Mindset - The Psychology Of Success And Freedom

Mindset The Psychology Of Success And Freedom

Mindset Is The Foundation Of Everything In Your Life. Your Mindset Brings Every Achievement And Experience. Everything That You Think Of As Failure Or Success Comes From Your Mindset. And You Can Achieve So Much More With Help And Through Understanding How Mindsets Shape Your Life.

Mindset is the foundation that freedom, in its widest possible sense, comes from.

In short you are the product of your mind.

Every thought and belief you have stored inside, or that transitions, even fleetingly, through your mind shapes your experience of life. Your values and beliefs shape your perception of reality, and as a result your ability to achieve anything in life.

So, if you are wishing to achieve financial freedom, which is core to being truly free in life then getting your mind right is vital.

Know this, the mindset you have now, in this moment. Can change. Our beliefs change constantly. Evolving in massive ways at times. Though through every thought and interaction you have, they change in subtle ways too. So remember, mindset is the hidden power behind every success.

With mindset and life results going hand in hand, it is well worth knowing how, and being able to, get the best from your mindset.

The Mindset Your Starting Point For Freedom, Success, Growth And Happiness

Mindset Definition – What It Is And How It Is Important To Your Growth And Happiness

The mindset definition varies across different sources.

According to Dictionary mindset means:

  1. an attitude, disposition, or mood.
  2. an intention or inclination.

Whilst on Merriam Webster they state that mindset means:

  1. a mental attitude or inclination.
  2. a fixed state of mind.

Whilst concise, neither of these actually yield the true meaning and real definition of what mindset actually is.

So what is the true meaning of mindset?

A More Accurate Definition Of Mindset

Your mindset is the sum of the way you think.

Your mindset is how your values and beliefs shape your thoughts, and lead you to be the way you are. When people believe a certain thing, then their beliefs drive them to find evidence to support that way of thinking and being. When beliefs are deeply fixed and entrenched, evidence that runs counter to what people believe is generally ignored or explained away as an exception.

Values run even deeper, and form the beliefs and experience of reality that a person sees.

The mindset of all people is subject to change on a constant basis. As long as the person chooses, either consciously or unconsciously, to accept that change.

This is something which is critical for creating positive life change, and is a measure of whether you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. The two most basic distinctions in the mindset you have.

Growth Mindset Or Fixed Mindset How Understanding Your Mindset Starting Point Is Important

The way you think and feel, the way your thoughts lead you to act and behave, causes the results you experience in the world. And the two mindsets which psychologist Carol Dweck suggests lie at the core of the minds of each and every one of us. These are:

Are just the starting point to developing a mindset that creates true freedom in life.

Understanding where your mindset is, right here and now, brings you an amazing opportunity for enlightenment. The opportunity for growth and evolution, into a mindset which creates the circumstances for the freedom and success you desire.

Is open to you, whatever starting point your mindset is at this moment.

Your Mindset Is What Controls Your Perceptions And What You Notice In The World So Make It Beautiful

The Fixed Mindset A Mindset Of Fixed Traits, Comfort Zones, Limits And The Perception Of Failure

If you have thoughts which are negative or limited then you will experience challenges and likely find success and freedom almost impossible to achieve. This is the realm of the Fixed Mindset and something well worth changing if you wish to truly enjoy life and get the best of it.

The Growth Mindset A Mindset Of Motivation, Engaging, Learning And Fulfilling

Once you are in a positive frame, rising to challenges, learning from them, and genuinely being happy to receive feedback, due to the opportunity it brings you for growth. Then you come to a point where, you can achieve a great deal and things can happen with greater ease for you. This is the realm of the Growth Mindset. Known to many as the Positive Mindset.

Freedom Comes As A Product Of Your Mindset And How Your Beliefs Shape Your Viewpoint

For anyone wishing to achieve freedom in the truest sense, changing the way you mind works, the way you think and process information.

Is the basic foundation.

The belief that a mindset is fixed, and unable to change, is in reality a total myth.

Look at the lives and minds, of anyone who lives a life of achievement and happiness. The majority have been through hardships to get there. They have been through situations that others would have classified as failure, and yet they have continued. Persistence in the face of challenge. With each challenge being used as a learning experience.

Each point of learning has brought adaptation.

The Mindset Of Success And Freedom Requires The Ability To Adapt And Change Your Thoughts

The major adaptation being a change within the mind of that person.

They choose to grow with the challenge. To take the results they gained as feedback, which will help them with the achievement they were seeking to make. It runs time and time again. Mindsets of successful people, those living the life they wish to live that is, are strongly characterized by adaptability. Look at any number of inspirational people, and you will see a great deal of evidence of how key mindset is, to the achievements they make.

Freedom is created as a product of mindset.

So to achieve freedom, the strong likelihood is, one of the key things that is going to be required. Is the change within your mind.

Adapting your mindset, and shifting your way of thinking and believing. Evolving your mindset so that through everything you think and do, you create the conditions for successful outcomes. With everything you wish to.

Your Mindset Taking Responsibility For Your Thoughts, Results And Creating Change

Unless your mind is in the right place, and your thought processes both the conscious and unconscious are properly aligned, then achieving financial freedom will be impossible. You may well get close, and you may continually get close, though the final steps will allude you. And advancing to the goals you have set and dreamed of, will be beset with frustration.

Taking ownership of your thoughts and beliefs, is key here.

It is your mind, and thus your mindset.

All of which is a collection of impulses driven by your values and decisions. The mindset being unable to change is a myth, or an excuse, that people use to justify the lack of favorable results.

Because your mind, and your mindset, is a collection of thoughts, you can change it through thought alone.

