Heart Chakra Meditation Guided mp3 - Healing & Opening

Heart Chakra Meditation Guided mp3 - Healing & Opening

The heart chakra meditation guided mp3 is here to aid you in getting the heart chakra healing that you seek. Giving you the ability to get it back into the natural flow that is good for you. So that you can access the life that you wish to live.

When your heart chakra is out of balance, working inefficiently, or failing to work, you have problems. Life can feel very unpleasant. Very unpleasant indeed.

It regulates your ability to both feel and express love. Both self love and also love for others, whether that may be romantic love for a partner, or love for family and friends. If you have your ability to feel love blocked, then the result is that little will come to you.

The Heart Chakra – Governing Your Experience Of Love

If you never believe that anyone loves you due to a blockage here, then the energy of that love will never be experienced by you. So clearing and cleaning it properly, is actually very important if you want to experience a fulfilling and satisfying life.

When your ability to express love is blocked then you can experience relationship difficulties too. Across all of your relationships that is. When the people around you, especially your significant partner, feel no, or very little, love they will only tolerate it for so long.

Relationships Require A Healthy Two Way Flow

When people are within a relationship they join together out of a desire to feel and enjoy a deep fulfilling love together. When one person is always giving, and failing to get back, they will eventually do something about it. What that action is depends on the person involved and their own behavioural make up. So doing something to ensure that you are expressing love to your partner will help you keep clear of such issues.

Following Your Heart

The heart chakra does even more though. It also governs your ability to make decisions beyond the aspect of karma. Transitioning beyond it's scope, whilst also healing karmic issues. It is the point from which you have the ability to “follow your heart”.

As such, if it is blocked or failing to work effectively, then your ability to follow your heart becomes restricted. Perhaps even blocked.

"Stuck In A Rut"

This often leads to a sense of frustration within life. Getting “stuck in a rut” as you feel little energy or drive to do anything different. Something which can come as a manifestation of not knowing what to do, as your inspiration is blocked, so you never receive intuitive messages about your flow.

Heart Chakra Meditation Helping You Get Your Flow Back

Think about a river drying up to a trickle, becoming so slow, with so little flow that it seems almost static. Then get a sense of that flow increasing as a healthy amount of clear fresh water flows steadily downstream. That is the difference we are talking about.

When you feel little inspiration, and get little sense of what to do and where to go in your life, coupled with a sense of lethargy or frustration, that is when the flow is almost non-existent. When the flow is at a healthy level and working efficiently, that is the time that you get the messages and the sense of it. That is when it becomes easy to “follow your heart”, because the messages are clear enough and strong enough for you to accurately perceive them.

These are just some of the ways in which this meditation mp3 can help you. Just some of the reasons to use it to improve your life. All you do to get these benefits, along with many others, in your life is to download the track. Then cue it up on whatever mp3 player you wish to use. Relax back, flow with the guidance, and enjoy. From there you will notice your life changing in wonderful ways. Enabling you to open up and access the truly fulfilling life you wish to have. With the guided mp3 being just 30 minutes 38 seconds it is easy to practice on a regular basis, and at just $20 provides amazing value for the life change you can achieve.

Chakra Music That Deepens Your Results And Experience

Within this heart chakra meditation mp3 is specially developed chakra music which utilises the key notes associated with the energy centre itself, plus the Solfeggio frequency attributed to it. The melodies themselves were matched carefully with the energy and flow for the desired outcome of the practice, whilst the tones and harmonics that are layered within them have been included so that you get the best opportunity for success.

Solfeggio Frequencies For Healing The Heart Chakra

The Solfeggio frequencies themselves have long been used by the Gregorian monks amongst others for the effects that have on the mind, body and soul. Within chants and music they offer an incredible way to achieve clearing and activation that for many would either take much longer or potentially be very challenging to achieve. So as you flow with the guidance from Stephen Frost your mind and soul on an unconscious level will be doing even more to aid the results you seek.

Theta Wave Music For Deep Meditation With Ease

Further to all of this comes the option for Theta wave music. Theta is the second deepest of the brainwave frequencies and is especially good for anyone wishing to enjoy deep meditative states. With this optional option as you listen to the chakra music it gently carries you deep down into Theta as your brain flows into sync with the embedded frequencies. This makes it especially useful for beginners and those wishing to deepen their experience of meditating.


Without Brainwave Entrainment

With Theta Wave Music

Expanding Your Ability For Joyful Living With Linked Chakra Meditations

By only focusing on your heart chakra you can miss out on greater development and results. Your chakras work together, and everything within you together is known as an energy system for a reason. It is a system because it is all inter related. Everything affects each other. So by focusing on just one you do yourself dis-service. With each guided mp3 being around 30 minutes it is relatively easy for you to work with various energy centres and elevate your existence across the board as a result.

By working with both heart and solar plexus chakra you bolster your self-confidence, self-esteem, ability to experience love and also manifest your dreams with greater ease. This pairing is especially good if you wish to attract a dream partner. Through working with your crown chakra and your heart you can bring an amazing ability be in flow and truly live from your heart, experiencing life in an incredibly joyful way. Working together with your third eye chakra brings enhanced ability to merge elevated intuition together with the flow of heart based living, aiding you to make decisions which will carry you closer to your desired result with greater ease.

All these things required practice of course in order to get the best results. Work with them, do the meditations regularly and you will notice the difference. The best results of course come when you work with all 7 chakras, cleansing, healing and developing them together so you can be your very best throughout.

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Final Tips On Getting The Best Results From Your Heart Chakra Meditation

If you wish to create even greater, stronger, faster changes within your life, then there are a few recommendations. Using the Mindfulness Meditation mp3 will set you up for having a constant level of positivity that proofs you against stress and massively increases your enjoyment of day to day life. Whilst using the other chakra meditations helps you to create strong synergies that strengthen the areas of your life that need it the most, or that you desire the greatest shifts with.

So use the heart chakra meditation guided mp3 for cleaning, healing, balancing and opening along with whichever other meditation mp3 tracks are right for you to use in conjunction with it should you feel it good to, and create the life and love you desire to have now.