Meditation And What To Do When The World Gets Too Much

SurgingLife - Meditation And What To Do When The World Gets Too Much - CrowdsMeditation as we all know provides an amazing source of relief from the various sources of stress in the world. It brings us solace in times of greatest need and the sense of peace and clarity which can enable us to move forward with our lives in a more effective and happier manner. Though can the world ever get to much? If it can what do you then do? How soon should you learn how to meditate?

Relevance Of The Source

One of the many things heard when people talk about the stress in their lives is how there is nothing they can do about it. The “fact” that this source of stress is beyond their control and they are unable to do anything. It is just the way it is. Though is this ever really true?

Often when we have something that is that strong. Coming from a source where the perception is that action is impossible, the truth is that we feel that acknowledging options could lead to further problems. We allow problems to escalate, and people to walk over us as other things seem to difficult or unpleasant to even contemplate.

Generally we all want those around us to be happy and for things to go smoothly. So “rocking the boat” and doing something becomes largely inconceivable. Thus the situations perpetuate until things reach breaking point, and then the question becomes in what way things break and what happens from there. The source of the stress is irrelevant, your ability to deal with it and overcome it is all that matters.

The Role Of Meditation At These Times

One of the key things that comes from your meditative practice is the ability to become calm and flow to a point of ease. Whilst you are stressed and wound up you are effectively your own worst enemy. The cortisol that is produced under stress works as a neuro-inhibitor and results in reduced cognitive ability, amongst many other things. Whilst this is in place your ability to gain clarity is blocked and you are at a disadvantage when it comes to dealing with things.

Thus meditation becomes a powerful ally. The time you spend with your chosen technique helps you to release the tension and gain stress relief. Clarity can begin to emerge. In addition to this comes the effect it has on cortisol production, it causes it to diminish.

Cortisol is produced directly as a result of the experience of stress. It is the way your body helps you fuel yourself with higher energy so that you can take action, take flight or fight out of a threatening situation. It is perhaps of great us under physically life threatening situations, though under emotional and mental stresses it is an incredible hindrance. So meditating to bring yourself a measure of peace and calm is your best first action in many ways.

But What Do You Do If Things Are Too Hectic

Doing nothing is never an answer. If you do nothing, take no action, allow things to just be as they are then you are effectively permitting them to escalate and continue. Sometimes you have to break free, even if just for a short time, so that you can bring yourself to a point of calm. After all your health is the most important thing.

The Impact On Your Health

SurgingLife - Meditation And What To Do When The World Gets Too Much - EaseWhilst many people rank their physical health as being most important, it is realistically your mental and emotional health which are of premier importance. The psychological aspect of your health forms a central point from which everything else radiates out.

When under stress, when feeling emotionally and mentally wrung out people become far less healthy physically. When people are injured and under stress they heal less effectively. Yet when people are truly happy and at ease with the world they exhibit excellent health. Hold back on judgement and thinking about how some people are truly happy and yet ill, those people are the only ones who know their inner mind and true state. Outward appearances can be deceptive. Your psychological health is critical to your overall state of wellness. So breaking free of unpleasant situations is a good thing at times, regardless of what other people may say of duty and such things.

If you are unfit, unhealthy and unable to look after yourself effectively then how can you look after others effectively?

Take time, go somewhere away from things and be at peace with yourself. Allow your mind to come to ease and calm and then, after your stress has abated contemplate the situation and what to do. Once you are at ease and feel better, or even good about things return and do something.

Meditating Your Way Out

Even if you have massive commitments, family, business, whatever, sometimes you have to take time away, for your good and for everyone else’s too. Going off on holiday on your own will do little to help, you might forget about things if you are lucky for a short time, though they will keep coming back.

Though taking a few hours, or perhaps a day out, relaxing down and allowing the stress and tension to ease, then meditating on the issue will massively help you. There are a variety of techniques that can help you, all in different ways.

Ho’oponopono Meditation For Forgiveness

The ho’oponopono meditation for forgiveness works on the premise that through forgiving everyone in your life that you return to a point of zero. In that the outward world is a reflection of your inner state this means that by cleansing your inner thoughts, you cleanse the outside world too. As such many of the issues you experience ebb and flow away. Allowing your life to return to calm and ease. This is of course dependent on your thoroughness.

Done properly and deeply, it has massive effect. Dr. Hew Len is famous for being the last psychologist at an infamous Hawaiian mental hospital, he never saw any of his patients, he just practiced ho’oponopono and shared the technique with staff. Over time all the issues there abated and it came to the point where the establishment ceased to be required. Powerful, though takes commitment and regular thorough practice to be so effective.

