Breakthrough Coaching – Single Day Total Life Change

Breakthrough Coaching Follow Your Flow

Breakthrough coaching is the go to for those who are have built up serious issues in life and are either on the verge of breakdown or within a breakdown. These sessions bring serious, deep, lasting and highly effective positive life change in a single day. So if that sounds like the kind of assistance you are in need of then read on.

Your Current State Emotionally And Mentally

So what is your current state? On an emotional and mental level what is your experience of life and living? Do you relish the life you have? Or are you shy away and closing down from the wonderful things life has to offer? Can you even discern that there is good in life? Or are you at a point where everything feels oppressive and you desperately need positive change in your life?

Breakthrough coaching is centred around getting you that rapid change. The entire purpose of booking a session is to release and let go of everything that has been causing a problem in your life.

We are talking about years and years of built up stress, tension and negative emotion that are bogging you down and making life unbearable.

The Straw That Broke The Camels Back

Often people look to analyse their lives and home in on one thing which they think is responsible for things like this. That is almost never the case.

These types of issues are the result of cumulative build up. Yes, cumulative. Unless stress and negative emotions; anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt for example, are released they end up compacting. The build up on top of each other. All of which happens on an unconscious level and yet leads to the conscious experience of stress, tiredness and a decreasing will to enjoy or even live life. The one thing that people home in on is effectively the straw that broke the camels back. Was it entirely responsible?

Far from it, it was the cumulative effect of everything together. In order to rebuild you and carry you to a point where you are able to feel joy and your zest for life and living returns this is the task we flow through during your breakthrough coaching session. We work together to release everything which has compounded over your entire life.

Breakthrough Coaching A Cathartic Psychological Cleansing

All thought and emotion occurs on a psychological level. There is nothing physical to it. So releasing it is all based on a decision. Once you have made that decision and you are flowing through the process of breakthrough coaching you can achieve a truly cathartic cleansing on a psychological level.

This is what awaits you. This is a full release and yet there is even more to it. Cleansing and release on a psychological level is only part of what you experience. Going back into life, the same situations with the same old patterns of thought and thinking would have you in a position where you are just building up for another similar breakdown. So we work together to circumvent that.


Clarity, Belief Change And Empowerment

Everything that happens to you in your life is a product of your thinking, your beliefs and your values. In accepting that you then empower yourself by accepting full responsibility for everything that happens in your life. Why is this such a beautifully powerful thing for you?

Because in accepting this model of the world you internalise the problems you have experienced. In doing so the solutions also HAVE to be internal too. That is how you empower yourself here. If the problems are external then the solutions are too, as such it may be impossible to achieve a resolution speedily, or even at all. When the issues are internal all that is required is release followed by values and belief changes, and all of that can be quick. 1 day quick.

On top of the change work that is undertaken during the session in the form of release as well as values and belief changes you are given other resources to empower yourself. These additional resources which can include techniques such as meditation and ho'oponopono, serve to aid you with keeping lighter and clearer on the emotional and mental levels. They aid you to release things with ease after you have left the session at the end of the day, and if you commit to using them regularly then they can aid you live joyfully for the rest of your life with a great degree of ease.

Breakthrough Coaching Let Go And Be Free

Is Total Positive Life Change In 1 Day Truly Possible?

Absolutely. If you are unsure about this then check through these testimonials.

Steve Frost is an awesome breakthrough coach. His tenacity, intelligence and skill ensured that I had the key breakthrough I have needed for a long time. He enabled me to let go of some major limiting beliefs, release frustrating and negative emotions from the past and really get myself on track. Steve has the intuitive capacity to ask just exactly the right question at just the right time and he uncovered the root cause of my difficulties. Every area of my life has benefited from the hours I spent with Steve. I thoroughly recommend his services

W. Thomas

My breakthough session has enabled me to let go of my fears and therefore travel towards my goals with more confidence and determination whilst feeling less stressed. It has been an extremely positive experience. Although hard work and exhausting at the time, now I am experiencing the goals planned into my time-line in actuality. I am much happier, confident, secure and focused. I love my life despite the everyday obstacles because I have visualised my direction and destinations along the journey.


This type of change has been experienced by many clients the world over. Clients who have been on the verge of or in nervous breakdown prior to the start of the breakthrough coaching session. By the end of the day they have been through reset, released that which held them back and empowered themselves with new thinking and resources which have enabled them to move on and live life in a joyful way. How do we know this?

That would be because we follow up with clients for a long time post session. Plus the testimonials speak for themselves. People never write those sorts of things unless they have been through an amazing and dramatic change in life for which they are incredibly grateful.

NLP, Time Line Therapy, MER And Other Special Techniques

The reason you can experience such deep and lasting positive life change during your session is down to the type of techniques used to help you release and over come the various mental and emotional issues that you have stored up.

To do this techniques including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy (TLT also known as MER) and hypnosis are used as appropriate by the Master Practitioner guiding you through your life changing breakthrough process. These techniques are further augmented by other special techniques on an as needed basis, all of which is brought together in a manner to aid you achieve positive life change and empower you into attaining joyful living.

1 Day Breakthrough Coaching – Complete Positive Life Change

So what is included in the package?

Your Next Step

If you are serious about doing this and truly committed to changing your life on a holistic level that sets you up with the ability to live joyfully and freely in the manner you desire then get in contact.

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

Please only get in contact if you are truly ready to commit to achieving complete life change and opening up your ability to live joyfully.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

Note that this will require a number of things from you and unless you commit and take personal responsibility then there is zero point in working together. You will find out more when we talk.

These sessions are one to one and in person. The follow up calls are via phone or Skype, the actual core session is always in person and is likely to be with the lead coach Stephen Frost. This requires travel to wherever you are in the world. Unless you come to us. Again this will all be discussed in you initial consultation during which the appropriateness of doing the session will be decided.

These sessions do bring incredible life change for those who fully commit and follow through fully. If you are committed to that and will do so freely of you own will then we look forward to working with you and changing your life during your breakthrough coaching session so that you can truly live joyfully.