Ha Breathing Technique Ha The Huna Breath Of Life Infuse With Energy

Ha Breathing Is An Incredible Hawaiian Technique For Increasing Your Energy. In Simple Hawaiian Terms The Meaning Of Ha Is Breath, Or More Specifically Breath Of Life. And What This Breathing Process Does For Your Vital Energy Can Be Incredible.

Ha Breathing is an ancient Huna breathing technique for building energy. With Huna being a term used to define a certain set of Hawaiian spiritual techniques, along with the profound philosophy regarding life, and the the energy of the universe, that goes with those techniques.

Energy is all around us.

And also within us in greater abundance than most people realize.

Being able to draw on that energy, and build up your own as a result, is a powerful thing to be able to do. By following certain breathing patterns. it is possible to shift and enhance your energy, this is one of those patterns.

Using The Ha Breathing Guide

Ha Breathing The Hawaiian Origins And Uses For The Breath Of Life

Ha breathing was practiced by Kahunas and other people for a variety of reasons.

One of the many reasons was for the purpose of healing, both self healing and for the healing of others. Whilst it was also used for meditation and manifestation work too.

The person doing the energy work, would Ha breathe for a certain length of time, prior to doing the work that they intended. The duration of the breathing being dependent on the amount of energy they wished to put into whatever they were doing.

This could either be done solo, or as part of a group. If a member of the village or group was incredibly sick then group work was often done. Whilst for individual manifestation and meditation then solo work was relatively normal.

You can find more on specific uses of this breathing technique via the Ha Breathing Uses section.

The Process And It’s Profound Effects Things To Keep In Mind When Using This Breathing Technique

The technique itself is relatively simple, yet there are key things to keep in mind when practicing. For a start when you are working with energy, your body has a tendency to flow that energy all over, unless you focus effectively.

For this reason some people feel light headed, sometimes even dizzy, as a result of doing Ha breathing.

The reason this happens is purely because, those people are just putting more energy into their body without directing it effectively.

For this reason it is a good idea to hold your focus on your Solar Plexus. Why?

Basically because your Solar Plexus is where you store, and then direct energy from. By holding your focus there, you will be able to hold the energy effectively. And from there you can naturally flow and direct it into whatever you wish to, during healing, manifestation or meditation work.

Ha Breathing Esoteric Reasons Why Using The Ha Breath Is Good For You

There are other Huna breathing techniques.

Each of which relate to different aspects or elements.

When you Ha breathe you are connecting with Air energy, something which is uplifting, relaxing and flowing. All energy is of course good to build up and then apply to things. Energy itself is neither good nor bad, it just is.

The application of that energy, and the facets experienced around it, are what cause people to define it as good or bad.

So part of what makes Ha breathing such a good thing for you, are the feelings that flow in around it. Those relaxing and uplifting feelings. When you are cultivating energy in a relaxed way, you feel more uplifted as a result.

So, elevating your energy with this breathing process, has you feeling more relaxed in turn.

And brings you deeper feelings of joy and happiness too.

Happiness And Joy Flowing Higher From This Simple Hawaiian Huna Process

This causes an upward moving spiral of happiness and good feeling. You raise your energy, which causes you to experience more happiness, which causes your energy to rise more, and so on. In some way you could quite happily call this magic really.

Anytime your spirit is uplifted in this way, and your consciousness filled with an expanding sense of joy and fulfillment, good things are going to be happening within you and your soul.

Hence the reason why many people practice with this way of breathing. Spiritually it is uplifting, and brings good feeling. So discover how simple it is to do Ha breathing for yourself, then enjoy the many wonderful ways, that you can apply the energy from this breathing technique to enhancing you life.

Ha Breathing Technique How To Do The Simple Huna Process That Builds Your Energy

Ha Breathing is, as mentioned earlier, a very simple yet highly effective breathing technique.

As indicated its primary use, is for building up energy prior to healing or other energy work. That said it is incredibly useful for other things too, a guide to them can be found in the Ha Breathing Uses section.

Within this section of the Ha breathing guide though, you will discover how to practice this breathing technique effectively. And flow through the process in a way that will aid you in getting the best results from it.

Ha Breathing How To Flow Through The Process Of Raising Your Energy With It

Firstly ensure that you are sitting comfortably.

