Homeostasis - The Key State In Achieving Quality Living

Homeostasis is a state that few are aware of, and yet its importance is key to all those who wish to truly enjoy their lives and be happy. It is a naturally occurring state, and yet at the same time is one which many people in modern life have serious challenge with attaining. It is one of the key things that the resources and aid aid of SurgingLife helps people to attain with greater ease, and with it easier access to the way of life you desire.

What Is Homeostasis?

According to NIH.Gov the definition is as follows:

“The processes whereby the internal environment of an organism tends to remain balanced and stable.”

It is a naturally occurring phenomenon It is the way nature works to ensure that balance stays in place, such that things work to their greatest effect, and with that they retain optimum health.

If It Is Naturally Occurring Why Do I Need To Do Something To Achieve It?

A good question, and one that derives from the way in which modern life has changed who we are as a species and society. In ideal circumstances life is relatively easy going. As was before when humans coexisted with nature on a more amicable basis life had few stresses and was generally relaxed, though of course there were challenges at times.

As time has drawn on, and “progress” has come with it, humans have heaped higher loads on themselves. Driving for efficiencies in the workplace and cost cutting, all of which has led to higher workloads and increased stress.

The stress that people experience through work then gets translated and its effects generally become spread into the other aspects of life. Stress from relationships mounts too, until something is done about it, for many people this is usually the end of a relationship. Plus stress comes from other sources too, money, family and more depending on the person, their values and their perception of the world.

People get conflicting messages, impetus to be constantly thinking, doing and acquiring via conversations and advertising, plus huge amounts of negative input from the news, television programs, movies and more.

As a society in general there is a huge amount of negativity through the many aspects in existence. That takes people out of balance, and without help to redress balance and a decision to move back into balance weighing off against a constant force of negativity and stress is an uphill struggle.

It is the same with all systems in nature, there is a point of rest and a point of inertia.

At rest everything is in balance, things are calm and simple.

When a high enough degree of force and energy is applied then the point of inertia is overcome and motion occurs. Ordinarily this applies to physical systems and bodies, for example a ball, a rock, a car, a rocket and many other things. A similar principle applies to human nature in terms of mentality, emotions and energies.

Inertia Going Out Of Control

As you have increasing forces due to negativity and stress applied to you a natural point occurs, often defined like terms including “comfort zone”, and the load gets to the point where things your experience of life becomes unpleasant.

The term “comfort zone” is somewhat misleading for many. Indeed it is the zone within which people feeling comfortable, though even at a point of comfort things can be out of balance or moving in a way we are unhappy with. Millions of people continue working in jobs, or maintaining relationships that they are unhappy with, and yet they feel comfortable with them. There is a greater amount of negativity associated with them than positivity, and thus balance is missing.

Why Balance And Homeostasis Is Critical To Fulfilment

When out of balance and experiencing a higher degree of negativity than positivity people become unhappy. With that comes an increased focus on negative things, beliefs about themselves and events and everything within their life. It leads to a spiralling effect which pulls them down, carrying them away from fulfilment and happiness.

By doing something to bring balance back, releasing stress, shifting thoughts,beliefs and values the positive side of the equation can be raised and the spiral re-oriented. Leading to an upward shift, moving yourself up through positivity into happiness and fulfilment. All that you need to do to start effecting this is to start releasing stress and shifting your thoughts into the positive.

How To Aid Your Achievement Of Balance

Things like meditation and ho'oponopono are a great way to aid yourself in bringing balance back into your life. Through meditation you can bring stillness and calm to yourself, balancing of the rush and chaos which is often around. By doing ho'oponopono, as part of daily experience or within meditation, you can cleanse away negativity, thought forms and states that take you into negative places. Ho'oponopono is a wonderful, and incredibly simple way for people to create massive positive change within their lives, and at the same time it is incredibly simple and easy to do.

Relaxation For Promoting Balance And Unity

Proper relaxation, allowing your mind to come to a point of calm, much as with meditation, is an incredibly powerful thing. People often believe that within meditation the goal is to completely clear their mind of all thought, that though is just the goal of the Rinzai school of Zen. Other forms of Zen have different states, the Soto school for example achieving a detachment from thoughts, purely observing them as they are allowed to flow freely is the goal. Beyond this there are many forms of meditating, sitting with a coffee looking out of the window and just taking in the world can be a meditation.

Being in that kind of state where you can just let go and allow your mind to release, release such that the flow becomes clear and positive is a good thing.

Getting into Alpha brainwaves will bring you a light degree of relaxation,and moving into Theta brings a far deeper level of relaxation within which a high degree of stress relief can occur. Things like brainwave entrainment can help you to achieve these things with ease.

Help Yourself To Get The Way Of Living You Desire And Achieve Homeostasis

There are many resources available through SurgingLife, all of which have been designed and developed to aid you in achieving balance and a greater quality of life. Through all the various sections there are techniques and things to help you. If you are looking for a single point to start from though then the best way is via Homeostasis Music For Relaxation And Restoration, it has been specifically developed to aid in the achievement of that state and is a powerful resource for those who use it. Also there is a version that was specifically developed with help from Aromatherapy practitioners in Kobe, Japan for deepening the opportunity for achieving the state with the AromaTouch™ treatment, that version is available as Music For AromaTouch™ practitioners.

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