Stephen Frost

I am Stephen Frost, the founder of SurgingLife.Com and a person who wishes to share the opportunity for positive life change with those who seek it the world over. I have worked through various fields throughout my life, though the consistent thing has always been aiding people to achieve more from their lives, something which I am always very happy to do. SurgingLife is the place where I am bringing together all my knowledge, and more, to aid people in gaining the life they seek with ease, why am I doing this? Because it is my purpose in life and the sum of all my experiences of living on this wonderful planet coming together.

Stephen Frost Founder Of SurgingLife On Top Of Mt. Fuji

What Shaped Me

My life has in many ways been up and down, there have been a stack of challenges, though that is true for most people. The reason I am doing what I am now is just a function of my character and the decisions I made based on how things have happened in my life.

I remember hearing a while ago that “you can drop two of the same glass and they will both shatter in totally different ways”, this is the same of people. The context being that the drop is events of life, and the shattering is how we deal with those experiences, how they form us and how we move on with life as a result of them. So what things have formed me?

Having a bad car accident in the middle of the African bush a few months after my 21st birthday broke me for a while. As did constant bullying through school and into university, though at university the physical element dropped away leaving just the mental side, still far from pleasant though. There were various other unpleasant times too, as many would expect.

That said I also had some wonderful times too. Learning to fly aged 17 was a big highlight and the achievement of a big dream of mine. The feeling of freedom it yielded was incredible, and in many ways I miss it, though I gain a similar feeling now through meditation. Seeing the sunrise from such amazing places as Uluru and Mt. Fuji, the later on various occasions, also provided highlights and a wonderful opening and healing of my soul. As did moving to live in Japan, a spiritual home for me in many ways, though again at times challenging.

All these things, and many more, shifted me around inside as you would expect. When you experience something it always has an effect, be that larger or smaller. My interest in the mind and desire for true freedom in life lead me into studying N.L.P. In 2005, though courses including that and meditation had already started to shift my life path a while before. I have various teachers to thank for aiding me in the transitions I went through, mentions should most certainly go to David Sheperd and Kay Chapman, their wisdom and knowledge is highly appreciated, thank you.

My Vision Of Life And Living

Things at times can turn out differently to how we first wished them, and this can happen for a variety of reasons, sometimes things can be far better yet entirely different to what you envisioned. If you had asked a younger Stephen Frost what he had in mind for his life, the picture would have been different. The traffic accident in Africa being a major reason for the shift in things, and something which helped me to shape my life into something far more positive.

Through having to deal with the lose of my own dream in my early 20's I learned how things however terrible can have a silver lining. It took a long time to find the positive, I am glad I did though. The positive side of things was my discovery of meditation, ho'oponopono, aromatherapy, crystals, personal development and the beautiful spiritual side of life.

Through the incorporation of these things within my life the core concept of freedom, something I have always relished and sought, has been able to achieve greater and greater fulfilment. Freedom can be financial, though when you achieve spiritual, emotional and mental freedom the finance seems almost irrelevant, though it is still useful.

Living in a state of freedom is something I have always wished to do. I shows through my work, and life in general. Wishing to flow through the moment with ease. Living as free from a fixed schedule as possible. Being able to live in the moment, allow the flow to carry you whenever and wherever is a wonderful thing. When you have the freedom to just go, take in the sunset or whatever and savour it for however long you wish, then life becomes a very different experience.

Discovering how to effect that kind of freedom, using meditation and ho'oponopono amongst other techniques, has allowed me to enjoy a wonderful quality of life and living. The ability to cherish every moment of every day.

Something which I now hold as a desire to aid all those wishing to achieve such a way of being. Through my coaching work, teaching of meditation and so much more I have always enjoyed helping people. I have always loved to see people being happy, and so aiding people with learning and knowledge I do what I can to help them achieve freedom and a wonderful quality of life. What you do with what I share, and how far you take it is up to you. I just share to give you an opportunity to enjoy a wonderful life filled with freedom in the most holistic sense of its meaning.

So What Are The Secrets Of Stephen Frost To A Great Life

For me a core ethos of being true to myself, following my heart and having fun are crucial to the enjoyment of life and quality living. Through using ho'oponopono and meditation on a daily basis, as I have done for many years, I have been able to attain a calmness through everything that brings a deeper joy to life even when things are challenging. Finding inspiration and joy in the achievements of others is a good thing too, in many ways it creates a magnetic effect, as with the law of attraction, that brings further more positive experiences to you, love the way that works. Indeed that is one of the massive secrets I work with, focus on the positive and then feel it just come to you.

So, the key secrets of Stephen Frost to enjoying a wonderful life? Be true to yourself, be in you own natural flow and follow your heart. Practice ho'oponopono and meditation on a daily basis, focus on the positive good things in life that come to you and your attention. So enjoy everything that is shared with you here on SurgingLife, use what you like and enjoy the benefits those things help you attain in your life.