meditation tracks you feel would be good for you to work with cleansing, healing, balancing and developing your life.