Root Chakra Meditation Guided mp3 - Healing & Opening

Root Chakra Meditation Guided mp3 - Healing & Opening

The Root Chakra meditation is here to aid you in healing and returning your Root Chakra to good health. With regular practice it serves to provide continual healing and enhancement, thereby enabling you to achieve better results with it.

It is important to you for a number of reasons. It governs your sense of security, your physical grounding within the world and your experience of the physical world in general. When it is working inefficiently or ineffectively you experience some very unpleasant effects.

Root Chakra - Governing Your Physical Experience

For a start when it is failing to work properly your physical health suffers. Leading to you suffering from ill health on a regular basis, be that through fevers, colds or other ailments. Your body becomes less able to function on a physical level, as such you experience a reduced level of strength too. Even if you have a good amount of muscle mass, you experience feelings of weakness.

Strength And Good Health

Healing this chakra and enhancing it leads to all these things being healed, and feelings of strength and good health filling you. Your ability to live effectively and efficiently within your physical body increases many fold.

Ability To Ground

Your grounding within the world and experience of physical life is also governed by this chakra. So if you are failing to enjoy life on a physical level then this energy centre is going to be at the core of the issue. Healing it so that you can enjoy things on the many levels that physical life rolls through is important.

The Paths Of Spirituality And Mastery

For sure you are looking for a spiritual experience, that said the lessons of spirituality and mastery run parallel. Whilst the path of spirituality runs high up into the ether and spiritual realms, the path of mastery runs deep into the physical. Both are a function of energy control, focus and flow. The more you are able to control and focus energy, the better the results you gain with each path.

Focusing purely on the spiritual leaves half the equation incomplete. Working the two together is how you will achieve the best results. Physical creation and experience is important in life.

Chakra Music For Deeper Cleaning And Opening

The guided meditation led by Stephen Frost is powerful in itself, and yet Stephen wished to create something more holistic and powerful in order for you to gain the greatest experience possible.

As with all chakras the root chakra has certain key frequencies attributed to it. The music accompanying the guidance was of course specially matched to the feel and desired outcome of the meditative practice, with that music, blended with the rhythms and melodies are other key sound forms including the aforementioned frequencies.

This 1st chakra has the musical note of C attributed to it at a base level, with various healers and therapists using tuning forks and singing bowls to aid with cleaning, healing and rebalancing over the years. As long as the frequency is present it is working on the energy centre, as such the note of C is within the music.

Solfeggio Frequencies

In addition nestled in deep is the associated Solfeggio tone, bringing deeper cleaning and healing. Helping you to balance and strengthen with each meditative session where this guided track is used. The solfeggio frequencies have long been noted for their incredible effects, and that is why they are included within many of the audio resources available via SurgingLife.

Theta Wave Music

For those new to meditative practice, and even this special style of meditating, the additional option of Theta wave music can be very useful. Theta wave entrainment makes it easier for you to enter into deep meditation states with greater ease, gently coaxing you down into a profoundly peaceful state of calm and ease as you meditate. Enabling you to achieve far more for the same amount of energy.


Without Brainwave Entrainment

With Theta Wave Music


Your Solar Plexus Chakra is responsible for projecting your will into the world, the act of transferring your thought patterns and dreams into manifestation. It works in unison with this chakra to actually accomplish the physical portion of creation though.

So when your Root Chakra is working effectively and efficiently, you are able to translate the energy of your dreams and goals into the physical world more effectively and more easily.

These are the main reasons. Yet you also have you sense of security. Feeling secure. Feeling at one with yourself. Feeling grounded within the world. Plus being able to walk on the path that you wish to, and do so from a position of solidity and validity. That is why having a strong and enhanced Root Chakra is a really good thing for you.

Chakra Meditation Pairings To Elevate Your Life Experience

If you wish to enhance your ability to manifest effectively then combine this track with the Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation. If you are going to enhance your spirituality then combine with the Crown Chakra Meditation and the Heart Meditation, the two two are very closely related and combining them with this track creates an amazing experience. Though of course for the greatest effect on your life combine all seven chakra meditations together with regular practice.

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The Root Chakra Meditation Be Guided Into Life Change

So enjoy the Root Chakra Meditation on a regular basis and feel the amazing effects it has on your life experience. This meditation mp3 truly has the ability to transform the way you experience life on a physical level and the results you create there. Enjoy.