Vipassana Achieving Clarity In All Things

Vipassana comes from Buddhism, a spiritual area that many people are finding increasingly greater rapport with. The word Vipassana is all about "clear seeing" and the ability to see things as they really are, to cut through the mundane around events and things, and achieve a greater vision of all things.

What Can It Do For You?

Well in that the meaning is all about clear vision one of the main ways it can aid you is via the cleansing of negative emotions. So as something to help you with personal development, it has incredible value.

As you work with this form of being and meditating you discover how easily you are able to see past the shallow depths of events that most people become entrenched in. You become able to find true meaning within things. More importantly you discover to greater depths how it is that you are creating your world around you. Thus bringing you incredible personal growth.

This later point is most important. The way that you are creating your world around you. We all do it, on a conscious or unconscious level, we all impact the world in which we live. We all create cause and effect via our thoughts, actions and communication. Everything you do, however big or small, has an impact on the world in which you live. This can be as much as choosing your next job or place to live, yet goes down to the subtleties of a single word whispered in someones ear. Or even the thoughts deepest in your mind. The ones you never share with others, yet breed there within you, altering your perception of the world around you.

As you develop clearer vision, on a mental, emotional and spiritual level these perceptions can shift. Transforming into ways that they empower you in a better way. A way that enables you to achieve the true enjoyment of life that you seek.

How Do I Bring Vipassana Into My Daily Life?

This is something that is incredibly easy to do. One of the main things involved is being mindful of your breathing and your body. Yes, Vipassana and Mindfulness are incredibly closely related, in context to their origins that is. Mindfulness is related to awareness and also comes from Buddhist origins, whereby the enlightenment brought through awareness helps the individual transcend the mundane issues many get drawn too heavily into. Whilst both come from distinct Buddhist origins many now choose to view them in a spiritual way, one which helps them on that spiritual level in a manner that they can operate free from doctrine and dogma. Mindfulness has seen a transition forged forward by Jon Kabat-Zinn in recent years, more of which can be found within the relevant section.

As previously mentioned the word Vipassana itself has meaning all around the perspective of clear vision and seeing things from a point of clarity for what is real and true. Within the various texts that hold the origins you find the word Samatha closely mentioned. The meaning of Samatha being about tranquility. As such bringing the two together through meditative practice and life choice you are then achieving states of calmness and clarity, something which benefits everyone within life.

In terms of the actual practice of Vipassana, and bringing the whole thing into your life in a meaningful way this is where Vipassana Meditation comes in.