What Is A Growth Mindset And How It Will Benefit You

A Growth Mindset Can Truly Set You On Top Of The World

What is a growth mindset? In short, a growth mindset is basically what most people used to refer as positive thinking. In fullness its definition actually expands beyond that in a manner which is far more empowering. The crux of it is a shift in view point which shifts you from a point of limitation into one where anything deemed unpleasant, displeasing or negative becomes effectively a point of growth and enables you to transcend situations, circumstances and beliefs at will.

Perceived Results According To Fixed Vs. Growth Mindsets

One of the most notable people to have developed work regarding the growth mindset is professor of psychology Carol S. Dweck. In her work she outlines differences in the results experienced by the two effectively opposing psychological types that she terms as fixed mindset and growth mindset. Noting that the type a person is within dictates their ability to achieve and the results they experience.

Definition - What Is A Fixed Mindset?

A fixed mindset is one where the person believes that intelligence is static and will never change. In addition such people avoid challenges due to expectations of failure, and they give up easily in the face of obstacles due to beliefs of limitation which stem from their view of intelligence and ability being unchanging and fixed.

Alongside this effort is viewed as worthless due to the expectation of extremely limited return at best with the possibility of negative return and loss colouring thoughts and creating limitation. Criticism is viewed as negative thus leads to adverse reaction, with the success of others causing feelings of threat in addition. As a result of these things people with a Fixed Mindset achieve very little due to their expectations and will to actually do anything that would lead to any real achievement.

Definition - What Is A Growth Mindset?

What Is A Growth Mindset It Is How You Refocus Your Mind To Shine Your Light Into The World

What Is A Growth Mindset? It Is How You Refocus Your Mind To Shine Your Light Into The World

By contrast if you have a growth mindset you have a belief that intelligence can be developed, expanded and enhanced. You have a desire to learn and study. You embrace challenges as opportunities to grow and expand yourself and your abilities, and when experiencing setbacks or outcomes that differ from your visions and desires you persist and find new way to move forward.

Effort and expending energy on study, learning and doing are viewed as the path to mastery and the successful achievement of goals and dreams. You learn from your experiences, adapting and moving ever further forward as a result of new knowledge. Even when things come up time and again you pick yourself and go about things in an new way in pursuit of the goal or dream you have. As a result when criticism comes you take it as an opportunity to improve and enhance your abilities, adapting and moving on. As a part of this you find inspiration from other people and what they have achieved, you take it and mould it into something which helps you to achieve more with greater ease.

As a result if you have a Growth Mindset by definition you are likely to achieve far more and also have a far greater sense of free will and self determination.

The Impact On Your Ability To Achieve True Freedom

The impact of this is very noticeable. If you have a Fixed Mindset then you will experience limitation on a massive scale and likely be hold views such as “If it were that easy then everyone would be doing it” along with “Well it was easy for them they grew up in a rich family” and “Well they went to a better school so they had better opportunities than me” along with a whole host of similar limiting beliefs. The truth is those things are only true if you believe them to be true, if you do then your unconscious mind will reward you time and again with ways to validate that belief and you will never move beyond. Accordingly you repel success, regardless of how close you ever get to achieving it you effectively clutch failure from the jaws of success.

By contrast if you have a Growth Mindset then you will take heart at others successes and congratulate them for what they have achieved. You will know and accept the truth that people create their own opportunities and those opportunities have nothing to do with upbringing or the school that a person went to. That everything is based on your own actions and that you are able to manifest opportunities around you that enable you to grow and achieve. As a result you can magnetise success to yourself.

Is All Lost If You Have A Limited Fixed Mindset At The Moment?

Far from it, provided you are ready to change that is! If you have grown tired of the results you have been getting and truly in your heart wish to change your life and move forward into a happier way of being it is totally possible and completely achievable. The desire to change coupled with actually taking quality action such as committing to a good coaching program will bring you the freshness and path to joyful living and success that you desire.

What If You Have A Mind Oriented On Growth And Just Lack Results?

Well you are here in search of answers and a way forward and you have happened on a place where opportunities exist that can massively benefit you. Through the Freedom section there are opportunities for you to create success, and through the SurgingLife Coaching program there is support to aid you in clearing any blockages you have and propel you forward into the success you have been striving to achieve. Help is very much at hand for you if you truly desire it.

Positive Psychology

This focus on growing rather than staying static, on the ability to expand, lead a meaningful as well as joyful and fulfilling life is held in common with the growing field of Positive Psychology. A field in which various proponents have advocated to release of stress and fostering of positivity. One of the notable proponents is Shawn Achor who has been quoted as saying “Your brain at positive is 31% more productive than your brain at negative, neutral or stressed.” something which fairly obviously can be of benefit to achieving greater successes.

One of the things noted by various people in the field of Positive Psychology as being helpful is meditation, in part due to the opportunity it brings for contemplation and growth. In reality the benefits of meditation expand way beyond that and do much to aid practitioners in achieving joyful living, success and true freedom. Working with, and possibly studying in-depth, Positive Psychology and adopting a growth mindset backed up by practices such as meditation along with other holistic techniques and quality coaching can dramatically enhance your ability to achieve your goals and dreams.

You Are Your Own Master

Regardless of whether you have a mindset that is termed as Fixed or Growth, you are the master of your own results and everything you experience. You create the world around you according to your values and beliefs. This all happens on an unconscious level, regardless of your awareness of it. The sooner you can take charge of yourself, and take full responsibility for everything going on around you, the sooner you will achieve true freedom and joyful living.

Adapting a growth mindset is a crucial point of personal growth. One which enables you to carry your personal development into some truly amazing opportunities to really enjoy life.

So what is a Growth Mindset? By definition, a growth mindset is a way of thinking that facilitates growth through taking a positive view on everything that happens to you. It is your ticket to manifesting and creating all your goals and dreams in reality. For everyone that has one, or wishes to develop one, we greatly look forward to aiding you in achieving greater successes and true Freedom, and through our special Prosperity Abundance and Freedom development program we do just that.

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