Music For Improving Wellbeing

Music has a notable effect on people, the effect being dependent upon a number of musical characteristics as well as the preferences, mindset and emotional state of the listener. It has been widely noted that music with a fast tempo causes people to speed up what they are doing, and that conversely slow tempo pieces cause people to slow down. This is very much along the principle of entrainment first noted by Christian Huggens in 1666, as with clocks people tend to fall into rhythm with their environment.

This principle is used actively within brainwave entrainment and brainwave music, though it can also be beneficial in terms of musical choices on the whole. Whereby slower tempo pieces can be used to aid with relaxation, healing and sleep amongst other things.

Indeed one of the things cited by University of Edinburgh professor Raymond A. R. MacDonald in his report titled “Music, health, and well-being: A review” is that “One of the principle reasons we listen to music is for mood regulation and in this way music can be considered an informal type of self-medicated therapy.” whilst in conclusion he goes on to state:

“While there is still much to learn about the process and outcomes of well-being-related music interventions, it is a field of practice and research that has major contributions to make in positively influencing key aspects of health. Qualitative research methods have much to contribute to this process since these approaches facilitate the exploration of the subjective and phenomenological aspects of musical experience and it is these very individual aspects of musical life that lie at the heart of why music has powerful beneficial effects upon health.”

Relaxing, Calming And Healing Music

In terms of regulating wellbeing and promoting good health slow tempos and gentle music aid us with a calming effect that promotes relaxation, from which point healing can occur to a greater level than when tension and stress are present within the body and mind. The state and natural process to be aiming for is that of homeostasis, which in short is all about body and mind along with internal processes coming into balance. Which you achieve best within a relaxed state.

For that reason it is worth using the following resources on a daily basis to aid your mind and body in coming into balance:

Relaxing Music: For aiding you with stress relief and release, achieving peace and also to aid sleep.

Calming Music: To help ease away anxiety, depression and other adverse mental/emotional states.

Healing Music: For when you wish to promote healing of whatever type within yourself.

Sleep Music: Aiding you into deeper rest with greater ease and comfort.

Study Music: Aiding you to acquire learning faster, with greater focus and in a greater state of relaxation.

Solfeggio Frequencies And Solfeggio Music

The Solfeggio frequencies have been known of for centuries, during which time they have been used by those that were aware of them to enact positive change from within via music and chanting. Made famous by the Gregorian monks they have gained a degree of acceptance as being both good and uplifting for those that listen to them.

Solfeggio music has as a result become more and more widely used, with people keen to gain the personal development benefits of listening to the harmonics used by monks for so long. These special frequencies have been layered with many of the SurgingLife soundtracks and guided meditations due to the effect they have, they create a deeper and more holistic effect to aid you in achieving the results you desire and especially with the achievement of joyful living.

Two Tips To Increase The Positive Effects Of Music

These various types of music can all bring you wonderful benefits, that is for certain. It is possible for you to increase their effects too. One such way to do so is through the practice of meditation. Taking timely calmly with your mind to come to a point of peace, either while you use the various types of melody or at a separate time. Whatever you wish to use your musical resources to aid in your life meditating can perform a helpful addition. As a baseline it is a very effective aid to stress relief, in addition it also helps to improve memory, concentration and focus, as well as a range of other things. You can discover more about the benefits of meditation here.

Using ho'oponopono whilst with your musical accompaniments can also bring incredible benefit. As  a tool for cleaning up life, memories and thoughts it is very powerful. Clearing away negativity and enabling your heart and mind to flow to a point of calm and neutrality, as such enabling you to relax more effectively, heal in a greater manner and importantly achieve a far higher level of joyful living.

Getting The Best Of Wellbeing And Personal Development In Your Life With Music

The popular

The popular "Homeostasis - Music for Relaxation & Restoration"

Using the pieces and tracks that appeal to you is a great thing to do, indeed using them regularly can be good. Checking on your motivation for listening to them is a good thing to do, when doing so, search through your mind and ensure it is for your most positive gain and growth.

Sometimes it can be good to listen to musical pieces that you feel less attracted too. At times certain things can lack appeal as your unconscious is aware that through listening, doing, encountering them will bring a change within on a healing level that initially causes discomfort. If you have the impression that this is the case, and you truly wish to live a happy and joyful life, then consider pushing past the initial feeling in order to allow yourself to expand into great joy and wellbeing within your life.

Whatever you wish to use music for in you life wellbeing wise SurgingLife wishes you fortune and happiness with it. Enjoy the resources that are right for you and that you believe would be good for you. Use them regularly and enjoy the expansion and joyful living that comes as a result.

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