Inspirational Stories To Help You Change Your Life

Inspirational stories come from all walks of life. Whilst fictional works can provide good sources of inspiration, following the life or plight of a character, tales drawn from actual experience can be far stronger. When we take in the energy, and often passion, brought by something that another person has lived through the meaning of the story reaches a different level. Granted we all look at things differently. Our values and beliefs cause us to value experiences differently. With fortune the things you seek are held here within. Our own experiences are of course the strongest. Sometimes though we feel the need to know what others have done and experienced in order to raise our own lives up to higher levels, and that it what this is all about.

You Set Your Limits In Life

When you have inspiration and take control of your life everything becomes possible. The only thing that can ever hold you back is yourself, usually through listening to what others believe, and through talking yourself down. When you cast such things aside, listen to your heart and go for it in a decisive, positive and joyful way amazing things happen.

Countless people get talked into less than they desire of life. That happens in innumerable ways. For some people it is through thoughts of how a disability limits their life, be that physical, mental or emotional. The only limitation you face in life is self imposed. Listen to some of the fantastic stories of people overcoming odds and achieving amazing things in the Inspirational Talks section.

4 Different People, 4 Different Stories, 4 People That Overcame The Odds

Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson who had challenges at school due to dyslexia, went on to create a vast number of successful companies including Virgin Airlines which was heavily challenged at the outset as British Airways wished to be competition free. He never let anything hold him back, he overcame a multitude of obstacles and has become hugely successful. He lives an inspirational and joyful life, and from all accounts of people who know him he is a really good guy.

David Goggins

David Goggins is a man for who takes physical challenges totally in his stride, literally. In under 4 years he completed 30 endurance races, these comprised of races such as ultramarathons, ultratriathalons, and mountain ascents. All of which are exceedingly tough, ultra marathons range between 50 and 161 kilometers (31 to 100 miles) in length. He is among the top 20 ultramarathon runner in the world. In 2007 he completed the 48 hour National Championship race, covering 327.43 kilometers (203.5 miles) which beat the previous record by 32.18 Kilometers (20 miles), just after achieving this he was diagnosed as having a hole in the heart.

J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling is much heralded for her success with the Harry Potter series, a collection of books and films that are loved by people the world over. She was acclaimed by Forbes in 2004 as the first person to become a billionaire in U.S. dollars from writing books. She graduated from the university of Exeter in 1986, in 1993 she was penniless and mothering a child on her own following a broken marriage, though she felt liberated. At that time she had written only the first 3 chapters of the first Harry Potter book, she wrote the rest in grasped opportunities when her daughter was asleep and she had some free time. She persisted on from the depths of what occured in 1993, and has become was of the most influential people of modern times.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Sir Ranulph Fiennes is an a man who pushes boundaries in an incredibly way. He was the first man to fully cross the Antarctic on foot, as well as being the first man to visit both North and South poles entirely by surface means. He climbed Mount Everest when he was 65. In 2003 he ran 7 marathons in 7 countries over the 7 continents in 7 days as part of the Land Rover 7x7x7 challenge, all following a heart attack and double heart bypass surgery just 4 months prior. These are just a few of his accomplishments. Proof that when the mind is willing anything can become possible.

This is a diverse group of people. Their stories hold a few common points, whilst the details also hold great contrast on many counts. The short of it though is that they all persisted. They held true to themselves and overcame what could be considered great odds. More on these and others like them can be found in the Inspiring People section.

Master Your Life By Believing In Yourself

All of their stories can translate to you and your life. Whatever you think is the problem in your life, you can overcome it. Within you is the solution to all things. The best thing you can do to carry yourself forward is believe in yourself. Once you do that, truly do that, everything is possible. So enjoy the stories and interviews which appeal to you, and draw on inspiration that will aid you in transforming your life. Enjoy.