Mindfulness Meditation – Detachment And Release

Mindfulness is also incredibly good, largely due to the level of detachment it can bring practitioners. What often starts out as mindfulness meditation, focusing on detachment and just allowing thoughts to pass without interacting with them, can transition into a way of life. Detaching the emotion that so many cling to from unpleasantness, and freeing them to act in full awareness of the factors in situations. It is the emotion that many cling to, from fear of problems occurring again that actually magnetises further similar problems to them. Detach effectively from the issues and they will detach from you.

Vipassana – Bringing Life Changing Clarity

The beauty of the Vipassana meditation technique is the clarity it brings to you. With practice you develop an ever deeper rapport with yourself. Flowing deeper within and coming to understand your nature, your mind and your body on a profoundly deep level. With this comes an ever greater ability to understand the world around you. Again based on the premise that the world without is a reflection of the world within. Understand yourself properly and you will understand why things happen around you. This is partly why it is fabled for the clarity it brings practitioners.

Through long term practice you develop a deep sense of inner peace an calm, as with many meditation techniques, the difference being the way in which you relate to yourself and the world around you from that point of calm and the clarity that comes with it.


There are of course many other techniques which can bring profound life change, these are just some highlights effectively. Though one other worth noting is that of chakra meditation, a very different way of working, and yet one which enables you to home in on key areas of challenge and effect change on a deep energetic level. Chakra meditation can be profoundly effective due to the core way in which you work with things, going beyond surface level thought and into energetic causality. Taking control, cleansing the energy, healing where needed and bringing a point of balance back into your life. Very powerful, and relatively easy to do with the right help and guidance.

So What Should You Do?

In short when things get too much allow yourself to take time away. Go somewhere, ideally on your own, where you can be at peace. This might be a mountain top, though equally well could be a temple, shrine, park, garden, river, lake or anywhere that you can feel a sense of peace and calm.

Once there close your eyes and come to an even deeper state of peace. Allow your emotions to dissipate. Allow the chaos to dissolve and evaporate. Unburden yourself and just release.

Then you can begin to allow thoughts of solutions and actions to come to you. Whilst in tension the mind focuses on the negative, and thus solutions often seem destructive. Once the negativity and chaos has gone the mind flows with positivity, and from there constructive solutions that exhibit care and love can surface and become apparent. These are the solutions to then evaluate within meditation on a deeper level.

Meditation For Problem Solving

At this point moving beyond distinct techniques becomes useful. You may wish to use elements of different things, the detachment of mindfulness, the cleansing nature of ho’oponopono, the clarity and deep self knowledge of Vipassana for example. Though sticking to a single technique can be limiting, and moving beyond limitation can be especially powerful. It enables you to find expansion to the ideas you have had and take them to even higher levels, something which can serve to bring you success in dealing with things effectively and to the gain of all. That is truly powerful in incredibly empowering.

Give yourself as much time as you need for this. Limiting yourself will result in limited solutions. Through taking time fully you can develop fuller solutions. Of course if you feel you have a full solution then close off and go with it, you can always come back into meditation and expand further if needed.

Can You Stop The World Getting Too Much?

SurgingLife - Meditation And What To Do When The World Gets Too Much - CalmIt is impossible to answer this. Everyone draws situations to themselves in life to gain the expansion and learning they need. The issue being that most are unaware of this and as such the experience becomes negative and deeply unpleasant. Even those well practised can come to such points, believe it. The only things that matter are how you deal with it and what you do to manage it.

Regular meditation, and I do mean daily, can provide serious help. Through regular release you can manage stress levels and your psychological disposition, something which elevates you to act with greater clarity and calmness in all things. As such bringing you a better experience of life and living. Work with the various meditation techniques mentioned above and you will empower yourself to deal with things before the become to great in most situations.

At times things can become to much, things can blow up out of proportion and shock. Accepting these as times of learning and following through with the course of action described can empower yourself to elevate above things and actually come out above your situation. Flowing through challenge into a situation which is happier and more rewarding than what you had before. Life does have challenges, they come and go, being at peace with that is a good thing. Develop a good regular meditation practice and alongside all the other wonderful benefits you gain you will empower yourself to experience the best life can offer through all times unpleasant and pleasant. This can also help you to overcome mental blocks too. For those that feel they are swamped even beyond this point then please discover another way we can help you here. Blessings of peace and love to you. Namaste, Stephen.

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