Either on a chair, cross legged or in lotus position on the ground. It is possible to do standing up, though a seated position is far more effective.

Control Your Attention And Focus To Get The Best From This Breathing Technique

Ideally, sit in a warm comfortable environment so that you can be totally at ease. Something which will aid you to focus, with greater ease. Being able to focus is key here is very important. You are working with energy, and focusing it properly, will aid you to achieve the most with it. Loss of focus, is basically loss of efficiency and energy.

So keeping focused and thus efficient, will enable you to put the maximum amount of energy, into whatever you wish to.

Ha Breathing The Core Process To Build Energy Within You

The breathing itself is relatively easy and there are two main points to follow.

IMPORTANT: The Out Breath Is Twice As Long As The In Breath

So if you count to four on your in breath, then your out breath the count should be to eight.

With a short pause between the inhale and exhale. Then again between the exhale and inhale, if you are going to repeat and do another round of Ha breathing. So breathing in for 1, 2, 3, 4, pause, and out for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and pause then in, and so on each time you repeat.

Carrying on in my experience, is incredibly good.

When you repeat and repeat the process, over and over, you build more energy.

Energy which I have used for pain control, healing, manifestation, spiritual expansion and much more.

IMPORTANT: You Breath In Through Your Nose Using Your Diaphragm.

That is, when you breath in your belly moves outwards, so you look a little like a Buddha. This is the natural way to breathe, and it helps you to fill your lungs fully. As such meaning you can achieve the most from this. Plus it is done in a natural relaxed way.

IMPORTANT: You Make A “Haaaa” Sound As You Exhale Through Your Mouth.

When you breathe out, you exhale through your mouth. You exhale slowly, and you make an extended “Haaaaa” sound as you exhale.

Breathing Flow Brought Together
  1. Inhale Through Your Nose Using Your Diaphragm.
  2. Pause.
  3. Exhale Slowly Through Your Mouth, Double The Inhale Duration, Whilst Making A Haaaaa Sound.
  4. Pause.
  5. Repeat.

So you inhale through your nose using your belly and diaphragm for 1, 2, 3, 4, pause, then exhale through your mouth making a “Ha” sound for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, then pause and repeat. Doing this for as long as you feel is right to build up the energy for what you are wishing to do.

Powerful Points That Will Help You Get The Best From This Breathing Technique

A really important point previously mentioned is to hold your focus.

Ideally, hold a point of concentration on your Solar Plexus, while you are doing this breath work. By doing so you will build up energy there. The reason this is important is because it is the energy center that you use for storing, and directing, energy. So you will be storing the energy effectively, until you are ready to use it.

As you breathe in, and feel the energy flowing into you, it will naturally flow to wherever your attention is.

So, if you are not focusing on anything, apart from breathing then it will disperse throughout your body. Something which can lead to you feeling light headed, and possibly dizzy. When you hold your attention on your Solar Plexus though, the energy flows there.

Where it is held until you are ready to direct, or focus, it elsewhere.

Step By Step The Short Guide To The Ha Breathing Process

  1. Get comfortably seated.
  2. Focus, and hold your attention on your Solar Plexus.
  3. Inhale through your nose using your diaphragm.
  4. Pause.
  5. Exhale slowly through your mouth, twice the duration of your inhale, whilst making a “Haaaaa” sound.
  6. Pause.
  7. Repeat for as long as you wish to.
Simple And Highly Effective Breathing Technique To Build Your Energy

That is basically it. Very simple and incredibly effective.

You can focus the energy into whatever you wish to. When you focus it into meditation, healing or manifesting good things in your life you can achieve some amazing things.

Especially when you are doing so from a point of clarity, and emotional freedom.

Get rid of all your limiting beliefs and negative emotions, using techniques like Ho’oponopono, Meditation or NLP, and you massively open up your ability to achieve your dreams when you use Ha Breathing.

Ha Breathing Great Things You Can Use The Energy For That You Build Through Breathing

Ha Breathing has many uses.

You use energy through everything you do in life.

When you focus your attention on something, you are focusing energy on that thing too. When you think about your dreams for life, you are channeling energy into them. When you are healing, you are putting energy into that. Though through using this special breathing technique, you can achieve far greater results.

