Life Change Is Core To Achieving The Life You Wish For. Whatever Your Dreams, A Degree Of Change Is Needed, So That Who You Are Matches With The Person You Dream Of Being. SurgingLife Is Here To Help You Achieve That. And We Are Committed To Changing The Lives Of 1 Billion People Worldwide.


Change Your Life To A Joyful Life A Surging Life With Stephen Frost And SurgingLife

Changing your life is much easier that you think.

Creating a positive, inspiring, joyful life can happen with ease. As long as you are completely open to it happening, and fully committed to being the person you wish to be. In order to enjoy the life you wish to have.

And we are committed to helping you in achieving the life of your dreams.

Whatever rut, stuck state or point of challenge you are coming from.

A joyful life. A surging life is awaiting you.

Whatever your current lifestyle. Whatever your existing comfort zone is. SurgingLife is here to take you step by step. In a way that is right for you. Through to the way you know in your heart and soul, that you should be in this life.

Changing The World Through Changing The Lives Of 1 Billion People

Founder Stephen Frost set the mission of SurgingLife as:

“Changing the lives of one billion people worldwide.”


Through helping bring positive life change to one billion people worldwide, a tipping point is reached, and surpassed, that will in turn cause a massive shift in world health. On the ability of every living being, regardless of gender, ethnicity and species, to live in harmony and happiness on a daily basis.

In short the reason is because Stephen believes that every living being has the right to enjoy a joyful life.

Hence the name, SurgingLife.

We are focused on changing the lives of 1 billion people worldwide, in a massively positive way. All so that, the world itself by extension becomes a place which is naturally happy and joyful, for all.

We do this through sharing life changing information, thus helping people to achieve their dreams, and the happiness they seek in life. Through holistic practices which cause good for all, and ripple out with positivity.

So join with us, change your life with SurgingLife. And in the process, help create a movement and momentum of positivity, that is so incredible, that the whole world changes with you.

Create a joyful life for yourself with help from the courses and resources created by SurgingLife. And then, smile with joy, as you join in creating a positive life for every living being, on the planet.

Your Dreams Are Awaiting You, Are You Ready To Realign Yourself And Welcome Them Into Reality?

In fact, they have been awaiting you, all your life.

The only thing that has been missing is your alignment.

The person you are right now, today, is different from who you were a year, two years, five years and more ago. In various ways you are a different person to who you were yesterday.

Your mind and body are in a constant state of change.

Change is a natural, organic state, for life.

Physically the you have a totally different body to the one you had a year ago. Literally. Every single cell has been replaced.

Your skin is totally different every two weeks.

That is how often you change on a physical level.

Mentally and emotionally, you are changing minutely every moment. So you are changing your life constantly. You are always making decisions about things in your life. What to have to eat, where to go at lunch-time, what to do at the weekend. Even where you put your feet when you are walking.

Different things influence each and every one of those decisions.

And, most of them are made on a completely unconscious level. Or, with minimal thought.

Regardless of how you feel about it, you are changing your life on a moment by moment basis. Regardless of how positive that change is. Of how or on what level it acts to empower or otherwise effect the achieving of your dreams, you are changing.

Which is wonderful!

Because if you are constantly changing, then all that is needed to get the results you wish for.

Is to direct that change effectively.

And that is the purpose of SurgingLife. To help you in directing yourself and your thoughts, so that you become the owner of the life you have been wishing for.

By following through, joining with our amazing community, or forging off solo if you really wish, you can create an amazing life for yourself.

Changing Your Life And Helping Us Change The Lives Of 1 Billion People Worldwide As You Do

Yes. That is right. 1 billion.

Our commitment with SurgingLife is to have a massively positive influence on the health of the world. Enhancing mental and emotional, i.e. psychological health. Whilst also enhancing physical health. Mind and body are linked, working with them together effects incredible change.

And we are working on helping 1 billion people worldwide to achieve positive living standards.

Achieving Positive Living Standards

Happiness and joyful living are effectively a choice.

When you choose to have them as your standard for life, things change around you. Certain things become a function of life, whilst other things disappear with the acknowledgement that they have ceased to serve you any more.

The Three Core Pillars Of Making Positive Change In Life

In having all these factors working for you, with help and assistance from SurgingLife.

Changing your life becomes easier than you previously thought.

Changing Your Life At The Pace Which Is Right For You

Everyone has their own pace in life. Some wish to do things gently, and take their time. Others go full out and wish to change and have the life they want as quickly as possible.

Whichever is right for you is the pace to move at.

Your life is yours and yours alone.

And SurgingLife is ready to help you in a multitude of ways, whatever pace you decide is right for you.

Life And Committing To Enjoying The Life You Wish For

Your commitment to yourself is the most important thing.

Results are always proportional to the energy and commitment involved.

Whether you wish to go fast or take it gently, be kind to yourself and commit to the life you wish to have 100%. You owe it to yourself, you commit to what other people 100%, start committing to yourself 100% too.

As soon as you do so, you will notice some key differences in your life.

We always love hearing the stories about this from our community! They are inspirational in themselves!

How You Can Move Forward And Create The Life Change You Wish For With Ease

Whilst there are the three pillars for creating a positive life as shared above.

There are many different ways of achieving your dreams and getting the life you wish for. A wide number of routes. And all of them have their benefits.

To help you with this we have a number of approaches, and ways of helping to support you, in achieving the life changes that will bring you amazing benefit. Amazing joy.

  1. Firstly, the various sections, within this site which are open to all to access for free.
  2. Secondly, the empowering life change resources available via the SurgingLife store.
  3. Thirdly, the courses and events available through SurgingLife that accelerate you in life.
  4. Fourthly, the coaching and therapy work for those who wish to have maximum support in creating change.

Whatever path you wish to move on, we highly recommend reading the Surging Life published book “Life Unleashed” by founder Stephen Frost. It will help you to create massively positive impact in your life, very quickly.

The Wisdom Blog section, has regular offerings to help you with fresh perspectives. And different ways of working with techniques too. All of which merges together in a melting pot of inspiration. That helps you gain those constant subtle shifts which collectively create beautiful life changes as you go, consciously and unconsciously.

Sleep is also massively important to achieving a highly positive quality of life.

For that very reason founder Stephen Frost also developed the “Peaceful Sleep Induction” sleep music, which has help a great number of people to achieve a happier life. Purely through getting quality deep sleep whenever they wish it.

We also recommend coming into our community, and gaining the benefit through wisdom and inspiration shared via email direct to you. These emails have helped our community members through all manner of situations, with an amazing degree of synchronicity for a lot of people.

Life Change Is An Organic Thing

Remember, life change is an organic thing. It is only in action, growing and flourishing, in the manner you wish it to, while you are nourishing it.

While you are focused, while you are directing the change, it will flow to where you wish it to take you.

Remove your focus, even for a second, and the direction alters.

So stay focused on what you wish for. On how you wish to be and who you wish to be.

And remember, SurgingLife is here to help you in changing your life and achieving your dreams. We are here to help you in creating the life you wish for. To helping 1 billion people to do this, and to totally transform the wellbeing of the world as a result. So commit now, and change your life to a joyful life. A SurgingLife!