Free Guided Meditation 15 Minutes Of Breathing Meditation

Free guided meditation to help you become calm and achieve positive life change through being at peace and releasing stress in a short period of time. This 15 minutes of guided meditative breathing is something which comes to you as a gift from SurgingLife.Com so that you can achieve wonderful and cleansing relaxation with ease, and discover how to change your life in a joyful way using the various resources available here.

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How To Use This 15 Minute Breathing Meditation

This is a piece that can be used anywhere that you can sit peacefully and safely. Ideally at home, though even in the office on a break, or on a bus, train or plane can be ok. As long as you are able to shut out the outside world, and allow yourself to truly become calm then you are good.

Free Guided Meditation 15 Minutes Of Meditative Breathing

It is ideal for times of high stress, anxiety or tension. Though it can also be happily used when you wish to deepen a state of relaxation you have achieved further, or to gain some much needed revitalisation. Going through the breathing exercise that you do within this guided meditative exercise brings you a large number of very positive health benefits. Tap into and enjoy them freely to enhance your life.

What Deep Breathing Does For Your Life And Your State Of Health

Deep breathing is well known for inducing a state of calm rapidly. By breathing deeply you slow your breathing, you also draw a larger amount of oxygen into your lungs. As your breathing slows your heart rate slows too. Yet with the increased amount of oxygen your draw in your body stays well nourished.

As your pulse slows your body moves to a greater point of calm and relaxation. Your muscles and your mind naturally relax. The longer you continue breathing deeply and steadily the deeper your calm extends. Your mind clears and you feel healthier and more at peace with it.

You will also find that having practised this for 15 minutes that you feel more energy within you, enabling you to carry on with your day or night in a more joyful and positive frame of mind. During the day this energy helps you to do the various tasks you have. At night your body can use it to restore and repair itself more effectively whilst you sleep.

Deep breathing in this way helps you to become calm with great ease, it is incredibly good for your overall health and energises you in an empowering way too. It is one of the simplest yet most positively powerful things you can do for your health and wellbeing.

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Getting The Best Results With This Free Guided Meditation

The best results come from regular practice and immersion. By immersing yourself in this practice you will achieve more from it. By being able to focus on it totally, clearing out anything happening background wise, you become able to achieve a deeper level of focus and with it calm. Enabling you to relax more deeply and release stress, tension and anxiety more effectively. You go into deeper meditation when you are able to focus fully on the practice.

Through regular practice you naturally deepen your ability too. Every time you use this track and practice with it, you become able to take yourself deeper with it. Being able to meditate deeply makes it easier for you to attain stress relief, and indeed avoid stress more effectively in the first place.

So use the video and download the mp3 too if you wish, and practice with this free guided meditation from SurgingLife.Com a gift to help you attain great health and wellbeing. Every time you enjoy time practising with it you will notice more and more how to change your life in positive ways with great ease. This 15 minutes of meditative breathing can bring wonderful benefits across various elements of your life. Using it regularly is a great step to helping yourself to enjoy life fully and joyfully.