Sometimes this can take a little while, sometimes it can be exceptionally fast. There are multiple ways that you can use to change your mindset, to alter your thoughts and beliefs, in order to get the achievement and success you desire. They range from simple, to more challenging. All provide you with incredible benefit though.

The Mindset Altering Techniques Which Can Help You Enhance Your Mindset Functionality

  • Affirmations – Perhaps the best known way of changing your mindset, though very time consuming a great many people have had success.
  • Gratitude Journaling – By writing down things in a positive way that expresses gratitude your mindset changes in a very positive way.
  • MeditationCalm and introspection from meditation help you bring mindset change gently through insight, guided meditation helps too.
  • Ho'oponopono – A simple practice of cleaning your thoughts that carries you into a positive mindset, and also releases stress.
  • Hypnosis – Sessions with a hypnotherapist or self-hypnosis can help you change your mindset fairly quickly through suggestion.
  • NLP Coaching – While coaching is good, NLP coaching can bring lightning quick changes to your mindset, when you have a great NLP coach that is.

There are of course other ways you can change your mindset to get more from it. These are the main overall ways. As said, some of the mindset change techniques take a longer than others, through persistence, which when you have a clear and definite purpose should come easily, you can change your mindset.

Each of these mindset change techniques also come with different levels of investment. In multiple ways. Your level of commitment being the key one to all. The more committed you are to changing your mindset, the faster and more easily you will do so.

Commitment is the biggest key to the achievement and actualization of an enhanced mindset.

So if you really want freedom, you have to commit to developing your mindset. And let go of any excuses that come up.

For the fastest changes, hypnosis and NLP coaching are the best.

Mindset Change And Foundations The Starting Point Of Simplicity And Ease

As a starting point many people work with affirmations and gratitude journaling. These to things provide reinforcement on a daily basis that brings constant change to your mindset. Channeling it to where you wish to go. Backed up with meditation, and you can use affirmations to focus mindset change within meditation, you can accelerate that change.

All change is based on your level of investment.

The more you put into change, the more you get from it. The more time and energy, the greater the return. Spending an hour a day will see faster results with mindset change than thirty minutes a day. And remember, you can be doing things to change your mindset constantly.

Ho'oponopono and mindset affirmations can be running through your mind constantly throughout the day.

So effectively you can be doing things which are changing your mindset as you eat, work, shower, shop or do whatever. Taking dedicated time is good, and still, if you are on the train or bus traveling somewhere, you can still be doing something.

Mindset Change For The Seriously Committed To Success, Freedom And Life Change Through Mindset

NLP coaching and hypnosis really are the best options open for changing your mindset.

When you are getting help from a highly skilled NLP coach, or hypnotherapist, the changes can go deep with your mindset very quickly.

The advantage of getting help from a NLP coach with mindset change, is that they will help you to remove all the obstacles that you never even realized were holding you back.

NLP coaching is immensely powerful when it comes to shaping your mindset.

Within a day, or even just a couple of hours, you can be looking at your life in a totally different way. Your mindset adapted so that all the values and beliefs that caused issues, totally realigned and evolved into values and beliefs that support the way you wish to live.

You get your mindset optimized with help from a true expert.

Mindset change at its most powerful.

Mindset Adapting Your Beliefs, Thoughts And Mind Processes To Achieve The Life You Desire

While fixed mindset and growth mindset are the two most basic mindset types, the diversity goes far wider.

Academics, entrepreneurs, sports people and so on, all think in different ways. When they are at the peak they generally have the basis of a growth mindset to work from. Their thinking diversifies into far more intricate ways though.

Creating a freedom mindset follows through with this.

To generate real freedom in your life, the beliefs and thoughts you work with, on a daily basis. Moment by moment, have to reflect the freedom you are creating. Otherwise the creation will become impossible.

Our beliefs dictate how we experience reality.

Our beliefs shape the way we perceive situations, and their meaning.

This is where understanding NLP does a massive amount for helping with mindset shifts and developing the mindset that will bring you the achievement and results you desire.

There are a wealth of sources which describe things like the millionaire mindset, wealth mindset, warrior mindset and a vast amount more, yet unless you fully understand the steps to creating them, which are often left out as few people truly understand they exist, then you will only have partial success.

Your Mindset Shaping It To The Mindset That Will Create An Amazing Surging Life With Ease

Creating a mindset for success and freedom, can be incredibly simple. And one of the initial steps is taking yourself through the process of developing what has become known as, a growth mindset.

That is just an element of what is worth doing.

A further element, is getting rid of the unconscious stuff, deep down inside your mind, that limits you and holds you back. To truly optimize your mindset, cleaning is essential. Redefining who you are in the most positive manner.

Releasing the negativity. Because negativity will detract from the positive aspects of your mindset.

Release the negative, optimize positively, and your mindset will be streamlined beautifully. This is absolutely core to your personal development. Only by enhancing your mindset, and moving clear of the patterns that held you back, can you achieve the personal growth which brings you freedom and happiness in life.

Mindset altering things like NLP coaching plus regular meditation and mindset techniques including Ho'oponopono massively help with this.

As mentioned earlier, NLP coaching and hypnosis offer the best route to getting your mindset optimized for achieving freedom, and getting the life of happiness you desire.

The psychology of success and achieving freedom is totally tied to your mindset.

So optimizing your mindset, is the best thing you can do in life!

The sooner you commit to reshaping your mindset, the sooner you will find yourself becoming able to achieve true freedom. If you are truly committed to changing mindsets, and developing the mindset that will put you in control of your life, then the SurgingLife Prosperity, Abundance and Freedom development program led by founder Stephen Frost can help propel you along your path in a wonderful way. Mindset and life change coaching plus further assistance with serious value.

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