Chakra Meditation - How To Do It And Master It

Chakra Meditation How To Do It And Master It With Stephen Frost

Chakra meditation gives you an opportunity to directly influence the health and wellbeing of your key energy centres, your chakras. This type of meditative practice holds a key to influencing your life on a very subtle, yet incredibly powerful level. As with most techniques it is working through the direction and manipulation of energy with thought, the difference being that with most other types you are working on something overt and directly noticeable. With Chakra meditation you are altering the way energy flows in a certain location which then influences a variety of factors in your life.

If you are new to meditation, or have never done any chakra work before then please check out the page on chakra meditation for beginners before going any further, you will do better for having done so!

What Is Chakra Meditation? What Do You Do?

Within chakra meditation you attention flows to to location of the chakra or chakras that you wish to focus on, be that for cleaning, healing, balancing or strengthening. Your level of focus for this needs to be very high in order to gain the best results. Doing it with low levels of concentration will lead to either minimal or potentially counter productive results. So it is best to do it when you feel energetic yet at ease.

How To Do Chakra Meditation - Important Tips

The following tips are important for anyone wishing learning how to do chakra meditation. They may seem simple as with other meditative steps, getting them right will make a big difference to your practice though.


With most meditative techniques breathing is important, and very much so with this too. Steady and ideally deep breathing is good. It partly functions to carry you into deeper relaxation, and thus deeper mental states within your meditation. Usually the deeper you breathe the deeper you meditate, something you will notice with practice. Keeping it slow and steady brings the opportunity for delving deep into states of consciousness where amazing results are possible, something which is very much desired when going through this type of technique.

Body Position

The ideal body position for this is sitting in lotus position, something which is challenging for most people due to the lack of stretching they do. Half lotus is also good, and sitting cross legged is good too. If you really wish to you can lie down, the energy for this can feel strange though due to the way your chakras are interacting with the energy underneath them. As such it is best to do in a seated position as previously mentioned, or if at a real push then seated on a chair.

The Initial Process

Whilst you can leave your eyes open and focus on something of the colour relevant to the chakra you are working on; Red for Root, Orange for Sacral, Yellow for Solar Plexus, Green for Heart, Blue for Throat, Violet for Third Eye and White for Crown, it is usually best to close your eyes. You can still visualize the colour, though you will likely find that unnecessary.

So close your eyes and just breathe deeply for a short time, allow yourself to come to a point of calm and ease. A place where you are relaxed yet focused and clear minded. Once you are at that point then flow your attention to the chakra you are wishing to focus on.

With you focus set pay careful attention to the energy centre itself. Check its colour. Check for and darker patches within or around it. Notice how the energy flows around it, through it and from it. Feel for any anomalies. Feel what is going on there.

If anything feels out of place then cleaning, healing and balancing will be required before you do anything else.

A simple way to do this is to be mindful of the energy centre itself. Pay careful attention to it, notice any discolouration, any dark patches, whether the flow feels strange or weak in any way. Look, feel, use your intuition and sense if there is something out of sorts and off with it.

Then breathe deeply, and as you breathe flow energy deep down into your lungs and build it up. Build it up and allow it to release through the chakra. Channel it through and direct it with your mind, the massively increased energy flow cleansing through the issues that were there. At the same time call out to the universal consciousness for a beam of universal white light to flow to the chakra, cleaning it, healing it and aiding to rebalance it. Allow the light to flow, and channel the energy through your breath for as long as necessary.

You will likely notice the universal white light begin to fade at a point, when this happens the chakra healing should be complete. Check. Be mindful and notice carefully the changes and how it is different now. If you are certain that more healing is required due to the appearance or energy flow then feel free to repeat the process. When you feel and sense that it is appropriate to move on then flow into the next stage.

The Deeper Process

Having checked the health and flowed through any cleaning, healing and balancing that was needed the next stage is to carry through with the work specific to the development of each chakra. Each one is slightly different, and as such there are different things to be done with each. Accordingly the continuation flows through on each of the following pages dependent on which you are working on.

Check through and follow on with the specific ways of working with each energy centre and flow through as best you can. If you feel that closer help and guidance would be beneficial then please do check through to the section on Guided Chakra Meditation where you can access special recordings of meditations developed by Stephen Frost which have been set to music also developed by him that is specific to deepening and aiding success with each specific chakra meditation.

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