The Simple Candle Meditation Technique And Its Benefits

The candle meditation technique is incredibly simple and a great way to start meditating or deepen your practice, as such making it good for both complete novices and more advanced pratitioners. In order to do it a candle is required and a safe place to place it while lit, alternatively you can use the meditation video here.

How To Do It

Place your candle where you can comfortably hold the tip of its flame at eye level, and where it will be safe when lit. Having done so adjust yourself into a comfortable seated position, be that on a chair, cross legged or lotus. Allow yourself to begin to relax, and then light your candle.

Take your attention to the tip of the candles flame. Focus on the very tip of the flame and relax. Allow yourself to just breathe steadily in and out as you concentrate on the flame. As you concentrate just allow you mind to relax, if any thoughts come to mind just see them flowing into the flame and disappearing. As your thoughts disappear your mind becomes ever calmer and more at ease with each passing moment.

5 minutes or so as a starting time is good, and from there you can expand and extend as you feel is good for you.

Benefits Of Doing The Candle Meditation

Alongside the usual benefits of meditation there are a few things which are key to those learning how to meditate effectively.

Enhancing Your Ability To Focus

By holding your attention on the tip of the flame whilst you are gazing at the candle you work on developing your concentration skills. The tip gives you a focal point which is very easy to keep due in part to its warmth and light, thus aiding you to maintain your focus for longer than you might be capable of without such a focal point.

Naturally Deepens Your Calm

Candles are also noted and used by many for their stress relief properties. There is something naturally relaxing and calming about them. As such this helps you further as your time spent holding focus on the flame is one which draws you into a deeper meditative state and a calmer state of mind due to its inherently relaxing nature.

In addition to the naturally relaxing effect of the candle the fact that you are releasing thoughts from your mind, and the stress that accompanies them, helps you to flow into a more peaceful and calmer state. Beyond just relaxing your are helping yourself to be at ease for longer through the release of stress and negative thoughts, as they disappear your mind gently flows back to the zero state at which living joyfully just happens naturally.

Enhancing Your Ability To Meditate Effectively

The candle meditation is a great way to enhance your ability to meditate, in part because it is so easy and naturally relaxing. Ensure that you have a good candle and a safe place for it to be while you are meditating on it and you have the makings of developing your practice with ease. Whilst silence is good for many people it is non-essential, if you wish to further enhance your state of mind through the use of brainwave entrainment or meditation music then please feel free to. You can combine it with aromatherapy too for an even deeper and more holistic effect.