Mental Blocks How Overcoming Them Is Critical To You

SurgingLife - Mental Blocks How Overcoming Them Is Critical To YouMental blocks come to everyone at different times in life. Sometimes they are seemingly small little things, forgetting where your keys are, or a word you need so that you can… express yourself properly. Sometimes it seems things just hang as a blank envelopes your entire mind. Other times the issues created can be far more extreme, blocking your ability to communicate your message to the world or holding you back from developing the success, the business, the relationship and the happiness you dream of enjoying. Overcoming such mental blocks is critical and there are a variety of things you can do, each with varying effects according to the energy and commitment you put in.

What Causes A Mental Block?

There are a huge number of things that can trigger a mental block. They all boil down to the same thing though. There is something within your mind, on a values or beliefs level, right down at the core of your mind, that causes everything in your life to happen in the way it does. So when you hit that wall and the block is staring you down there is something from within that has caused it to happen.

All of this happens on an unconscious level, you just happen to experience the fallout on a conscious level. There are various things similar in nature that happen and you are completely unaware of them. Your unconscious filters a huge amount of information on a constant basis, consciously you would overload if you were aware of everything coming in through your senses. Pair this up with the fact that you are living and thinking, and that your unconscious has to run your body as well as shape your awareness and perception of external events and you begin to get an impression of how much your unconscious actually does moment to moment.

Mental blocks come up due to the way your mind is wired. Every thought you have triggers neurological responses. Neurons flash into action and electrical pulses flow along neural pathways as a result of the thoughts and emotions which come up. The more you reinforce a thought, including that which leads to a physical action, the stronger that neural pathway becomes. Every repetition makes it stronger and stronger.

The Effects Of These Neural Pathways

Your unconscious is basically unaware of whether a thought, belief or value is negative. It is just working with the best information it has and doing its best to help you live your life effectively. As such it develops your neurology in such a way that supports what it believes will aid you best. This can be great when you are reinforcing positive beliefs and abilities that empower you to achieve more and be happier. Yet when it comes to dis-empowering beliefs about yourself and your abilities it can be an issue.

As an example if you have had the thought that your memory is poor and that you forget things a few times or more, then your unconscious will have developed beliefs and neurology around that. Thus at points in time you can then have issues with things like remembering where your keys are, it is just your unconscious mind giving you more evidence that fits with your belief structure. It never meant any harm.

Deeper Effects That Can Come

Alongside this if you have thoughts or beliefs about your ability to communicate or be heard, well you can likely understand where this is going. Your unconscious will create the appropriate evidence for those thoughts and beliefs. Ergo mental blocks and issues around communication. These blockages of thought can go even wider and deeper too.

In that everything in your life is thought driven blockages can affect anything. When you are under stress these effects become amplified too. Under stressful conditions your body secretes a chemical called cortisol in order to give you more energy to overcome things, something based on previous states whereby stress was caused by the perception of physical dangers. Under modern conditions this becomes less helpful, especially in light of the fact that cortisol is a neuro-inhibitor, that is it blocks neurological signals and reduces cognitive function. As such causing reduced performance on a number of levels, and compounding the issue created by any dis-empowering beliefs and programming existing within your mind.

So How Do You Overcome These Issues?

Ideally cleaning out any and all dis-empowering thoughts, beliefs and values is the first step. Unless you have had certain training this can be incredibly challenging, most people are completely unaware of how to dig into their unconscious to root out the various causes. Hence the reason that many people either opt for partial solutions like the use of affirmations or seek out professional help. Whilst affirmations can indeed be good for installing empowering thoughts and beliefs unless the dis-empowering ones are removed the potential exists for opposing views to be held within the mind. Thus leading to a stalemate of thought and the potential for what effectively becomes a type of mental paralysis, the result being far from pleasant.

Self Change Opportunities

The use of Mindfulness and Vipassana meditative techniques can be incredibly useful. These both bring you the opportunity for increased clarity and awareness, thus enabling you to get to the heart of an issue and then clean out the root cause. Getting to this level of ability does take practice and a certain amount of commitment. The more you are willing to practice during the good times the easier you will find it if anything happens in the future. Jumping straight in when you are in the middle of an issue without prior practice will produce limited results though. Cultivating a good practice also produces other benefits such as improved healing which is well worth anyone’s while.

Ho’oponopono is another technique which brings the opportunity for cleaning out dis-empowering thoughts and beliefs. The practice running such that the moment you become aware of something that is out of line with what you desire you begin running through the mantra and using the various aspects open to you from the technique. The belief being that in doing so you overwrite and clean the issue at the source. Something which has been proven to be effective by a great many people. Again it requires a good amount of practice in order to produce the best results and complete beginners can find it challenging to clean out major issues if they have only just started.

Overcoming Mental Blocks With Lightning Speed

The opportunity does exist for overcoming mental blocks with lightning like speed. This does require getting help, unless you already have a very particular skill set that is in which case likely reading this is just a point of interest for you. This type of high speed mental and emotional change work is the realm of specialist coaching techniques like NLP. Granted getting help like this is unlikely your best option if you have lost your keys, unless you are good friends with a certified master practitioner and can give them a quick call. When you are having serious blocks preventing you from moving your life in a certain direction, or holding you back from achieving something then the help becomes incredibly valuable and the opportunities it brings can be truly breathtaking.

Mitigating Stress Is Also Beneficial

SurgingLife - Mental Blocks How Overcoming Them Is Critical To YouAs mentioned above stress has major implications for your psychological health and your ability to think and function effectively. So for anyone serious about having their mind in optimum condition, and clearing off the effects of cortisol then proper stress release is essential. There are of course a multitude of ways you can do this, yoga is good, various holistic techniques provide merit too. Meditation is likely the best way to release stress though, something which it has been shown to do time and again in numerous studies. So building up a regular practice, even if you are just starting out with a few minutes a day is a good thing. In doing so you open yourself up to some seriously amazing benefits that go beyond just pure stress relief.

Why Overcoming Mental Blocks Is Critical To You

In short you can understand now that mental blocks come about as a combination of mental and emotional factors along with the effects of stress mixed in. Whilst they can cause seemingly small issues, at first that is, left unchecked those incidents and the thoughts that come from them can spiral into much larger issues. As such having a major impact on your ability to function effectively across the spectrum of things you do in your life. Through work, love, friendships, finances the, ability to communicate, creating success and so many other things. In short mental blocks can build into things which massively affect your ability to enjoy life.

Wise Steps To Empower Yourself To Be Effective And Enjoy Life

Clearing stress is always one of the first things I recommend. So building up a good mind-body practice using techniques such as meditation and relaxing yoga is always a good first step. I many ways meditation is your best course of action in this respect as it can be practised anywhere and even if you only have a couple of minutes you can still close your eyes, breathe and come to a point of peace inside.

Developing strong abilities with Mindfulness, Vipassana and Ho’oponopono is also incredibly worthwhile. When you get to a high level of skill and proficiency with them you can cleanse issues as you go regardless of when they come up. That said they do require practice and that is built up over time.

So if you are experiencing unpleasant issues that you wish to be clear of as quickly as possible then getting professional help in the form of high quality coaching is something that would serve you well. Having the help of a skilled coach helping you to achieve the breakthroughs you seek and cleaning up the issues hidden in your unconscious is something that can provide massive life change in a very short period of time. Taking you to a point where you can easily focus on getting the best from your business, relationships, communications and so much more. Plus vitally, achieving a far higher degree of joyful living!

Stephen Frost
Stephen Frost

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