Due to your ability to channel, and flow, more energy than usual.

So What Can You Apply Energy Built From Ha Breathing To?

Healing And Pain Relief Or Pain Control Through Ha Breathing And Energy Work

One of the main things that many use Ha Breathing for, is healing.

Be that physical healing, emotional healing or mental healing, it is useful for all types.

When your body is unwell, it requires more energy than usual to heal itself, and become well again. So giving it a readily available supply of energy, that it can use easily is a good thing.

Having been through two knee reconstructions, on the same knee, I can attest to how good this application of healing is. The first time I had an operation I was unaware of the technique, and post-op was unpleasant.

After the second op I was aware of this technique and used it often.

I experienced a more rapid than normal healing rate, as documented by the doctors.

Plus, I found I never needed pain medication, just practising Ha breathing on a regular basis was enough to get myself pain free. On various occasions having done the exercise for 30-60 minutes I felt like I was walking on air and totally at ease.

Something I found great.

In terms of emotional and mental healing, for a start it is part of the process used for the Ho’oponopono forgiveness meditation which produces incredible results.

Help For Emotional Release Work From This Huna Breathing Process

When you are letting go of negative emotion, you are putting yourself through a type of energetic change.

You are moving your personal energy from one place to another.

Whilst this occurs on a non-physical level it does still require energy. Often when people “attempt” to let go of things they do so from a low, or even depressed, state of energy. Something which can cause the release to be drawn out and feel unpleasant.

By building energy, and then channeling it back into yourself in various ways, through techniques such as Ho’oponopono (for which this technique has been used as an accompaniment for a very long time), Time Line Therapy, or other meditative release work. The release can be much faster.

Much more comfortable too.

If you feel unsure about how well this works then check for yourself. Check the guide on Ho’oponopono, get to know the process. Then Ha breathe to build up energy, and flow through the release process. It is highly recommended.

Manifestation And Law Of Attraction Build Energy Through Breathing To Manifest More Effectively

Manifestation, and Law of Attraction work, holds vision and personal energy as part of the core secret for success.

As such building up your energy, so that you can transfer it into the vision you desire, to make real. Something which elevates the power of that thought and vision. Helping it to grow more effectively, and have a greater opportunity of success.

All dreams and seeds, sown to manifest desire, are thoughts placed deep down in the ether.

In the realm of pure energy.

It is your energy and belief, that as channeled into them, give them life and opportunity for achieving fruition. So, in elevating your energy, and giving yourself more energy to focus into the things you wish to achieve. You can take yourself into higher realms of success, and dream achievement.

One of the most potent ways to do this, is to Ha Breathe for a good length of time. The longer you breathe the better.

Then work through a Visualisation meditation.

Using the energy, and focusing it into the Visualisation of what you wish to create in your life. It can also be used in conjunction with NLP, and Time Line Therapy, for future creation work too.

There is an in-depth process covered in the SurgingLife book “Life Unleashed” when you wish to really get into this.

Spiritual Development Using Energy And Ha Breathing To Go Further

By Ha breathing prior to spiritual development work, you can raise you energy up to a point where you can access perspectives, knowledge, learning and connection to the universe on a higher level than usual. This works in a multitude of ways.

With the breath work being done first.

Then flowing into a meditation, or other develpoment exercise, and allowing yourself to flow more freely.

The increased energy you have to apply to lifting your energies higher, can gain further amplification from incense, music and sound work. Pairing up use of aromas such as Frankincense and other uplifting essential oils. Plus, music that uses brainwave entrainment with Theta or Delta waves, can provide a profound and unlifting experience. Add in Solfeggio frequencies, and some magical things can happen. Check the SurgingLife store for resources specially developed to help you.

Ha Breathing What Else Can You Do With This Breathing Technique?

The above mentioned things offer you a very broad view of what is possible.

This breathing technique can be used to help you with so many more things too.

There is a lot of power within it, as with all energy creation and direction techniques. So please use it only to help yourself within your life, and to aid other people. Get into practicing Ha breathing and see where it takes you. Breathe. Enjoy it and experiment with using the energy you can cultivate with it, in different ways. You will likely be amazed with what you achieve.