Binaural Beats Rhythms Created Within Your Mind

Binaural Beats are likely the most well known of the various types of audio brainwave entrainment methods. The reason for this is that compared to the other types they are relatively easy to create, they do require special audio software to generate them though. To be effective they do require use of good headphones, or high quality ear phones.

Why Do Binaural Beats Require Headphones?

The reason for this is that they are generated by sending slightly different soundwaves to each ear. Basically you have different, yet very similar, sounds in each ear.

For example if you want to create a 10 Hertz alpha brainwave entrainment you create to sound waves which have a 10 Hertz difference. One way this can be done is by playing a frequency of 90 Hertz in the left ear, and 100 Hertz in the right ear. So you have 100 – 90 = 10, i.e. the two sounds are different by 10 Hertz. Your brain compensates for this by resolvng the difference internally, thus your mind creates a 10 Hertz bridge, a Binaural Beat.

It's All In Your Mind

So what is actually happening is that a difference is generated within the soundtrack which causes your mind to compensate and as a result entrain.

Generating two slightly different sounds that cause this effect is in many ways simple. The challenge is doing it in a way that actually sounds good to you. If you listen to a lot of the available Binaural Beats tracks available in different places, especially free ones, they are a little like white noise, they sound less than pleasant to the ear. They will help you, though getting a good sound will help you achieve more from them.

When you are using tracks which actually sound good, rather than being purely functional, you achieve deeper results. When the track sounds good you enjoy it, and when you enjoy something you achieve more from it. It is the same with studying, work, and everything in life, when you enjoy it you do better as a result.

So by using tracks that have been carefully crafted, which sound pleasant and enjoyable to you, you will slide into the states with greater ease and entrain faster as your resistance is lower. You naturally flow with greater ease when things feel good to you. It may all be in the mind, it may be something you are doing for a functional reason, your results will be better when you are enjoying it though.

Which Binaural Beats Are Best?

Everyone has different tastes and things they wish to achieve. The question is what do you wish to achieve? Once you know that you can start checking through the relevant things. Of course checking through various pages and sections is likely to unearth things you may as yet be waiting to discover in terms of things that will help you.

Check through the pages, listen to the various samples, think about how you wish your life to be, of things you wish to alter or enhance. Then make your decisions from there. For many people one of the best things to start off with is relaxation an stress relief. Being able to use mp3 tracks that naturally sound relaxing, and have the additional brainwave entrainment to help you release stress faster is a very powerful thing. Whatever you wish to enhance and achieve, enjoy the power that is available to you through the Binaural Beats available here.