Super Learning – Music For Studying

Super Learning Music for Studying from SurgingLife

Super Learning – Music for Studying is a special piece of music from SurgingLife developed to aid anyone undergoing a program of study to learn and assimilate knowledge in a calm, efficient and effective manner. Developed by founder Stephen Frost this piece helps users access the 4 – 8 Hz frequencies of the Theta brainwave Super Learning State with greater ease through the use of Isochronic tones and Monaural beats.

Within Theta information flows with greater ease into the memory and does so in a relaxed manner which can aid the recall of information and knowledge later as required. Hence the creation of this 60 minute soundtrack to enhance your study and learning ability.

Why Theta Brings The Super Learning State

Through until around the age of seven children are like walking talking sponges. Through everywhere they go and everything they do they are absorbing knowledge and information at a tremendous rate, processing it and then using it as they need to in order to communicate effectively and attain what they need to. Intriguing perhaps, how is this useful or important?

Up to around the age of seven children spend much of their time in the Theta brainwave state, specifically “Cortical theta is observed frequently in young children”. This is part of the reason why children in that age grouping can often seem detached and relaxed. Granted certain environmental factors can skew this, if a child is constantly under stress due to a family situation or other negative influences then their brainwave pattern will modify to one more suited to their survival and immediate needs. Though for most children, in good homes and with good families theta tends to be the dominant of the brainwave frequencies used.

How This Theta Wave Music For Studying Can Help You

With Theta being so beneficial for learning and development along with other things such as stress release and inner calm it can aid you in opening the door to enhanced learning and memory, thus aiding you in achieving more from your study time. Having something that makes it easier for you to enter this key brainwave state is naturally something good, and thus an important way in which this Theta Wave music can help you.

Blending Classic Music For Enhancing Your Study Time

Whilst Theta Waves bring benefit in many ways they are best enjoyed when accompanied by rhythms and melodies which are pleasing to listen to, something which enables you to focus better in turn and as a result achieve more during your study time.

Hence the reason that this special soundtrack has the brainwave entrainment embedded with gentle classical music which helps you to concentrate in a relaxed manner. Whilst at the same time the underlying sound forms build and compound with the surface level melodies to expand and enhance your abilities even further.

Super Learning Music for Studying and Concentration from SurgingLife

Solfeggio Frequencies A Gregorian Secret To Elevated Living

Alongside the Isochronic tones and Monaural beats which provide the brainwave entrainment within the classic music you listen to within this soundtrack are other special sound forms.

The Gregorian monks used what are known as the Solfeggio frequencies within their chants for achieving various effects. Each effect, or set of effects, being mapped to a specific frequency. Whilst much of what they did was for spiritual development there are some key uses and thus frequencies which are highly beneficial for other things, notably achieving more through your studies and life.

As such there are certain key Solfeggio frequencies within this soundtrack which have been placed there in order to help you achieve an even more effective state for learning. The frequencies in use here have also been included due to their ability to aid with your ability to recall in a more confident manner. Thus they help you to take the knowledge and information in during the learning stage, and will aid you with bringing the information out more effectively during testing and at times you need to recall the information. Much has been done to make this the best music to study to for you.

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Getting The Most From This Theta Wave Classical Study Music

The entire piece has been developed into a 60 minute session to give a good length of time within which to achieve quality study. When you study for too long, or do any task for too long, you hit a point where your effectiveness reduces and the return you get in terms of the energy you put in diminishes. So taking a short break once every 60 minutes is a good idea, it help to refresh and revitalise you.

So when the soundtrack finishes playing do something different. Get away from the desk, table or wherever you have been. Look out of a window, get a drink of water, relax for a few minutes, allow your mind to come to rest. Doing so will enable you to maintain a higher degree of effectiveness for longer. Even better is to do a 5 or 10 minute meditation, something which is profoundly relaxing whilst improving psychological wellness, neurological function and more. It is very easy to learn how to meditate and the well worth checking out the depth to which the benefits of meditation can help you throughout your life.

So study for periods of one hour as timed by the soundtrack and enjoy the benefits that this Theta Wave “Super Learning – Music for Studying” can bring you, both now and as a result of your enhanced learning across your entire future life.

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